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Pyramids - the legacy of the Apocalypse
April 9, 2018
7:38 am
Yurikov Yuri
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April 9, 2018
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There are many versions of who built the pyramids and how they were built, but I want to touch on only one question – for what purpose they were built. Having understood it, it is possible to make further assumptions to whom it was necessary to build them.

There are many versions of the purpose of building pyramids, but the official version, and informal frankly naive and the impression is that they are not offered by adults. I would therefore like to start with a brief statement on common sense.

Imagine how much knowledge, talent, organizational skills, resources are needed to build such a structure as the Great pyramid. Could it be done with some silly or unrelated to reality purpose? How can the mind, so skilfully and rationally choosing the means, choose far from rational goals? This is similar to how children judge the actions of adults.

I apologize if my words are unpleasant for someone, but I got the impression that researchers of anomalous phenomena do not particularly need answers as such; rather, they need to feel their involvement in something inaccessible and mysterious. And where they cannot understand simple practical purposes, for some reason they often see "a deep sacred meaning".

In this article I want to show that the main purpose of building these facilities is the envisaged possibility, even in the distant future, to find them and identify them as artificial structures. A whole set of measures has been taken so that after any future cataclysms, climate changes, the effects of destructive factors of any nature, these structures could be identified as artificial after a maximum period of time.

Mountains of natural origin can not have smooth surfaces and faces. The pyramidal shape not only emphasizes the artificiality of the structure, but is also the most resistant to earthquakes.

Observance of the correct proportions is also intended to emphasize the artificiality of the structure. And there is no more hidden meaning in this. After all, there are no standards in the use of proportions, the types of pyramids are very different, and their vertices do not resemble one another.

Image Enlarger

Why do pyramids have a tetrahedral shape? Because such a pyramid can be oriented to the four points of the compass. For what it is useful to do? There is no secret meaning in this either – to emphasize its artificial origin. After all, over time, the pyramid could be covered with a layer of soil and even overgrown with forest. For example, it happened to the Bosnian pyramid, which until recently was considered just a mountain. And this ancient pyramid has the specified qualitative sign-the correct orientation to the four points of the compass.

Image Enlarger

Pyramids are often arranged in groups, in a certain order. And this order will help to reveal them even in case of almost complete destruction. There is such expression - "it is not necessary to go far for an example". I suggest, contrary," go " far. These five-sided and oval "mountain" on Mars look like in terms of their natural origin a bit suspicious. But they are also located nearby, and the" face" is oriented on the Meridian. This combination should definitely attract attention.

Image Enlarger

The lower half of the facing of the Great Pyramid consists of processed and carefully fitted granite blocks of regular shape. On the one hand they are an important force element of the structure. But on the other - even in case of complete destruction of the pyramid, the processed stone blocks from the imported rock form unambiguously indicate that there was an artificial structure.

Image Enlarger

Here it is also appropriate to remember the Bosnian pyramid, because the discovery of such blocks further confirmed its artificial origin (at least for those people who do not have complex relations with common sense).

Soil in the middle and high latitudes freezes in winter, and stone blocks in such areas for construction was not used. Water penetrated into the joints of blocks, with freezing expands, and this leads to premature destruction of the structure, although, of course, that all climate changes could not be anticipated in advance by the builders. However, this factor was also taken into account when choosing the height of the pyramid: a regularity is observed - the further the pyramids from the equator are located, the more "squat" they are.

I will add another consideration about the usefulness of the tetrahedral shape of the pyramids, as well as their orientation to the four points of the compass. To understand this requires the involvement of imagination.

Imagine the consequences of the Apocalypse. People have long since disappeared from the surface of the Earth, all buildings have collapsed, the planet has acquired a pristine appearance. Thousands of years after the disappearance of our civilization, an alien spaceship flies to Earth. How can you quickly determine whether there was life on Earth. This can be done very simply. It is enough to launch a satellite with four radars in a low circular orbit at an angle of 45 degrees to the equator. Two of these radars, oriented in opposite directions, scan the surface of the Earth strictly in longitude, and two others, similarly, strictly in latitude. On the screens of the satellite locators, the smooth sides of the pyramids will give a bright signal. It only remains to combine the coordinates of the signals from all the radars, and in a fairly short time there will be detailed information on potentially artificial objects of the pyramidal shape.

Image Enlarger

From this fantastic point of view, the nearby pyramids should be positioned with a diagonal offset so that they do not interfere with each other's signals either along meridians or along parallels.

Image Enlarger

Image Enlarger

Image Enlarger

I do not claim that all pyramids, without exception, obey this rule, but the coincidence speaks volumes. Not all pyramids have an orientation on the modern the four points of the compass, but the builders could not foresee the shifts of the world's poles.
Similarly, from this point of view, it is not necessary to erect a pyramid in a mountainous area - it is enough to make even surfaces at a suitable mountain.
Image Enlarger
Nasser Brackk peak, pyramidal mountain in Pakistan
Image Enlarger
Kailas, the pyramidal mountain in China
Image Enlarger
A pyramidal mountain peak, the Schwartz Range in Antarctica
Image Enlarger
Pyramid-shaped mountain Rtanj in Serbia

It should be noted that two faces of the pyramid are sufficient for radar detection. The Temples of the Sun and the Moon, Trujillo, Peru, is located next to a giant pyramidal mountain, which has only two faces.

