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Unusual Event, Abduction?:
April 5, 2019
12:07 pm
Blue Wave
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April 5, 2019
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Hello everyone! New to the forum, so forgive me if I have posted this new thread in error as opposed to posting in a current thread. Sorry about the long read, TL;DR at bottom.

A few months ago, I had a very unusual incident occur to me that I am having a difficult time coming to terms with or even understanding.

I live in a somewhat rural area outside of a major city in the Southeast US. I am not so far out that I have a massive tract of land or anything, but I live far enough from the city that I can consider it rural. It was a Friday night and everything seemed normal when my wife and I put our child to bed and shortly after went to bed ourselves.

At around 2:30am, my first memory was of me standing in the room. I do not remember getting up and out of bed, which is unusual because I am used to doing so almost every night to tend to our toddler, whom still has a little trouble making it the whole night. Because of this, I am a very quick up-and-jumper out of bed at any hour of the night, never groggy nor do I have issues remembering actually getting up. But, this night was different. No matter how hard I think back, I cannot remember getting up, the first memory I have was of me standing there in the room. Moments later, our toddler woke up and thus my wife woke up from the baby monitor. She asked me what was going on and when she looked out the window, the motion lights at my neighbors house approx. 30 feet away were on but there was no sign of anyone being there.

Of course, I did not make any connections and we did our nightly job of changing diaper and putting back to sleep. I had a difficult time sleeping, as it felt like my entire body was sore like I had just done a huge workout or something. I had a blistering headache and my hip was quite sore.

Now, here is the part that made me tie this together. I am an occasional user of psychedelic drugs. I use them on occasion to help with managing depression and general anxiety symptoms, as well as a way for me to connect with the universe I reside. I certainly do not intend to say that this is something for everyone, but for someone like me, I have found it to be very therapeutic in dealing with various stressors in life. One thing about these "medicines", is they have a very powerful way of bringing memories back. For example, one might take it, then have a decades old memory resurface as if it was a memory from the day before, very strong and clear.

Well, the next morning I had some free time as my wife and child went out and I was going to be home alone for well over half the day. Considering how rare of an opportunity this is for me, I figured I'd go ahead and imbibe.

Now, consider that I am not your typical psychedelic user. Most people who do this, do it so rarely and have no control or understanding of what is happening while on the "trip". I, however am very familiar with the effects having done this literally a hundred times throughout my life, every time is similar. But, this time was very different for me and represents the single time I have experienced anything even close to this.

Part of the experience of a trip is that if you close your eyes, you'll see things. Most people see things like "Sacred Geometry", or unusual shapes and colors, like tesseracts and similar shapes. This time though, I saw what I can only explain as a "deleted" memory of the night before. It was very fragmented, just short bursts of images really.

I was in a large, open room. It seemed to be dome shaped, as in, the ceiling was much higher than the walls and it was circular. I was on a metal table, which literally looked like an operating table with restraints on my ankles and wrists and above me was a large circular "machine". It looked like a gyroscope or something and I remember the way it spun around and moved around was remarkable, like some incredibly advanced piece of technology, nothing I had ever seen before. This machine had attachments on it, like surgical equipment and I remember having some sort of operation done on me. There was a tube, like a large syringe inserted near my hip, near my genitals and another in my nose, a third that went into my eye. Not into my eyeball itself, but it went directly above my eyeball into the socket.

One last fragmented memory that I have is of me looking out the windows of the room, which were situated on the walls of the room, maybe 30-40 feet away, going all around and I could see Earth and the Moon.

Of course, I decided I'd check myself. I was able to find a small scar in the exact place near my hip and my nose had this painful odd skinflap thing that took a few weeks to heal, on the inside of my nostril.

I have not told anyone except for my wife about this encounter, but I really need to talk to someone about it anonymously, hence why I am here. This happened back in January of this year.

I truly hope that I was just tripping, but like I said, with the experience I have with psychs I have never once experienced anything like this. It was like a flood of images, sounds and feelings that I have never experienced before or after this particular event.

Does anyone have a CLUE what this could be?

TL;DR: Had unusual night where first memory was standing in the bedroom at 2:30am, did shrooms the next day and had flood of memories return of possible abduction.

Thanks everyone, any insight is greatly appreciated.

April 11, 2019
10:11 am
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December 10, 2018
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It was probably just a trip. I probably wouldn't know because I have never taken those kinds of drugs.

April 14, 2019
9:31 am
Denver, Colorado
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April 14, 2019
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Well, I am just making faces and feel sad for you. All I can say first is "Grow the fu** up!" - You have children now and wife as you say in your story. Maybe you can assume the universe has shown you what you need otherwise your simply abusing drugs.

I took LSD more times than I can count and love mushrooms as well. I know about this stuff and can write a book on the events as well as the understandings I was left with after the consumption of these items. My own life is filled with other things that you would lose your mind over if you were in my shoes. Thank God you can afford a family and home (hence the baby monitor).

I am more pissed than anything right now making it hard to take you seriously. My experiences are not like yours as they relate to abduction stories. Yours is a common one and one that perhaps the drugs allowed you to penetrate the veil left in your mind. That said you may have also a case of sever brain damage at this point and you are suffering form a separation of imagination over experience and suggested imagery brought on by your viewing experiences and thought choices.

I would have to truly know you as with many people I have met online to truly aid. If you are rock solid and like me stopped the drugs for many years then perhaps we have a starting point. Then, if you do not entertain the stories of abductions much or have medical fetishes you have another positive point.

To truly get to the truth of the event you may consider looking into OBE and meditation. You can search out the validity of the event but it will be a work in progress with no overnight ah-ha moment break through. I know many who have had an event similar to yours but it was a car accident, a hypnosis session and yes, a drug related event that triggered this release of information. None of them has a full picture but fragments. To get to the root of this you literally need to learn a new truth. Your mind is a brain and a soul. Your mind is connected to something outside of your body as well as within. I know... years ago I would have laughed and I still do a little as much of the truths we face are nothing as we have been taught in school or can readily learn today. But like the trips, some of the experience is coming to you from across time, across a void of consciousness that lies outside the daily consciousness you utilize to function (think past lives, Edgar Cayce).

I wish you luck and certainly can attest to the validity of what no drugs can bring to you and allow you to develop a deeper love for your family.

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