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September 12, 2016
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September 12, 2016 - 9:16 pm
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       So I saw something a few years ago I've been curious about ever since. I live in a somewhat rural area of NW GA. Not a place like Savannah known for ghosts and the like, but I've seen my fair share of unexplainable shit while living here. Anyways, I was walking with two friends down a back road at about midnight. This back road was just wide enough to fit two reasonably sized vehicles, really swervy with a lot of blind turns, and only had residences for about the first half of it with woods and pasture at the second half. The three of us were just casually strolling and bs-ing like the bored teenagers we were at the time. Then, while rounding one bend that was toward the latter end of the road when we noticed something up on the hill by the next bend. In this almost pitch black area, we could all clearly see several sets of what looked like glowing yellow eyes; bright like a firefly[yet consistent] and about as far apart as oh, I'd say a big cat. We watched as the only part we could see of these creatures would rapidly and individually move from one area of the hill to another, then stop while looking around before moving to another area to repeat.  

        While sharply interested, our first conclusion was of course something rather practical. We analyzed the movements to recognize patterns, trajectories, and other discrepancies indicative of something inorganic. We noticed none. No one individual would go in any area with any interval, set speed, or hell, even the exact same spot twice for that matter. They were in fact moving very erratically. In fact, the more we observed these creatures, the more that was noticed which brought up even more questions.

       As these things moved, there was no up and down movement. It was like they were fucking hovering. What's more is this hill is approximately 80 yards from top to bottom,  65 yards from side to side and had hardwoods growing at healthy spacing all over it. There was not even enough light over there for us to see more than their glowing eyes, yet they were covering these distances in split seconds; smoothly gliding and almost abruptly, yet still smoothly, stopping. How could they navigate so well in such low light without set patterns? All of this while making no sound in the already quiet setting. What the fuck?

       Having paid no acknowledgment to our presence yet[and being teenagers], it seemed a good idea get closer for further investigation. There were no flashlights or any sort of equipment with us at the time, just walking sticks we found. Once Approaching roughly 45 yards, with no previous reaction to our presence, they all suddenly turned to look towards us, and simultaneously zoomed to gather at the bottom of the hill.

       At that point, My friend and I(the third stayed back) froze and proceeded to train onto them, waiting to respond to their next course of action. They did nothing but stare back, staying still. This went on probably for upwards of a full minute. Afterwards, the two of us, still trained on whatever these guys were, slowly backed up for about 15-20 yards. Once we got to a distance in which they seemed comfortable, they just went right back to their own business as usual. It was almost as if nothing had happened, like they were just looking for something.

       My main reason for making this article is that i want to know what the fuck that was we saw that night. I've heard it could be fae, spirits, and all kinds of other stuff. Personally, they don't seem malevolent in any nature. If anything, my curiosity is peaked and manifests into a desire to learn more, as well as possibly learn from them. In any case, if you've information pertaining to this subject, or wish to attain more information as to exact details of the situation, feel free to pm me and i can even send you pictures of the location.

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August 29, 2016
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February 16, 2017 - 8:05 am
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You have to think, what type of territory were you in at the time?

Manyatimes, animals, such as wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc. bear an eerie glow when seen in the dark...

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