Image Enlarger

Geologists argue that these mountains could have formed naturally. If so, why did not nature create on our planet a mountain in the shape of a five-sided pyramid, hexagonal or octagonal? And mountains in the form of a regular tetrahedral pyramid are at least a few.

I would not be surprised if other technical solutions were applied to facilitate the identification, which we do not even have any idea about yet. It is logical to assume: if someone so diligently draws attention to a given place, then there is hidden something worthy of searching.

To understand what can be hidden there, you should briefly return to the topic of previous versions of the appointment of pyramids. The proposed unofficial versions of the purpose of the construction of these structures, which are mainly reduced to the assumption that the pyramids are some kind of power plants or long-distance communication devices, have a common disadvantage. Suffice it to recall how the means of communication and energy facilities have changed over a century. There is no point in building a hydropower plant with a safety margin of many thousands of years - a competent engineer will never allow such a meaningless dispersion of resources. Means of communication are morally outdated literally before our eyes, and to build such an "antenna" is all the more pointless. But it is obvious that high-class specialists managed the construction of the pyramids.

Needless to say that progress never stands still, and the moral obsolescence of any technical solutions is inevitable. Therefore, no one will spend huge resources on the construction of the facility, which must be preserved for many thousands of years, unless he is sure that this technical solution will not become morally obsolete in such a long time. Let's ask ourselves, what technical solution will remain relevant even in a million years? The answer is only one-this technical solution are, among other things, we are with you as carriers of genetic information. As for any living being the most important instincts are the instinct of self-preservation and the instinct of procreation, and for any civilization the most important task is to preserve and transfer to the offspring their genetic heritage. Both in the colony of bacteria, and in a highly developed civilization, nature equally programmed an inexorable aspiration for genetic expansion, by any means and at any cost.

Can DNA molecules persist for such a long time if it is known that their half-life is approximately 521 years. If there was no way to protect DNA from decay, then the spread of life in the universe would be simply impossible. You can, of course, consider that life has arisen on Earth and we are the only ones in the universe, but this is a private matter for everyone.

Let us return to the hypothetical situation described above. To revive civilization on the planet again, using its own, "imported" genetic materials, will be an extremely difficult task. In contrast, the DNA of our planet is "tuned" to a certain ratio of chemical elements in the ocean, atmosphere and soil, the amount of solar radiation, the radiation spectrum, gravity and atmospheric pressure, and many other factors that are individual on each planet.

Why have not we found such genetic treasures so far? It is possible that its senders did not really want such "Pandora's boxes" to be found by representatives of a civilization that did not reach the appropriate level of development. And given that they are, for sure, far superior to us in development, our chances of finding such a "parcel" and being able to use its contents are not high. A container, say, can be located directly inside a stone block, specially marked with a rare-earth isotope with a long half-life, and many other options are possible.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that people already found such containers, but did not understand what it is. I mean the so-called Clerksdorp spheres. These are spherical or disk-shaped objects a few centimeters in size with longitudinal depressions and furrows like incisions, which are found in pyrophyllite deposits near the city of Klerksdorp in the North-Western province of South Africa. They were discovered by miners in pyrophyllite on the deposit, where this mineral is mined. These deposits are about 3 billion years old.In my opinion, these artifacts are good candidates for the role of containers with genetic material. Some sources claim that the Krelksdorp balls are made of nickel-iron alloy, and that the fibrous material inside some of them in the air turns into dust. However, it is obvious that it will not be possible to extract something useful from such an ancient container.

Image Enlarger

Image Enlarger

Have such containers already been used as intended? A lot of archaeological artifacts indicate that people like us lived on our planet long before us, disappeared from its face and appeared again in the same form. Genetic studies show that all modern people have descended from a single woman, the so-called "mitochondrial Eve," who lived more than 120,000 years ago. Between all people on Earth there are fewer genetic differences than even in a small population of African monkeys. Humans are fundamentally different from other animals.

Anthropoid apes may very well be distant ancestors of the same people as we are. Natural selection and artificial selection are opposite processes. Cultural forms subsequently always degenerate. It has never happened that the yield of a new variety increases over the years. It always happens vice versa. And no matter how unpleasant it may be, the natural selection will lead us to the same.

Excessive solar radiation is a powerful mutagenic factor. Degradation is accelerated by intense solar radiation, and in this sense the most unfavorable are the tropics, highlands and polar regions under ozone holes. In many large countries in the northern hemisphere, there is an unsolvable "problem of the south": in areas where the population is exposed to more intense exposure to solar radiation. 

Degradation is also faster in small isolated populations, where inbreeding often takes place.

Genetic engineering in our time has achieved significant success. Our possibilities are simply incommensurable with the opportunities of farmers of ancient times. And, nevertheless, we have not yet managed to create a new food crop directly from the wild plant, so that it can be compared in importance with the already existing ones. In fact, it turns out that we with all our colossal scientific base could not surpass those who according to our notions did not even have a written language. We still use the results of selection work, conducted in ancient times. Does this sound paradoxical?

Do we have good reason to believe that wild forms of cultivated plants are their ancestors? Why are we sure that they are not the result of a degeneration of already existing cultural forms? It should be noted that some cultivated plants do not have wild analogues.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but I had the impression that anthropologists chose that version of the development of mankind that flattered their self-conceit more. And this version was approved as a scientific "fact".

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