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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming
October 17, 2016
10:27 am
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November 14, 2015
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Preface in Parenthesis

Last Days on Earth The End of The World Documentary (VIDEO)

I CHRONICLES 21:12 Either three years' famine; or three months to be destroyed before thy foes, while that the sword of thine enemies overtaketh [thee]; or else three days the sword of the LORD, even the pestilence, in the land, and the angel of the LORD destroying throughout all the coasts of Israel. Now therefore advise thyself what word I shall bring again to him that sent me.
LUKE 22:34 And he said, I tell thee, Peter, the cock shall not crow this day, before that thou shalt thrice deny that thou knowest me.

1. Ahaziah's Reign (22+1, 42+1)
2. Solomon's Stalls (4000, 40000)
3. Jehoiachin's Reign (8, 18)

1. Gospel Law is Written into Our Hearts (The Planet Earth once had two Suns, A Greater Sun for the Day, A Lesser Sun for the Night, God Blessed Abraham to Begin the Old Testament as Melchisedek, and then God Blessed Abraham to begin the New Testament as Jesus)
2. Jesus does not pay for all sin of all Genetic Expressions (God allowed creation to exist without payment for sin as apart of the Gospel's Satisfaction, for some duration of time, Creating Two Genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11, Two Sets of Ten Commandments where one was broken to pieces)
3. God illustrates the completion of the Gospel's Program from time to time as apart of the Call of Election (God took Jesus up a High Mountain to illustrate the association of 153 Fish from Genesis and Revelation, to call the Last Remanent from all nations for the Events of Revelation's 5 months)

1. Black Knight Satellite (Spaceship/Antichrist)
2. Expedition to Center of Earth (Off World)
3. Mars Base Camp (Colony)

1. Abaddon // Apollyon (Two Suns)
2. Babylon the Mother of Earth (Center of Earth, Off World)
3. Antipas the Martyr (Mars)

1. Nebaioth // Nibiru (Second Sun)
2. Loammi // Lemuria (Center of Earth, Off World)
3. Higgaion //  Higgs Boson (Antiparticle)
(gospel/bible provides the original names)

(End of Preface in Parenthesis::Suicide by Antichrist, INRI (as was written on the Cross of Christ), Inces*/Rap*/Murde*, these non-whites keep pleasuring themselves with me, this is simply the result of a natural equation of the gospel that has supplicated the original Second Sun, for the Body of Jesus, as a sole representation of the Sons of Man, until a set season of the Revelation ... ... ... ... Races of Genetic Dan (blac*s, spanis*, india*, ara*, all darkers skin colored peoples, geography/tropic of cancer/equator), will kill themselves continually in all expressions of Joseph, resulting from any Signs of Divorce, furthermore you will kill their populations globally at a set time, both relative to the initial expressions of the Sign of Divorce, and at a set time shortly before the 5 months of Revelation when I return from our expedition off world, to solicit mercy from god ... ... ... ... as you have seen the non-whites simply commit suicide against me recently, as well as the christian community, both in attacking my testimony, and in attacking my life, and both were put to death accordingly, this brings us to our Topic (, use the non-whites to commit suicide by using force against me, sometimes you need to be reminded of what necessary, by examples, since we are close to the next level, soon, the Lord's Return as a reminder of the Gospel's Limited Payment for Sin, thus the Temples Stones or Sign of Divorce, accordingly)


Ancient People and  Prophecies of Revelation::Pass or Fail???
National Geographic | The End of the Earth - Documentary HD 1080p (Video Link) (Mandrid Faultline Alignment with Solar Eclipse on 8/21/2017, about 42 Months from Flight 370, implied prophecy fulfillment of the ancients)

Nguyen%20Van%20Lem%20va243%20SEAL_zpsyxcqv2ao.jpgImage Enlarger

(Nguyen Van Lem + Sumerian Seal va243) This was Zecharia Sitchin's greatest achievement, author of the 12th Planet.  This SEAL shows, approximately three resurrections of the Antichrist, with two of the three resurrections described as martyrs.  With the second reference serving also as the Sign of Divorce. (Moses holding the Staff/Rod of Joseph in the Seat of Judgment to the far right).


Nguyen%20Van%20Lem%20Akhenaten_zpsege5zfyd.jpgImage Enlarger

(Nguyen Van Lem + Akhenaten, the Alien Pharaoh) Antipas the Faithful Martyr = End of Pharaoh God ... ... ... ... "Archaic Revival", followed by the Eschaton, was Terrence Mckenna's greatest conclusion.  This shows Four Resurrections of the Antichrist, the first as Moses to the Far Right, and then there are three resurrections of the Antichrist to the Left, with Two Counted as Martyrs.  (Akhenaten was not a real Pharaoh, it is a Prophecy paralleling the Sumerians that has simply not been fulfilled, one God established the homosapien with Abraham, the clock for "Joseph the Blessings/Jumping Jesus Phenomenon", would begin to tick down until the arrival of the Antichrist, this has simply been signs and visions for a reproof, but there has been no equivalent of the expression for Joseph that marks the Sign of Divorce, until today).

Image Enlarger

(Nguyen Van Lem + Mayan Discovery (Article Link)) The Mayan Calendar isn't exactly a prediction about the Events of Revelation.  It does count the 12th Planet (12/21/2012/Sign of Divorce), and it claims this 12th Planet will arrive in the Month of August at the 34th Year of the Antichrist's (Paralleling its Creation Date of 8/11/3114, according to their Calendars).  However whatever evidences there has been has also been destroyed reaching our conclusions of a universal ancient prophecy about the arrival and resurrections of the Antichrist, for the Events of Revelation.


Sumerian's Return of the Second Sun Nibiru, Egyptians Archaic Revival of the Center of the Earth (Off World), Mayan's Red Goddess of the Planet Mars (Base Colony), what is the Grand Design?
Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design . Did God Create the Universe Full Episode (Video Link)

Image Enlarger(Higgs Boson + Cydonia Equation on Mars) The Higgs Boson cannot be produced until the Chain of Lower Dimensions are broken, which revolves around time.  When the Chain is Broken (19.5 Tholus), then the higher dimensions will have an impact against Lower Dimension isolation that is unique to our expression of time.  The Gospel has passively referred to this equation as the increasing Expression of Joseph (Sons of Man in the New Testament leading to the Lord's Body/Sign of Divorce) which puts pressure on the Chain of Lower Dimensions, ultimately causing this chain to break, and the Higgs Boson to be revealed, or the Sign of Divorce (Temple Stones).

Spirit + Water + Blood = The Gospel's Program.  The Impact of "Joseph the Blessings" has been limited to only the Sons of Man, that is "Spirit" in the eyes of the Gospel.  This argument will eventually reach the Earth that is "Water", and also human kind, that is "Blood"....................we opened up this discussion with a few words about the mental illness of rejecting that Jesus Christ is the Payment for Sin, and that Payment for Sin is called Babylon, and it has not been given.  When God intends to give Payment for Sin, it will not be for all mankind, there are races and colors that do not have a place with Jesus's satisfaction of the Covenant.....................Nor, can any of a sound mind and coherent understanding of the Gospel's Program, claim that God does not declare his judgment and mercies with his Sons of Man, or declare these judgments and mercies with the Earth and Man as witnesses, that is to say, "Spirit + Water + Blood = the Gospel's Program".  Love and Blessings (My Birthdays is 10/18/2016, so we will see what becomes necessary as we come closer to the resolution of Suicide by Antichrist equation, and also 8/21/2017, the universal date for the Events of Revelation according to the Ancients and the Gospel/Bible) (We have a nightly walk tonight to City Hall in the City of Philadelphia, and also we are just about wrapped up with this discussion, eventually challenging the gospel's authority will produce only suffering, pain, and death, so you have not yet reached that level, without soliciting suicide by antichrist by using force against me)

October 17, 2016
9:06 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming Part 2::Three Conspiracies

Beyond the Da Vinci Code (Full Documentary) (Video Link)

