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Mike Upton
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September 6, 2016
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September 6, 2016 - 1:14 pm
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The planet Venus may have been home to a lost civilization when the sun was much smaller. The evidence that seems to indicate this is all of the greenhouse gases found in its atmosphere. How did these gases get in the atmosphere? Us humans burn coal, gases, oil, and other materials everyday, causing an increase of greenhouse gases. The same could be the case for Venus, as an alien civilization may have inhabited the planet and burned fuels. They may not have known about the Greenhouse Effect. This constant burning of fuels and the collection of massive amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with the simultaneous growth expansion of the sun, may have lead the aliens to leave Venus on spaceships and crash on planet Earth Millions of Years later from drifting in open space, leaving the aliens to start over, since no materials of the wreckage could be repurposed. With new land and new materials here on Earth, the aliens had a hard and mostly complicated time trying to get back on there feet. They had to go through the process of trying to harvest there own food, tools, and most importantly reproduction. The aliens discovered that there were other creatures on the planet that looked similar in appearance, that weren't so smart. However, some of the aliens were able to reproduce with these creatures. Over time, the not so smart creatures died off one by one by not evolving. This lead the aliens to take over the planet. These aliens are Humans and the not so smart creatures that the aliens (Humans) reproduced with are Neanderthals.

MU5ik M1X3R

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November 18, 2013
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September 12, 2016 - 11:21 am
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Your right about the lost civilization of Venus.  However, it was technically far more advanced than Earth is right now.  They did not burn anything for fuel, and they did not use atomics.  The sun was about as hot then as it is now.  But their advanced systems could absorb the excess heat and use it for the energy they needed to run their equipment and light their houses.  There was enough energy left over that they sent it by wireless transmission to Mars to warm that planet as it also was inhabited by humans. 

The Venerians did not destroy themselves.  They were attacked by an enemy from outside the solar system. This happened about 3 million years ago.  The atmosphere and oceans of the planet were completely blown away.  The surface pressure was close to a vacuum. With the exception of Earth the rest of the solar  system suffered the same fate.  The Earth defense was successful and its forces destroyed the invaders. I have written of this in another topic area.  

A small portion of the Vernerians escaped the destruction and were accepted on Earth as refugees. They were known as the Atlanteans and lived on a large island in the Atlantic Ocean. With the help of other ET they began the process of reclaiming Venus.  They began heating Venus to drive carbon dioxide out of the rocks of the planet.  Additional heat for energy was transmitted from Mercury and that continues. About 12000 years ago they had enough carbon dioxide and began seeding the atmosphere with a specially engineered bacteria that can transmute the carbon in the atmosphere into nitrogen and hydrogen.  These bacteria are there now but they have yet to be activated. They form the white clouds that cover and now block the view of the surface.  NASA calls these clouds sulfuric acid but they know better and are lying. When the activation begins the current atmosphere will be transmuted into nitrogen, oxygen and water for new oceans in only 50 years time.  

This was supposed to happen 12000 years ago but the war was renewed. The enemy began attacking Earth with dangerous bacteria and viruses.  They also directed comets at the Earth.  The Venus project stopped, and the Atlanteans and Lemurians decided to evacuate to safe locations outside the solar system.  Earth forces were able to deflect most of the comets but one did explode over Hudson's Bay.  This catastrophe wiped out civilization on the surface, but the enemy ships were all destroyed. The current population of the earth is descended from the few survivors of those who did not evacuate.

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