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Priorities for Intelligence
December 25, 2019
6:50 am
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December 25, 2019
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hello everyone,

there's two things i want to discuss here.

first, i've been interested in this stuff for a while now, and was thinking about what would be more important for the world to discover. you know if people had to pick and choose what would be the highest priority to bring to light?

what would be top priority for disclosure?

A. would it be zero point energy devices?

B. contact (documented) with an inner earth brakaway civilization?

C. contact (documented) with an extraterrestrial civilization?

D. superior medical technology?

C. the locations and documented workings of one or more stargates?

across the ufo/paranormal/community what is most important these days?

secondly, i came across an interesting post on 4chan by somebody named riggley (see image at bottom of this post below).

he said:


Are there real entrances to an "Inner Earth?" (Honeycomb Earth vs. Hollow Earth)


There are many rumored entrances to an underground world with cities, and ancient civilizations. There are also rumored underground bases for breakaway human civilizations as well as extraterrestrial colonies.


How do we know if these entrances are real?


You must be brave and investigate. There are forces which have put up obstacles to prevent this knowledge from becoming widely known.

Therefore, choose a target What geo-location is nearest to you? Get specific. Zero in.

1. Gather intel about the location.

Begin with overt intel. Watch the newspapers,the local news broadcasts, etc. Speak with local journalists. Listen in on police frequencies. Watch for keywords.

What local locations should you look at first?

What military installations are in the region? Corporations with tech connections? Who is most likely to possess valuable information?

Brainstorm. Mindmap. Watch for connections.

Who is open to speaking? Who may be in a position to be your eyes and ears? Who has vices you can exploit in exchange for information? (Digital or otherwise) Who may be secretly committed to Official Disclosure?

2. If you cannot find someone already within whom you can exploit for information, your efforts must become more invasive.

Can you infiltrate?

3. Do you have skills that can aid an investigation?

Long range photography? Audio surveillance? Computer hacking? Cryptography?

4. In all cases:

A) Dig, dig, dig. Search online. Talk to witnesses. Visit locales.

B) Use reliable sources—credible, respectable, and objective.

C) Corroborate or confirm eyewitness accounts and testimonies, whenever and wherever possible.

D) Document—either by image or audio, or in writing.

Verify everything, trust no one's word on anything.

Find a way to share the information as broadly and as fast as possible.


Inner Earth Entrances Riggley !!715CIOuxJlU


thoughts on both things i posted on?


Inner Earth EntrancesImage Enlarger

May 4, 2020
12:53 pm
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May 3, 2020
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I vote for: None of the above.

Here's why...

A. would it be zero point energy devices?

Free energy, so what? The Elites will just charge and tax the general population for something else like water, air, land to live on, ability to reproduce, ability to have free speech, or whatever they can get away with.

B. contact (documented) with an inner earth brakaway civilization?

What good would that do for the general population? There's probably not enough room for everyone to live underground, and if they're underground they're probably down there to hide, not to advance by outward (space) exploration, which means there's no long-term future underground.

C. contact (documented) with an extraterrestrial civilization?

That would either bring us more technology (and we've already shown we can't handle the technology we already have) or more enlightenment (and we've already shown that most of us don't want that) or the message that we need to advance and learn at our own pace (which means alien assistance would be useless).

D. superior medical technology?

That would just allow those with more money to outlive and better-live than those with little money, which would merely accentuate the existing differences and problems of society.

C. the locations and documented workings of one or more stargates?

So what? Most people would never get the chance to use them, and likely all we would find are more advanced, more intelligent beings who are also involved in wars, beings who often have the same moral problems we do, and beings who are also trying to answer the same basic questions we are. No long-term advantage there, either.

My vote would be for understanding ourselves, especially psychologically, especially how to be happy and how to get along with one another. The Elites probably already know this since they hire the best psychologists in order to optimize propaganda and to optimize the acceptance of the abuse of government power. Getting along leads to stability, which leads to ability to make progress due to extra time (no recessions, no pandemics, no wars, etc. slowing everything down), which leads to self-improvement as a species. It has always been this way.


Beckmann, Petr. A History of Pi. 1971. New York: The Golem Press.

(p. 20)
MAN is not the only animal that uses tools on his environ-
ment; so do chimpanzees and other apes (also, some birds).
As long as man was a hunter, the differences between the
naked ape and the hairy apes was not very radical. But roughly
about 10,000 B.C., the naked ape learned to raise crops and to tame
other animals, and thereby he achieved something truly revolution-
ary: Human communities could, on an average, produce so much
more food above the subsistence minimum that they could free a
part of their number for activities not directly related to the provi-
sion of food and shelter.
The Great Agricultural Revolution first took place where the
geographical conditions were favorable: Not in the north, where the
winters were long and severe, and the conditions for farming gener-
ally adverse; nor in the tropics, where food was plentiful, clothing
unnecessary, shelter easily available, and therefore no drastic need
for improvement; but in the intermediate belt, where conditions were
sufficiently adverse to create pressures for change, yet not so adverse
as to foil the attempts of farming and livestock raising.
This intermediate belt stretched from the Mediterranean to the
Pacific. The Great Revolution first took place in the big river valleys
of Mesopotamia; later the Belt stretched from Egypt through Persia
and India to China. States developed. Specialists came into being.
Soldiers. Priests. Administrators. Traders. Craftsmen. Educators.
And Mathematicians.
(p. 21)
The hunters had neither time nor need for ratios, proportionalities
or conic sections. The new society needed surveyors and builders,
navigators and timekeepers (astronomers), accountants and stock-
keepers, planners and tax collectors, and, yes, mumbo-jumbo men to
impress and bamboozle the uneducated and oppressed. This was the
fertile ground in which mathematics flourished; and it is therefore
not surprising that the cradle of mathematics stood in this Belt.

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