Last%20Supper%20Higgs%20Boson_zpscc1xtgup.jpgImage Enlarger

(Da Vinci Code, Last Supper: Shows us two parallel equations, or fields, Mary Magdalene is to the Left, and Jesus is to the Right, these fields are unified = Unified Field Theory) ...................... Unified Field Theory implies that Sub Atomic Particles with ZERO MASS, have an impact on Sub Atomic Particles with Mass ...................... We have not articulated the "Unified Field Theory" for the obvious reason that, ZERO MASS and MASS Particles do not operate to exchange potential (photons and neutrinos/quarks do not impact gravity or electromagnetism) ......................... Lets go back a moment in the description ....................... Mary Magdalene represents a Mass Based Reaction Field Only, which is sustained by Particle Pairing (i.e. Positive and Negatives), which is in turn fueled by ZERO MASS Particles ................ THUS the Chain is NOT BROKEN (Zero Mass Particles enforce Particle Pairing) ....................... Now Jesus Christ represents the reaction between MASS Based Particles and MASSLESS Particles, so what happens now?  some portion of ZERO MASS particles serve to complete a "Unified Field", SO THAT, Mass Less Particles can react with Mass based particles. THE CHAIN IS BROKEN between Particle Pairing, so that an entirely new chain of reactions are possible bridging mass and massless particles.  This is Unified Field Theory, so we should see some version of the Higgs Boson, which is the root means, or the root of the Unified Field............................The Equation is very simply so I just copy/pasted it,, however it is a viable explanation of massless and mass based particle reactions we should expect, as the process of time is mitigated to allow a Unified Field in the presence of Joseph the Blessings, or as a result of an as of yet unknown force like the activation of the Earth's Moon or Second Sun. (The Expression of Time as we know it, is isolation of the higher dimensions, is unnatural, so "Joseph the Blessings" represents a force that acts to suppress the limitations of Time in its isolation of dimension, we can call this force anything, like ether, or the AntiPhoton (Dark Matter), or whatever, once the Chain is Broken it will become easier to maintain, either way, God does not repent of the Events of Revelations, so once that becomes a possitility it seems to remain that way until the earth and universe is eliminated, so that is good news, back to topic).

MATTHEW 26:22 And they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord, is it I?
MATTHEW 26:23 And he answered and said, He that dippeth [his]hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me.
MATTHEW 26:24 The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born.

So which of the Apostles Betrayed Jesus Christ?  The Answer is, All of the Apostles Betrayed Jesus Christ.  This is a conspiracy.  Jesus Christ only was allowed by God as a Levite to give the written Law of the New Testament.  However, Jesus himself did not write anything at all, Jesus used the Apostles as Scribes (Joseph is only a Scribe to record or declare the Gospel's Law, not a Levite to give the Written Law of the Gospel), Jesus didn't really dictate to them the gospel, it was given to them from Jesus like a written law would be given, so that it would fall into the hands of the jews and the church to reprove, and then god reproved that, so it passed a few hands because all the Apostles Betrayed Jesus, so that made that possible. Its a conspiracy, there was no real sin in the process, because Jesus declared they would behave like Levites, but it would not have any meaning, or the written law until God reproved it some time after, then we arrived at our completed gospel, which we have not recorded as our bible. (Now we arrive at the Antichrist, God says in Jeremiah 33:21 he is a Daughter of Joseph, then God says in Daniel that he will Confirm the Covenant .................... God behaves the same way with Jesus elevating Joseph to the status of a Levite with no explicit intentions other than the declaration of the Law, at least that is what Jesus intends, his mercy aside, this has revealed Suicide by Antichrist as a conviction of faith for those facing euthanasia, namely Genetic Dan, and the nations receiving no favor from God, this equation has been proceeding for a very long time, then the gears shift and god revisits his mercy by the euthanasia of Genetic Dan at the global level)

Image Enlarger

(Mona Lisa, Da Vinci Code, is probably not the original artistic expression of a conspiracy as it may of been intended,  he drew himself as a women with Mona Lisa to illustrate, Inces*/Rap*/Murde* the non-whites and those soliciting suicide would do during his lifetime, that is simply your pleasure, until the gears begin to stop with the Suicide by Antichrist equation as the limitation of "Joseph the Blessings", until God reveals the Lord's Body/Sign of Divorce, which begins the Events of Revelation)  Mankind is on God's timetable, so no amount of mercy is good enough for mankind because it wants to make its own laws, the conclusion to this behavior is only suffering, pain and death, sure I am the author of global terrorism and ethnic suicide as a result of the sins against the Son of Man?, Back to Topic.

JOHN 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Not just Inces*/Rap*/Murde*, or verichips that stimulate my mouth and rectum or vibration based treatments as a substitute for sexual and physical violations until they opportunity presents itself by the non-whites, but also whatever gets these people pleasure, in soliciting God to either drive them away or kill them......................There is no mercy from God, no Signs, no Visions because of this sin against the Sons of Man, even if you can't kill or cause as much pain as you want.  When God gives the Lord's Body, he will also circumvent the Suicide by Antichrist equation, as I've stated, I'll keep you at arms length and achieve the goals of illustrating the gospel's mercy, then you can keep hurting yourselves until you die, or choose to solicit god's mercy by the euthanasia of genetic dan, etc. in its season.

What is the Grand Finale in our List of Conspiracies?

ACTS 7:59 And they stoned Stephen, calling upon [God], and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.
MARK 15:35 And some of them that stood by, when they heard [it], said, Behold, he calleth Elias.

(You have to wait and see) When Jesus revealed his Body on the Cross, God sent his Angels to kill all the people that Jesus does not pay for sin with in the gospel's program.  That means Genetic Dan does not have a legal reason to live, as this only causes suffering, pain and death, and appears to legitimatize, Suicide by Antichrist (so we need to keep watch).  Love and Blessings (My Birthday is Tomorrow, use my address, and let the non-whites euthanize themselves by using force against me, you will find me here, if not, notify the public at all times until we resolve this public safety problems ...................... the Contradictions of the Gospel, became Conspiracies because the church fell on deaf ears).

October 18, 2016
9:32 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming Part 2::Contemporary Theory

(Preface in Parenthesis)

God promised and delivered a form of Godliness to the ancient peoples to mitigate their aliments in the gospel's program, but over time, and it did not take more than about 2 or so thousand years, before God took this mercy off the table for offenses. So they arranged their offenses into there broad categories:

(1. Hyperdimension = Arguments based on Infinity that exceed Infinity  (Transcendental, no observable or implied/practical limiation::Eschaton::Jesus Christ/God) (presence that creates/destroys/exceeds all planes of known and unknown)
2. Multiverse = Arguments based on Infinity with Common Coalescence (defined by some degree, however limited, of similarity/universality) 
3. Soul = Arguments based on Infinity that resemble Entropy (appear unsustainable only)

(God designed intelligent life in an environment with near absolute entropy, because our Souls are similar in operation in the hyperdimension but not the same, so very infinitesimal/minute...................we are placed together in a common coalescence point of the known universe, in unique set of conditions awaiting the salvation of Jesus Christ.................Jesus Christ is the purest form of a Hyperdimension in itself, since it exceeds all limitations, it must identify with all limitations including the Soul as a unique expression of Infinitesimal arguments of infinity...................Jesus Christ, not necessary or a requirement, however in the extreme purity of this creation/coalescence, Jesus Christ is absolutely valuable as the extreme pure form of an Eschaton (exceeding all planes, Transcendental...............................what we have is not Jesus Christ to contend with God to resolve the Gospel's Program, we have the Body of Jesus/Temple Stones, which is for us an example of reproof, not the proof of purpose for a work we cannot perform in the salvation program's conclusion that awards the separatist inheritors in the new universe, according to the gospel's law)

1. Second Sun - Ancients realized earlier on that God created a form of energy to circumvent the universal law of entropy (passage of all energies into a common natural state) (so they concluded a son of man such as Jesus was not necessary to make payment)
2. Evolution - Ancients realized that God used life based in entropy (common state of energy with no higher dimensions), before he modified the values (so they concluded that mankind was not profitable, either with a gospel from god, or as a living testimony)
3. Exogenesis - Ancients realized that God sent higher dimensional beings not only his angels to reprove the generations of mankind.  So they reckoned, that mankind would simply become equal with god, either in word or in deed. (so they concluded that Jesus Christ would not come a second time to make payment, or that a second payment was necessary)

1. Old Testament = God Makes Payment with his Angels
2. New Testament = God Makes Payment with Jesus Christ
3. Revelation = God Makes Payment with the Body of Jesus/Temple Stones/Joseph the Blessings

God uses Three Resurrections for Zechariah/Zacharia, Three Resurrections for John, and God uses Three Resurrections with the Antichrist, to Confirm the Covenant with each division of the Gospel's Program, to Parallel Jesus Christ, as a demonstration and limitation of God's Mercy...............................So far you were given two resurrections, once in 1968 and another on 9/11/2001, the third and final resurrection is during the 5 months of revelation, anything else is a challenge you are offering to god in the euthanasia of life on earth.......................................God must use Jesus Christ to make payment for sin Three Times in the Gospels Program, not once, not twice, but three times..........................................So you must do what I say, to help this generations of earth, receive the Sign of Divorce, you will suffer greatly by not exterminating all of Genetic Dan, and then you will exterminate Genetic Dan, when I give you the order, anything else is a challenge to God and will cost the lives of much more, this brings us to our topic) (End of Preface in Parenthesis)

About a Third of all the Geographic Area in the USA will be impacted and many lives will die, you need to stop hurting me, because I've said that BABYLON THE GREAT is Jesus, and his Payment for Sin, and this you have not received, neither is Suicide by using force Against me Acceptable, we will see what is necessary::so There is a Prophecy Now (Perhaps a New Prophecy we Needs to Discuss)

Joseph W. Kittinger - Skydiving From The Edge Of The World (Video Link)

1. 112th Prophecy of Saint Malachy
2. 112th Prophecy of Allen C. Martin
3. 112th Prophecy of Rogue Planet

Image Enlarger

(112th Prophecy of Popes was answered by Pope John Paul II, in using my father to rape me until I died at least multiple times as a child, in addition to all levels of lethal force used by the popes to the present against me.........................112th Prophecy of the Rogue Planet is answered by me, you will simply continue to pay with your lives for using any measure of force against me, to ween you off of the pleasure you experience from Suicide by Antichrist, we will settle this score in August 2017, so you just have to wait)

112th Prophecy of Allen C. Martin (Correction Issued)

 Image Enlarger

111th President is George Bush

112th President of Barrack Obama does not count because he is Genetic Dan, Genetic Dan cannot satisfy any prophecies

112th Prophecy cannot be satisfied by a Women, God is only counting men to satisfy the Prophecy. 

First when the 112th Prophecy is Completed, then, God won't have to kill so many people here in the USA, to eliminate the challenge you have presented to his gospel program in both challenging my authority, and proliferating in the Suicide of Genetic Dan Globally.  This situation is very unclean for the gospel and your lives are the only remediation god has in view.  So not that many will die or none, that is a reward in itself.  Secondly, the 112th Prophecies are about God's mercy in the form of godliness he offers via the god particles or higgs boson, and their various expressions of articulation,  so that is a good point of expectation, for being faithful.  As for me, you have suicide and death only for obtaining pleasure with me for a few more months regardless of your decisions.  Regardless of your decisions, a good deal of non-whites will be euthanized in a few days, when I do another nightly walk or something, they don't seem to want to involve the media and the public much more than that, so we will use that.  Love and Blessings. (nightly walk tomorrow, maybe friday also, its not to late to stop challenging God, but it will be too late soon).

October 19, 2016
11:03 am
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November 14, 2015
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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming Part 2::Chastisement and Blessing

The History of San Andreas Fault (Video Link)

New Madrid 1811-1812 Earthquakes = 112 Prophecy Fulfillment

Image Enlarger

 Mayan Calendar Creation Date 8/11/3114 B.C. Does infact reference a Satellite, as a consequence of the Mandrid Faultline Alignment of the Solar Eclipse on 8/21/2017, (34th Year of the Antichrist's Lifespan).  So it is good not only to remain faithful, but to abstain from performing a work, even though there will be chastisement, there is also a blessing (We'll eventually have a new and more modern International Space Station, as a suborbital relay point between earth and mars, should we continue to remain faithful in the lord's chastisement) (Forgotten Space Station Concepts Article Link).

Image Enlarger

Marilyn Monroe, holding a New International Space Station, Next to the Planet Mars ..................... sometimes prophecies fail, sometimes they succeed.  Nasa/USA owns the Space Station, as well as the Base Camp/Colony on Mars ....................... the only thing I legitimately own is the Space Ship, so we'll have periodic or monthly visitations to both locations, to ensure some degree of satisfaction.  I believe over time, you can manage without my support, so we'll have to see how things go, with our Expedition to the Center of the Earth Off World, then you may have slightly more freedom with my spaceship or something, or if not I'll be around ensuring your interests.  Love and Blessings. (I guess we are just about wrapped up now, remain faithful, seek the lord's chastisement, and let no man beguile you of your blessings from the lord in their season).

October 19, 2016
8:36 pm
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November 14, 2015
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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming Part 3::Prophecy Fulfillment

(Preface in Parenthesis)

The Next Nostradamus. Documentary , History (Video Link)

1. Pay Nau Loron (Pope John Paul II) = Particle (Higgs Boson)
2. Hifter (Hillary) = Mandrid Fault Line Cross Alignment (Swastika)
3. Mabus (Moses) =  Masturbation (INRI, Incest Rape Murder, as basis of invalidation of mercy for mankind)

1. Pay Nau Loron = Prophecy of the Popes
2. Hifter = Prophecy of the Presidents (Perhaps the Name of a Person)
3. Mabus = Prophecy of the Second Sun Nemesis/Nibiru

Briefly (Three Resurrections of the Antichrist withstanding), God has three perspectives on the declarations of his mercy for the events of revelations.  The First Perspective of the Popes/Church was resolved with the solicitation of Murder by Rape (Incest) of my father with me, that is legally binding.  The Next Prophecy is also resolved by freewill choice, that is, I choose to use my person/body as a vessel of prayer, even though, incest/rape/murder is continually used against me, that has no value with god, this is only Suicide by Antichrist Equation until the Lord's Body is revealed, there is nothing you can do to stop my position with god except make me suffer and die (thus Nostradamus called the resolution of this Prophecy, as Masturbation) ...................God has indicated Three times that he would reveal his mercy in one way or another before he reveals the Lord's Body, the Third Unresolved Position is the 112th Prophecy of Allen C. Martin, which revolves around the Presidency, Nostradamus answer to this Prophecy is "HIFTER", perhaps the name of a person, so we'll leave the statement at that.  What that means is, that mankind will receive no advanced knowledge of the day of judgement until god reveals the Sign of Divorce, and his Chastisement of the USA for challenging God's Mercies about the 112 Prophecies as we've discussed.

1. Twelve Patriarchs of the Covenant (Slaughtered Kings of Melchisedek, Acts 7:8)
2. Twelve Apostles of the Lamb (Scribes for the New Testament, Matthew 10:12)
3. Twelve Tribes Unified of the Lord's Body (Unified, 12000, under Joseph the Blessings)

God counts a total of 112 Sons of Man (70 Levites to Give the Law that Ended with Jesus the last Levite, and 42 of Joseph to Confirm/State the Law, that ends with the Antichrist/Express Image of Jesus, Matthew and Luke Genealogies) ...................... at the same time, God views parallels for the discernment of his mercy and these all come to a conclusion very close to the Events of Revelations.  What substantiates the 112 Prophecies, is also God's usage of completeness in illustrating the Three Covenant of the Gospel's Program, the Old, New and Revelation, as you can see in the list above these are measurements, that the Ancient people only arrived at in sin, but God later revealed.

112 is Completeness as a Measurement to Resolve some Enmity with God, where as "10,000" or "10" represents Payment for Sin

1. Ten Commandments Given (Abraham Received a Ram instead of the Son of God)
2. Ten Commandments Broken (Crucifixion of Jesus Christ)
3. Ten Commandments Copied (Express Image of Jesus/Antichrist)

There are Three Contradictions in the Gospel (see opening post), and there are Three Sets of Ten Commandments, (Exodus 24:12, Exodus 32:19, Joshua 8:32), God has illustrated that he must pay for sin to redeem mankind three times, thus the Three Contradictions of the Gospel are answered with Three Sets of 10 Commandments, and these require payment from Jesus Christ on three occasions. 

1. God does not pay for the Sin of Genetic Dan (the "Unicorn/Horses", Four Genetic Lines and Skin Color of Revelation, Psalms 22:21)
2. God does not pay for the Sin of all Nations (Holocaust of the Jews was used as point of discernment, Lamentations 2:18)
3. God revisits his discernment of mercy by the Euthanasia of Genetic Dan and all peoples not receiving a Sign of Divorce (Global Euthanasia at the large scale, Acts 2:40)

The Focal Point of the 112 Prophecies revolves around the United States because this is where God will initially declare his payment for sin by revealing the Sign of Divorce.  The value of the Hebrew People has never declined with God, neither has the value of the Sons of Man, or the testimony of the people.  However, more people are put to death by using force against me from God, that anything else, so I am the most important element, that means based on the level force, all of the people in the USA can be given a death sentence, and I can wake up in China and then we will begin of Revelations, so there are levels of Suicide by Antichrist you have not yet reached........................we will simply see what becomes necessary, but as long as you turn a blind eye to these non-whites committing suicide, there isn't any real punishment since that is a matter with god, all this will change soon, as your love of the negros and non-whites exceeds your love of god if that is necessary on 8/21/2017, we will see, back to topic (So you can see the true value of Incest Rape and Murder, the people enjoy by using non-whites like weapons against me, only to watch them die and kill) (End of Preface in Parenthesis)

112 Prophecy Reflection::Nancy Lieder

The Great American Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

 Image Enlarger

Nancy Lieder's 7 of 9 Equation, is a description of the UFO Guardian Diagram, which shows the date of 1970 to 1991.  This is a Diagram of the Mandrid Faultline of the Solar Eclipse on 8/21/2017 (9/11/2001 the Falling Man, to 8/21/2017, the Sign of Divorce). Possible Effects of Aug 21 2017 Total Eclipse on Yellowstone (Article Link).


112 Prophecy Reflection::Billy Meier

The Case of Missing Australian Pilot Fredrick Valentich - UFO Case (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

Image Enlarger

About 42 Months for each of the Original Roswell I-Beam Symbols, from Flight 370's disappearance to the Sign of Divorce, matching Billy Meier's Description by the number of circles in his commonly designed UFO. (Billy Meier has various descriptions of Mars, Center of Earth (off world), and onboard craft, matching our account of God's Mercy, you know what Billy Meier claims, most of his original materials were stolen and destroyed, so he was burdened with being faithful in the recreation of the accounts).


112th Prophecy Reflection::Harold Camping

CERN OPERA neutrinos travel faster than light, Sep 22, 2011 (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

Image Enlarger

 Pope Gregory XIII the mural is on the top, corrected the Calendar, "365.25 days (365 days 6 hours) to 365.2425 days (365 days 5 hours 49 minutes 12 seconds), a reduction of 10 minutes 48 seconds per year - wikipedia" .........................The Difference of "Ten" is about the difference between the orbit of the Earth's Moon (Second Sun), and the Earth.  This is also the basis of the infamous "5/21/2011", a restatement of the Correction to the Calendar, God announced the Last Generation with the Wow Signal, that is the conclusion.

God Gave Three Sets of 10 Commandments to Answer the Three Contradictions of the Gospel, so what yes?

1. Roswell I-Beam (1947)
2. Wow Signal! (1977)
3. UFO Guardian Diagram (1989)

God declares Divorce Three Times to us shortly before the Events of Revelation, echoing the giving of the Ten Commandments Three Times.  To declare his judgment.  These were materials God provided us, they were not man made, that is the significance.  Fortunately we found a few people that viewed this information under the correct pretenses of Divorce:

1. Roswell I-Beam = USA for the Sign of Divorce's Initial Expression, which follows Chastisement according to 112 Prophecy (Nancy Lieder)
2. Wow Signal = Gospel Goes out World Wide more than ever, more than any point in history (Harold Camping)
3. UFO Guardian Diagram = God reveals some degree of mercy before the earth is destroyed (Billy Meier)

As I've stated, Public Safety Notice (Image Link), I am very comfortable with the euthanasia God performs to the non-whites, so that a few more months is nothing at all to me.  All three of the 112 Prophecies about God revealing his mercy ahead of time can fail, one more need to fail.  So, turn your head and enjoy the pleasure of watching these non-whites commit suicide by using force against me.  As I have also stated, your inability to kill me or cause me a certain level of suffering has created global terrorism and global movements of non-whites killing cops, I believe you can handle this.  The more important goal is to solicit God's mercy by enduring his chastisement as an expression of faith.  Even a few more months is good until we reach the next level, unless you can be as faithful with a the activation of the higgs boson, then your only choice is to remain blind.  Love and Blessings (10 hour walk tomorrow for assisted suicide purposes, then I'll likely tone things down a bit, maybe even kill a few thousand people in india, or much more, based on lethal force used against me).

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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming Part 4::Contemporary Theory

(Preface in Parenthesis)

Image Enlarger

1. First Resurrection, Genetic Dan Conviction Completion (Brown Skinned Asians, Convicted of Death Sentence (Merodachbaladan) (Where as "Berodachbaladan", is the command to forbid the payment for sin of the Four Horses/Races of Genetic Dan) (Eddie Adams)
2. Second Resurrection, Heart of Judah Conviction Completion (Sign of Divorce Transferred from the USA to China/Asia (Zaphnathpaaneah) (Where as " Nathanmelech", is the command that allows the Sign of Divorce to come in a nation polluted with Genetic Dan/the Horse) (Zecharia Sitchin)

As many of you have witnesses, a nig*er or some other dumb and conceded ethnic is often used to solicit suicide with me, doesn't matter how public this becomes............Link to Location and ID (Image Link), this is good.  I want you to shoot me in the head and deliver the lethal blow on 8/21/2017, this should sentence most of the citizens in the USA to death, and Transfer the Title for the Sign of Divorce according to the gospel's law.  Essentially you will repeat the process of the 1st Resurrection to satisfy another conviction.  So I've given you two guidelines internationally, remain blind, I need no defense, secondarily, I don't want their motivation to use lethal force against me upset in anyway.......................At present, nig*ers and other ethnics solicit suicide with me weekly and daily by using lethal force, that is simply not good enough for god.  What I need you to do is, give testimony either nationally or internationally of the lethal force used against me, then I believe I will be allowed to die to satisfy the conviction for the USA.  There isn't enough on the table to motivate these people to kill themselves beyond a few bodies, or so, and then they become disinterested, this will change very soon, that is why you need to give testimony, so that even a small measure of lethal force will become lethal and then we'll satisfy the law.  Do not view the lives of these people as important, but satisfy the conviction for the greater goals of the gospel, most likely we'll have to wait until 8/21/2017 until these people lead by the nig*ers and other ethics are motivated to do enough damage against me, so wait until then, and then do as I say. (At the First Resurrection, God limited the suffering and pain and lethal force with demonstrations of euthanasia against the population, until a representative of the church/media was used as a mechanism to satisfy the conviction, as I've also stated, in the good confidence of the USA, nig*ers and non-whites, will be the first to die, if not the only members of the public to die for using lethal force against me, so you may need to do more than one try, so there is some degree of room to consider your choice, nonetheless, what happens to me in unimportant because I view your lives as unimportant as a result of your sin, so you will need to kill all the nig*ers and non-whites continually, or suffer and die as by using force against me, so far you have only chosen to suffer and die, hopefully you have enough resolve to continue in this pattern, and the international community continues to turn a blind eye until we satisfy this conviction, I will write the USA our of any and all demonstrations of mercy from God, and use other nations to take their place so please be faithful, and be blind, already this truth has guaranteed lethal force against me, so everything is now ready (there is another way to achieve this goals, based on adversity and my willingness to commit suicide, this may take a few tries, but I'll simply use overdosing or drowning (passive means, since you have not chosen to challenge God this way, you will challenge God over the euthanasia of some nig*ers and non-whites, soon) (so again I am in control, just do as I say and be blind, this conviction does not effect the international community, I need no protection or defense, use a nig*er or a non-white to target me, doesn't matter what they do, and watch them die or go away, and then hold your peace, remain silent and turn your head int he other direction (True::back in 9/11/2013, I got in the river at Penns Landing for a few moments, and only a few nig*ers and non-whites died, now I don't want to perform a work of anykind, but I will respond to suffering and pain, and adversity where possible to satisfy the gospel's law, so you need to be faithful and challenge them to use force against me, and then I'll decide what is necessary))

1. Global Terrorism (Economy and Free Trade is Targeted)
2. Cop Killing (Civil Services and Servants are Targeted)
3. Pedophilia (Children and Senior Citizens are Targeted)

(we have not reached the third level yet, you need to bring back a from of segregation to public transportation services and educational institutions, you don't have a choice, either do that, use force against me, or develop an Assisted Suicide Program......................chances are at this level, since you do not have a resolve to use enough force against me, any force you use against me will only lead to a national Assisted Suicide Program for any and all non-whites of various that means you have only one choice of developing  a modern from of Segregation, that or, just suffer and die, while your children are raped and slashed to death, so we'll see what is necessary soon..............the pleasure of incest/rape/murder you enjoy with me has blinded you, now you need to be prepared for what happens soon) (112 Prophecies, are bloody prophecies, if you need to solicit mercy from God, then you need to kill the people associated with these prophecies, don't have any shame, that is a viable choice you need to consider, and if necessary perform, so you may need to do that by the end of this year)

(End of Parenthesis in Preface)


First Presidency::(Early Expression Higgs Boson, no 112 Chastisement)

1973 The End Times Vision by David Wilkerson FULL (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

The Pioneer Plaque is a physical, symbolic message affixed to the exterior of the Pioneer 10 spacecraft.......................The last signal from the Pioneer 10 spacecraft was received on January 22, 2003; NASA reported that the power source had depleted. Although the spacecraft can no longer speak to us, it presses onward—it now speaks for us. As interstellar courier, it bears the accumulated voice of every human, transcribed in, perhaps, the only common language in all the cosmos. We are but cosmic toddlers just learning how to take our first steps into space, and just learning how to speak to the universe. The Pioneer Plaque: Science as a Universal Language (Article Link)

112 Prophecy (January 22), which serves as a declaration of God's Mercy of Payment for Sin (so the last set of 10 Commandments).


Second Presidency::(New International Space Station, plus 112 Chastisement)

Madam Blavatsky Spiritual Traveller 47 min (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

Given under our hands and the seals of the Sovereign Sanctuary for England and Wales, sitting in the Valley of London, this 24th day of November, 1877, year of true light 000,000,000.

John Yarker, 33° Sovereign Grand Master
M. Caspari, 33° Grand Secretary
A. D. Loewenstark, 33° Grand Secretary

Her teachings were instrumental to the creation of the Nazi Party and it’s Darwinian drive to annihilate the "race polluters" and restore the Aryans with their "pure" religion of fire, sword, and swastika to their previous glory.
Nazi Party History (Article Link)

Declaration is that a Women obtains Authority over all Nations relative to the Age of the Antichrist (33-34 Years).  We see 112 in the form of a date also, a date of election..................Sigil of Thor alongside Maria Orsic, now Maria Orsic was one of the Nazi psychics that had predictions about the world power that marked the end of earth, so in this pretense, the Women that Reigns on David Thrown in Jeremiah 33:21, is really a Women President, signifying the Events of Revelation.................The Sigil of Thor in Perpetual Motion: Thule, Hexan and Vril (Video Link), the cross is actually a reference to the Mandrid Faultline Alignment of the Solar Eclipse on 8/21/2017 as well as the New International Space Station (nasa/usa), as the reward for enduring chastisement.

(Genetic Dan, may kill themselves more in the presence of the Higgs Boson surrounding said facilities in some geographic margin...............anything related to the hyperdimension, activities outside of time, is the involuntary motivator for INRI (incest/rape/murder) of the you need to be prepared for that will have a greater chance of seeing the USA use lethal force against me, perhaps on television internationally, around 8/21/2017, the reason they will kill me very quickly, (as I've said just put a gun to my head and pull the trigger, like the example you were given, with either indirect or direct intentions of education the public about what happened), first reason I will give given authority by the people very quickly, and the second reason is I've challenged their pleasure of Suicide by Antichrist, and shortly afterwards you will be incapable of causing me any suffering or pain or death....................this is a position that is only likely when the impact of what happens on 8/21/2017 takes place all at once...................anything else means you have a very low likelyhood of succeeding in using lethal force against me, in the mean time, sit back and watch, nightly walk tonight, its involuntary, non-whites have my address, so I can work with the police department in the euthanasia or reporting the bodies with convenience, but they don't come here directly or weekly to kill, but instead avoid the media and the authorities and still manage to conceal the bodies, so I'm very excited in seeing what happens, in seeing what becomes necessary, and I want you to share in this excitement) Love and Blessings (Nightly Walk tonight after Dark, to City Hall in City of Philadelphia).

(What you need to do while you wait for these non-whites to target children and senior citizens is keep watch, especially since the elections will begin soon, and also, keep your mouths shut and turn a blind eye, acknowledge my authority at all, and there will be a blood bath, continual slaughter in the USA, and if you allow your will to be broken, then you will die, convicted of suicide by antichrist, so maybe I don't have to wait so long now? 8/21/2017 is not that far away)

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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming Part 5::Prophet and King (112 Prophecies)

The Woodsman - One of the most Disturbing yet Touching moments in a movie (Video Link)

(Preface in Parenthesis)

Image Enlarger

 Jihadi John, Jihadi John (Article Link), beheaded six individuals before the killing spree was concluded.  From the conclusion if the Islamic State's inquiry into prophecy.  They obtained the President and Vice Presidents of both the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the 1st and 2nd Resurrections of the Antichrist, predicting a second martyrdom of the Antichrist and another transition of the covenant by conviction, most likely what God wants to see is a conviction by the church and state of the USA leading to death or exile, as a proclamation of the gospel's law leading to conviction, and a transition of the Sign of Divorce, its possible, but not likely if the indications of the levels of force used against me are viable, since not much force is used against me as I would expect at this level.

112 Prophecies are bloody prophecies, of great betrayal, suffering and death, as the result of sin, nothing positive.  Leading to a final conclusion shortly after God reveals the Sign of Divorce. Prophet and King::The Gospel does not Refer to the Church as "Prophet and King" in Revelation it says there is a "War in Heaven between God and Michael" (Dispute of the Payment for Sin which is Babylon the Body of Jesus)...................The Gospel also does not refer to the Antichrist as both "Prophet and King", the Gospels says that he is killed and resurrected (Dispute of God's Illustrated Mercies before the Gentiles, Antipas the Martyr).....................The only segment of the 112 Prophecy the Gospel calls both "Prophet and King", is Baal/Satan, because God does not dispute their ability to worship the earth (God has an absolute timetable that he does not dispute before he reacts, god does not dispute his reaction, he will react sooner or later, (Resolution of, Apollyon and Abaddon, Heaven and Earth are called by one Name before Man, Rev. 11:13).

Three Resurrections of Antichrist, Two Martyrdoms, Parallel John

1st Resurrection of John = Matthew 14:10, God allows the Antichrist to rebuke Baal/Satan by Martyrdom as a Prophet
2nd Resurrection of John = Luke 9:54, God allows the Antichrist to Confirm the Covenant as a Prophet
3rd Resurrection of John = Mark 6:16, God allows the Antichrist to Reign as a King

Since God does not allow me to rebuke Baal/Satan by martyrdom more than one time, God ultimately shut down any prophecy connected to the 112 and the observance of the Church because of their filthiness at the global level, not just incest/murder between Pope John Paul II and my father and me, but promoting Islam by going to their countries to promote killing by pretending to be a sacrifice for sin........................Right now, the 112 Prophecy that deals with the Heart of Judah, or the USA, was postponed because of the negro president, now it will be postponed if there is not a white man in office .................. the suffering and pain you caused yourselves is God's legal right to shutdown these disputes of God's Mercy before the official timetable of the Sign of Divorce, so not all of these prophecies are directly attributed to me (At this Level, God will only kill mostly non-whites and move me from country to country if necessary to declare his Sign of Divorce, and you won't be able to do much else to me, so we will come back to what's necessary based on the level of force, but I don't believe you have the strength of resolve at the moment, so we will see soon).

"Prophet and King", does not belong to the Church or the Antichrist in relation to the 112 Prophecies, there is no guaranteed sign or vision, only for Baal/Satan (so regardless of sin, Baal/Satan will have the Higgs Boson a few months early or catastrophe in the USA when the Mandrid Faultline Alignment of the Solar Eclipse Takes Place)

DANIEL 6:10 Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime.

1. 2300, 1290, 1335 ... Heavenly Measurement (Open Vision, Daniel 8:13-14/Jesus, Ezra 8:35/Ark, Genesis 6:15)
2. 2000, 1260, 153 ... Heavenly Temple/Gospel Measurement (Jesus in the Sea/Jesus up the High Mountain/Jesus Catching Fish)
3. 200000000, 42 Months, 5 Months ... Earth Parallel for Temple (Sign of Divorce/Tribulation Duration/Migration Duration)

MATTHEW 1:17 So all the generations from Abraham to David [are]fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon [are]fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ [are]fourteen generations.

1. 144,000 of Reuben = Measurement of Old Testament
2. 144,000 of Benjamin = Measurement of New Testament (Parallel)
3. 144,000 of Joseph = Measurement of Revelation (Babylon the Payment for Sin)

We are given Three Sets of Complete measurements in the Gospel, the First comes from Daniel the Second from (Ezekiel), the Four Cannon Gospels, and the Final Measurement comes from Revelation.  God usually kills the ni*gers and the other non-whites that use euthanasia with me to enforce the false position that there is no God or Jesus, and therefore the figures of Daniel are still dominant, and we have no expectation of anything at all.  "Open Vision" was Signs and Wonders (God used because no Jesus came), that God stopped to complete the conviction of sin for the Events of Revelation when we obtain another "Open Vision" the Sign of Divorce.  So we have reasonable and legitimate, legal reasons for the Higgs Boson, and the Assisted Suicide Program of the ni*gers/non-whites according to the gospel's law.

I JOHN 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. (Open Vision, Old Testament)
I JOHN 5:6 This is he that came by water and blood, [even]Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth. (No Vision, New Testament)
I JOHN 5:8 And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one. (Sign of Divorce, Revelation)

God said a few things to the Apostle Paul,  God showed Paul the Sign of Divorce, and he was blinded/protected from controversy and sin.  Then God allowed Paul to minister about the lifting of the "Blood Curse" (Acts 28:8).  God does not deal with Lifting a Blood Curse until the Events of Revelation, when the end to all sin is completed.  That means Paul was only a illustration for the Events of Revelation, and that begins in the house of the Gentiles, so you have not seen a beginning to revelation as of this moment.  Back to Topic (End of Parenthesis in Preface)


"Prophet and King", shortly before the 112th Presidency 1

The Ocean of the Underworld - Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1959) (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

 Aleister Crowley, wrote "The Book of the Law", which essentially completed his claim of being both a "Prophet and King".  Thus satisfying the prophecy of Akhenaten, which claims the Last Pharaoh would be an "Alien".  Or written another way, the Last Pharoah would reign shortly before the Sign of Divorce or Lord's Body..................Obviously he died without the events of revelation transpiring, needless to say.  The 112th Prophecy of Allen C. Martin (Alien or "Allen", of the Akhenaten's Prophecy), satisfy this proclamation, if we are given a White Man for the presidency.


"Prophet and King", shortly before the 112th Presidency 2

UNARIUS Academy in El Cajon space brothers (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

 Unarius Cult....................Ruth E. Norman, claimed to be Archangel Uriel, or King, this satisfies the Prophecy of Fatima, which coincides with a Women Presidency, at the 100th Year of Fatima's Prophecy. "33" a significant figured for Unarius, was also significant with the Thule Society, and Madam Blavatsky, same conclusion Jeremiah 33:21, a Women Reigns in the Seat of Power and Authority.

Love and Blessings (Early Access to Higgs Boson = Male President ... New International Space Station for USA/NASA = Female President) (We are just about wrapped up now) (Jihadi John's Conclusion? The pleasure of incest/rape/murder you continually enjoy with me has lead the people towards one presidency most likely, since this allows the pleasure to continue unabated for a longer duration of time,  however, we will perhaps have a very close election this year)

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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming Part 6::Singularity False (Off Topic)

(Preface in Parenthesis)

TechnoCalyps Part II Preparing for the Singularity (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

 (Light/Moon Theory of Evolution::Image Link) Planet Earth had Two Moons for a Long Duration in its history.  Then around 10,000 B.C. (what the Egyptians and Sumerians referred to as the "Lost Cities", or Lost City of Atlantis), God created the Homosapien after he dislodged the Second Moon (due to its radiation effects/it can also be called a second sun)....................Claimed Moons of Earth (Article Link)......................The Singularity Theory, that human advancement will become unmistakably noticeable almost instantaneously, can best be summarized as 10,000 B.C. Dislodge of Second Moon to Create difference of 10 Orbital Days between Earth and its Current Moon, to a Deviation in the Earth Moon Orbit by perhaps Zero Days of Deviation (caused by the disturbance of activities connected to the Sign of Divorce, Activation of Earth's Moon).....................(Singularity) That is Earth's Current Moon serving as a Second Sun by emitting, Dark Matter, or a form of Radiation that allows the "Sign of Divorce" (UFOs/Temple Stones above the City of Philadelphia/USA).

Singularity or Events of Revelation (Earth's Moon as the Center of Attention)

1. Eschaton - Dimension Manipulation//Terrence Mckenna (BABYLON)
2. God Particle - Particle Manipulation//Peter Higgs (ANTIPAS)
3. Missing Link - Genetic Manipulation//Zacharia Sitchin (Abaddon/Apollyon)

1. Spirit (Sign of Divorce)
2. Water (Measurement of Gentiles)
3. Blood (Devil Cast out of Heaven)

1. 112 Prophecy of Nemesis/Nibiru (Answered with (Antichrist) Sign of Divorce)
2. 112 Prophecy of Allen C. Martin (Answered with Presidency)
3. 112 Prophecy of Saint Malachy (Answered with (Pope John Paul II) Papacy)

The Official Date for the Events of Revelations is 42 Months from the Measurement of the Angel, or from the Disappearance of Flight 370.  However, God does allow mankind the ability to know before time both his mercies and the coming judgment.  That withstanding the Official Date is the Date of the Singularity (Activation of Earth's Moon).  Two are shutdown, the first by Freewill Choice in rebuking Incest/Rape/Murder, the other was shutdown as a result of promoting global Incest/Rape/Murder ................ the last and final discernment of God's Mercy beforehand even by a few months only has not been shutdown as of yet.  For this reason we must keep watch:

(Old Testament) Just like you are given Three Sets of 10 Commandments, you are also given Three Sets of 10 Genealogies in Genesis 5, 11 and 10 (Gen. 10:12/Babylon the Great)..........................(New Testament) Just like you are given Three Measurement for God in Luke 3, Matthew 1, Matthew 1:17 ... you are also given Three Resurrections of John.....................(Revelation) Just like you are given Three Measurements of Mercy, Unified Tribes (Rev. 7), Temple and Gentiles (Rev. 11) ... you are also given Three Resurrections for Moses at the End of Time........................Following that Theology, we are given three 112 Prophecies to discern God's Mercy in revealing the Covenant beforetime, which can and will be resolved with Election of the 112th Presidency. (End of Preface in Parenthesis)


Two Martyrdoms of Antichrist, Second Martyrdom = America 

Alien Anunnaki Genetic Manipulation of Man (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

With the First Resurrection, Nguyen Van Lem (1968), we know enough force and publicity to convince God of the conviction to allow martyrdom did not take place until, euthanasia of the people became an unmistakable association.  Approaching the Second Resurrection (Image Link), (8/21/2017), we know that enough force and publicity in terms of euthanasia of the public will be on display to make martyrdom more appealing for the USA, that should be enough to perhaps allow God to dismiss the arguments of publicity which were used as authentication during the First Resurrection's Conviction......................Euthanasia of the Public by the pleasure of Incest/Rape/Murder the American people enjoy with me, has not exceeded the non-whites, largely seen in Global Terrorism and Cop/White Race killing by the Ethnics in the USA, we will officially reach direct euthanasia of the American public in mass for the pleasure of Incest/Rape/Murder going to 8/21/2017 (Mandrid Faultline Alignment of the Solar Eclipse) and forwards, that is optimum for martyrdom, the only unfortunate part is, you won't have enough resolve to use more lethal force against me until then, so you will simply suffer and die until such a time........................which brings us to the following conclusion at a larger scale:

Singularity, Moon Activation, Parallel for Martyrdom of Antichrist

The Legend Of Anasazi - The Cliff Dwellers Documentary - World Documentary (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

1. Mesopotamia's Recurring 3600 Year Prophecy about the Moon Activation/Nibiru
2. Mesoamerica's Prophecy about the White Buffalo Woman

Coincidentally, the 1st Resurrection of the Antichrist took place on one side of the globe, and the 2nd Resurrection of the Antichrist takes place in America.  Both Places have already experienced the Moon Activation as the satisfaction of Endtime 112 Prophecies, so technically.  That is God's Legal Reason to allow Martyrdom of the Antichrist two times to invalidate his Mercy.  (That means, no mercy at all until the 5 months of revelations begins, as I've stated several times before, I will simply wait in space, and send one or two periodic text messages, and you can dispute the authenticity as the time for humanity winds down ... that is one possible conclusion, the other is, the Sign of Divorce goes to China and we continue from there).

Image Link, What I was going to say, God will most likely shake the Earth around the Mandrid Faultline, when the Negro President transitions to the White Women, very specifically, to announce and authenticate the mercy and chastisement you will receive on 8/21/2017.........................So as I've said, it is nothing personal, nig*ers and non-whites are used as weapons to kill weekly and daily against me, but their lives are unimportant with god to satisfy prophecy.  So surrounding the election of the 112th President, I believe we have a good chance to satisfy martyrdom, and complete a conviction, so I may not have to be burdened by watching ethnic euthanasia as a consequence of Suicide by Antichrist for more than about 2 Weeks from now.........................alternatively, you can use the non-whites, watch them be driven away or kill themselves, and then call it murder and use imprisonment or make up a lie and use imprisonment, if you do not want to use death, then we'll see if God allows me to die or if I am simply teleported to China, as apart of the resolution of God's Mercy. Love and Blessings (Some of you have asked about a more direct account of the incest relations between me and my brother's children, or my younger brother and my mother/father, or perhaps a more direct account of the negro suicides of teenagers/babies and city block shootings?  Sadly no, I don't want to break their resolve to use force against me or to slander God, until we see what becomes necessary, in about two or weeks from now, so much sooner than expected) (Nothing to worry about, so keep blind, God will kill so many non-whites and members of the public before I am allowed to die, so you will have time to address this conviction, if necessary, you should be ready in about 2 weeks to do what is necessary, or prepare to die as a people, we will see soon).

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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming Part 7::Conclusion ("Zero Point" = Illustration of God's Mercy, where as "Singularity" = Activation of Earth's Moon)

(Preface in Parenthesis)

Image Enlarger

North Korea Abductions of Japan Citizens began at the arrival of the WOW Signal! 1977, and ended at the relative Birth of the Antichrist in 1982-1983, Article Link ... if the Antichrist Lifespan is the focal point of the Argument, then the Prophecy that the Missing People denote is the length of the Antichrist's Lifespan before the Events of Revelation begins:  34 Years for the 43 Expedition to ISS (International Space Station), Article Link ... Most of the Abductee's also resemble Pope John Paul II, 1978 to 2005.  The significance is that God shut down his mercy for the Incest/Rape/Murder that Pope John Paul II used my father to perform with me, for that specific purpose.  There was at least one assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II, however, a great multitude of people wanted him to die, before all eventually lost their interests, in seeing him deceased, when they realized the Papacy was no longer the focal point of God's attention.

Most of the missing were in their 20s; the youngest, Megumi Yokota, was 13 when she disappeared in November 1977, from the Japanese west coast city of Niigata. The North Korean government claims that she committed suicide in March 1994. Article Link

1. Kim II Sung - 1948 to 1994 (Independence of Isreal)
2. Kim Jong-il - 1994 to 2011 (Jewish Jubilee Marker)
3. kim Jong-un - 2012 to Present (Galactic Alignment)

North Korea already acted out the 112th Election of the Women President, in November.  Then they also acted out the conclusion of her presidency with the arrival of Nibiru/Nemesis (Niigata) and the Sign of Divorce.  The 112 Prophecies are very bloody with nothing by betrayal and death, as a result of your sins and challenges to god..................Follow the figures in quotation, 1994 + 23 (20 and 13) Years = 2017 Year of the Lord's Return, so the North Koreans went a set further than ISIS and predicted the Lord's coming by their collective abductions from Japan and abroad........................1977 + 17 Years = 1994 + 23 Years = 2017 (777 or a series of the number 7 is usually a description of God, so you should be this in the North Korean Prophecy, most likely, Kim Jong-Un will die in 2017 and he will be Succeeded, breaking the Chain of Succession, as the Particle Chain is broken with the illustrations of the Higgs Boson's practical impact on the exchanges of energy between matter).

(Background - Justification by Faith of North Korea's Actions)

JOHN 6:51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.
GENESIS 49:16 Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel.
GENESIS 49:17 Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.
EPHESIANS 4:15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, [even]Christ:
EPHESIANS 4:16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

Jesus calls himself a Serpent, which is to say "Bread", now God calls Genetic Dan the Horse a Serpent.  Finally Jesus calls Genetic Dan, "Bread to Heal the Body".......................Global Terrorism, Suicide by Cop, and we are waiting to see them pleasure themselves with Children so that there is an uproar among the people globally................All of their Races Globally only do Incest/Rape/Murder, and all of their Races only Challenge God, including simply killing themselves by the thousands by using any measure of force against me..................From the Beginning of Time Genetic Dan has had no Value with God, that being said, God is not Vain, so God has explained what value Genetic Dan has (in addition to just having these people euthanized), for experimentation and the healing of the Blood Curse by their euthanasia....................Spirit (God uses the Sons of Man to answer this Conflict), Water (God uses Dark Matter to answer this Conflict), Blood (God uses Genetic Dan to answer this conflict)...................Eventually God, could give me some ability to illustrate euthanasia, as I've said, anywhere from a mile to 1000 miles of euthanasia for all life that constitutes Genetic Dan can die without consequence, so there are levels we maybe able to reach soon (People in Gross sin, resembles Genetic Dan, but is not the same, so that was Korea's Legal Reason to have some of the Japanese Citizens selectively euthanized to reveal prophecy).(End of Preface in Parenthesis)


No Mercy from God (Babylon), and no Illustration of his Mercy (Open Vision/Sign), only Suffering, Pain, and Death? We may not settle this score you have with me in the next two weeks, of committing suicide, but we eventually will settle this score, it is only a matter of time, so be patient and keep watch (do as I say)

Zero Point : Volume I - Messages From The Past - FULL MOVIE 1080p (Video Link)

Image Enlarger

God Revealed the Trinity in the New Testament ... God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit ... God also revealed his mercy on three occasions, Jesus went into the Center of the Earth, John went into an Unknown Island, and Paul went on a Journey to a Colony (Three Contradictions of the Gospel, were answered with Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation ... then they were revealed, as the "Sign of Divorce", "Illustration of Mercy", "Discernment of Conviction" ... Finally these components of the gospel come to full display for the Events of Revelation):

1. Hananiah, of Shadrach
2. Mishael, of Meshach
3. Azariah, of Abednego

I CHRONICLES 1:33 And the sons of Midian; Ephah, and Epher, and Henoch, and Abida, and Eldaah. All these [are]the sons of Keturah.

1. Stephen (God showed his Mercy to try the People)
2. Melchisedek (God killed the Angels with the Lord's Body/Sign of Divorce)
3. Antipas (God brought heaven and earth together in the sand to unite the gentiles in rebuke of the zealots)

1. Shadrach/Space (Spaceship - Rebuke of Suicide by Antichrist)
2. Meshach/Mars (Base Camp/Colony - Rebuke of Complacency/(for Migration))
3. Abednego/Americas (Center of Earth/Off World - Rebuke of Genetic Dan (for Global Euthanasia)

Love and Blessings (Dispensations of Angels (God allowed intercession of the church for the remediation of sin), Unequally Yolked with Unbelievers (God forbid intercession of the church for the remediation of sin), Mark of the Beast (Chastisement and Death is Rewarded for the Chastisement and Death that Presents itself in the Presence of the Lord's Body/Sign of Divorce)

What is the Mark of the Beast? (Incest/Rape/Murder) You are no longer seen as a man, nor can you function anylonger as a consequence of your freewill in challenging God with your Sin (as a result of the Sign of Divorce, which eliminates spiritual sin), and you must be killed.  No Gimmicks, no Falsifications, you simply cannot function and must be killed, and if you refuse to do that as a people or as a nation, you die as a people and as a nation according to the gospel's law.  First, you will kill this problem as it presents itself, with some specific programs for non-whites.............Secondarily, when you are given the order, that is after our expeditions of God's Mercy, you will kill all the Genetic Dan's populations globally, and all of the nations not given a sign of divorce globally in stages to solicit god's mercy, and by consequence you must kill all of Genetic Dan as much as possible, globally.

(Incest/Rape/Murder) Our Mind/Conscious/Person or Head/Heart/Loins are intelligent design associations to the Gospel's Program as three primary points of interests for God's satisfaction of his covenant.  As a Generation of People or as a Species, you do not dictate to God, his discernment of judgment. That means over time, many races and people have no value with God, and you have no legal reason for remediation, as a result of generation sin that parallels the gospel's program over time......................Ethnic/non-whites and the nations not given mercy by a Sign of Divorce must all be killed, all.  To solicit the maximum amount of God's Mercy, you must kill accordingly, move the people around, and kill gloriously at the global scale.......................Right now God still allows you to challenge my authority for his purposes, so we'll keep letting this happen until we reach the next level, use the non-whites/ethnics, ni*gers are easier to use, and convince them to use force against me and watch them die, then decide if God will allow me to die or suffer conviction under your creed, then remain blind, incest/rape/murder, until we reach the next level.  Or do as I say, use imprisonment, or death and challenge god with my authority at this level. (We are just about wrapped up with this discussion now).

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Three Contradictions Answered at the Lord's Coming Part 8::Conclusion (New World Order = Assisted Suicide Program, both Local and Global, that Makes Three Total)

(Preface in Parenthesis)

Image Enlarger

Dyatlov Pass Incident 1959 is Left, 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attacks is Right.  What you have is a comparison between the 1st Resurrection of the Antichrist and the 2nd Resurrection of the Antichrist, in the form of a Russian Prophecy.  First Two Resurrections of the Antichrist are Martyrdoms, that is not disputed, and the Third and Final Resurrection of the Antichrist, I serve as a King and not a Prophet.  That is not being disputed.

When the group never reported in, a search party was sent out on February 20. The first thing they found was the torn-down tent, left abandoned by the entire group...............................the spot where the nine hikers died is close to where Mansi legend tells of a group of nine people dying in ancient times, thus giving the local name ‘Mountain Of The Dead’. Also, a plane crashed just a few short miles away in 1991. The death toll? Nine people. Article Link

Nguyen Van Lem, euthanized February 1968, so the Dyatlov Pass Incident Matches the Month in Question, and then 9/11/2001 the Second Resurrection of the Antichrist takes Place, so the legend of the Dyatlov Pass Incident also matches the UFO Guardian's Diagram, which is one of three materials written by God, which shows the illustrated relationship between 1970 and 1991, or the First and Second Resurrections of the Antichrist, before he is allowed to Reign as a King.....................Reigning as a King is not going to happen until the 5 Months of Revelation, although we have a score to settle with the negro and non-whites in a few days regarding Suicide by Antichrist, and then again on 8/21/2017.  So use the ethics and use lethal force against me, if God is truly intend on not allowing me to see a third resurrection before the 5 months of revelation, then I will only be displaced to one of several countries God has in view very shortly, solely as a result of your sin as people and as a nation in challenging God, with what limited authority I have to declare the euthanasia of all negros and non-whites.  So we may resolve this issue of Suicide by Antichrist, sooner than I expected, so in the very least, we may need to encourage you to do that passively by voicing another conclusion about this truth.


New World Order Makes Three Prophecy Fulfillments


Image Enlarger

Going back to our Opening Entry.................God revealed his Mercies three times in the Ancient World, and each of these times they answered God with sin and death that paralleled the significance of the Three Contradictions the Gospel Employs.  Not only did we see the Cydonia Equation/Hyperdimensional Equation, but we also see the events that signify the Hyperdimensional Activities we've described.   The Egyptians (Top, Eye of Horus), appear to predict a Women King, which is no wonder, around the time of Christ, they appointed a Women King.  Then we see Sumeria (Middle, Marduk Slay Tiamat), appear to predict a Man King.  Finally, the Mayans (Bottom, Quetzalcoatl eating Man Child), predict a dead Antichrist eliminating all of God's Mercy until the Third Resurrection of 5 Months.  These are the Original Predictions: Over time, as these prophecies have taken another form that is the 112 Prophecy of the Presidency with Allen C. Martin, and the dispute between the Man King and Women King, the Egyptians have been Associated with the Man King, and the Babylonians with a Women King.  So the correct answer to the 112 Prophecy of Allen C. Martin, is a higher than likelyhood for the Man King's Presidency, since that is the original prediction.  (The Gospel does associate Babylon to a Women, as a description of Jesus Payment for Sin, so the Original Association of Babylon to the Male, has not been modified it only appears to be modified).  (The Election will be very close, but it has higher likelyhood for Male Presidency, if we understand the true intend of the prophecies) (It is as we have said, Male President = Early Access to the Higgs Boson, the Snake is Killed or the Particle Chain is Broken, Female Presidency = New International Space Station + Chastisement, eliminating any early signs of God's Mercy and any forms of it).

1. Singularity (Sign of Divorce)
2. Zero Point (God's Mercy)
3. New World Order (Assisted Suicide Program)

1. Ahaziah's Contradiction (of Parallel 42 Month Periods)
2. Jehoiachin's Contradiction (of Illustrating his Mercy before Illustrating Divorce)
3. Solomon's Contradiction (of necessity of Assisted Suicide, local and global)

God has blessed the Gentiles more than he has blessed the Jews or the Church, based on sin that is why God comes to the Presidency for an Answer to his contradiction in Prophecy.  No wonder, most of the Christian world, has eliminated the association between Babylon as a description of Jesus, and therefore the Payment of Sin.  So they have become cutoff spiritually, and that is their testimony of being cutoff.  Now the Contradictions of the Gospel, have been given more detail in different contemporary forms, and these have a general answer on 8/21/2017, pending the results of the Presidency in about two weeks.

Parallel 42 Months, very clear.  Flight 370 to Mandrid Faultline Alignment of Solar Eclipse, and then Sign of Divorce to Star Wormwood's Encapsulation of Planet Earth.  That is because God declared Three Measurements, First of God that ended with Jesus Christ, Second of an Angel that is at the End of Time for 1260/42 Months, finally of the Lord's Body/Temple Stones that is for 42 Months.  No more, than Three Measurements for the 144,000 of Joseph.  Now as I have stated, Image Link, God will kill so many negros, so many non-whites, and others, to flush this issue of suicide out into the open and convict this nation sin, then I may die and that is good, but also I may go to another country.  So you need to be prepared to kill considerably, and within a few days, as we may settle this score of Suicide by Antichrist, very quickly very early before we even reach 8/21/2017.  Love and Blessings. (most likely a 10 hour walk on friday, maybe a nightly walk sooner to help eliminate these non-whites as a public threat, so we've had a few rough conclusions to this discussion already, but I believe now we are finished).

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