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Telepathic neurological probe and alien visitation
April 14, 2020
10:18 pm
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April 14, 2020
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Ok so, I have reason to believe that I was invasively probed on last night. This was the most terrifying experience i have ever had and has given me a great deal of stress and trauma.

First I will say this. What happened last night forced me to deal with and come face to face beliefs that I would have passed over as a sidenote I.E.,,, alien visitation and abductions. Im not a skeptic but I wouldnt say I am a alien buff. These things have never been a real point of interest...until now. I will try my best to describe what happened to the best of my ability. I only want to understand what happened to me last night and hope someone can relate with me about this experience.

Also, i will preface with this. I dont suffer from any mental illness. I am 29 Y/o and have been employed most of my adult life. I am a normal working class person with no real ailments or physical issues. 

I was hanging out with my roommates last night, we live on second and third floors of a house. Now we had a great night, I had finished a welding project for my DIY bike shop and got home to make some enchiladas for everyone. We ate, Drank some beers and did a few shots before settling down to watch some movies on the Tubi app. Now i wouldnt bring up the app but i think it played a significant roll in possibly triggering the events that played out. After a few movies an ad came was very odd...unlike an ad ive ever seen before. It had a man that was in the middle of what seemed like was about to rob a house...the thing was is that he stayed stationary like the ad was trying to illicit a response from the viewer, like a very simple response like "oh, i hope that guy doesnt rob the house" or vice versa ...i started to get a bad feeling about it...I have a inherent distrust for the government and as crazy as it seems felt as though it was some sort of "deep state" ad for filtering people based on their base reaction to the ad. Again these things never happen to me, I dont typically find ads or most things bothersome like i found this piece of TV.

So I leave the room because of how uncomfortable I felt. I then enter my room and start to feel or hear or something in between, a vibration. The moment that the vibration started happening I feel like i was led out of my room down the stairs and into my basement. Me going to the basement was beyond my conscious control. I felt as though i had taken a backseat and my body was on autopilot. Upon closing the basement door, I had removed the doorhandle and placed it beside a couch in the basement. As well I kept lights off. How I managed to actually get down the stairs and into the chair in pitchblack without hurting myself boggles my mind. Now the seating is set up in a simi circle with a large couch  a regular chair and an armchair. I sat in the regular chair. As i sat the vibrations got more intense and a light turned on outside my basement window. the only thing i can do is stare at the light and from there entered into a state that most resembles sleep paralysis. I couldnt move, I couldnt speak, the only thing i was capable of was lookin at that light which had seemingly spellbound me. I began to feel a presence though i didnt see or hear anything outside of that vibration and light. After i felt the presence of something I began to go through a series of motorfunction "diagnostics" imagine your body being completely shut down unable to move yet wanting to and then systematically having every muscle trigger movement. It was aligned like this, fingers on right hand to wrist to forearm to arm to right shoulder to left shoulder and then down to the fingers. This repeated three or four times then the last time stopped on my neck, i then felt my neck straighten and the process proceeded to make its way down my torso and down into my legs and then feet and the toes and then back up to my neck. From there, there seemed to be an interest in my touch because my hands were free to move but only touching fingers to thumb in repetition extremely fast, from left to right, right to left and an odd complex series of finger to thumb intervals.

After the "diagnostic" of my nervous system, I think they preformed a neurological exam. The vibration got lower in oscillation as well.  The exam was very odd because I lost vision but was still concious and found  myself being hit with visions of made up scenarios to test what seemed to be response  to stimuli, stress and crisis. I think I was frustrating them because I eventually stopped operating with the scenarios and in response they made the scenarios more complex, stimulating and stressful. Eventually It got to a point where I was so panicked/overwelmed that I broke out of the trance and started to beg this unknown presence to please just leave me alone. I repeated this multiple times in my head, i swore this presence could hear me. I just kept saying "I didnt do anything wrong, why are you doing this to me? Please stop, please go away." eventually the presence died, the light faded from outside and the vibration stopped. From that point I realize Im not in the seat I had sat in when I was led there but instead was sitting in the leather armchair next to it. I stayed there for what seemed 10-15 minutes, shocked and tramatized...I have never felt so absolutely powerless in my life. After I pulled myself together i made my way upstairs to find it to be close to sunrise and that i had lost three hours of Roommates were still watching movies and asked me where I had been the last three hours and all i could say was "I dont know" and walked into my room and into my bed which I have yet to leave.

Every muscle in my body aches and my head feels like there was someone digging around in there. If i were to describe how my mind feels I would say it feels like someone rearranged your room without you knowing. Everything is there but everything is out of place and odd.

Thanks for reading, im exhausted from this. Id b happy to answer any questions or talk about it more. Frown

April 15, 2020
11:21 am
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February 2, 2018
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Necrotoad, I hear you. Everything you wrote made so much sense to me. I have experienced many things that are similar. Also, many of the things you describe, are things I've suspected were happening to me. For me, I only have the wounds and the missing time to tell the tale. I will tell you, check up your nose for a cut. Check your body for marks. What you're feeling today is what I call the haze. For a couple days, you will feel like everything is just happening around you while you go through the motions. Things usually clear up a day or two later, and by the third day you should be back to normal. I'm here if you'd like to talk. If you'd be more comfortable personal messaging me, that's cool to. Good luck my friend. We are one. Strongest together.

It's better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. H.S.

May 23, 2020
5:27 am
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May 3, 2020
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Wow, this sounds really creepy and I think more people need to know about it. If you can you should post it on YouTube, especially with video footage of where you walked, sat, and so on. YouTube will get many more views than this forum. I'll bet other people are experiencing the same things.

I've heard about a lot of things, but some of these abduction stories I'm reading in this forum are so unlike anything I've ever heard of, especially yours. It sounds to me like the shadow government has a new toy, a new remote control device that they're testing on humans in typical urban settings. That would explain why they're doing systematic testing of every muscle: it's like testing a robot or a piece of software, checking to see if they can control everything in the system they're supposed to control. I do know that they choose human beings almost randomly for tests of their new weapons, like the lady who was bitten by a metal mosquito outside and died, the people who were gassed by a mysterious cloud that floated onto a beach in the UK, the San Francisco residents who were subjected to a radioactive cloud released from a ship offshore, all those residents in Italy who were being burned alive in their homes in what was termed "spontaneous combustion", numerous targeted individuals who were told what to do by voices in their head, U.S. ambassadors in Cuba and China who were hit by narrow sonic beams that put sounds in their heads, children and prisoners unknowingly subjected to radiation, and so on. This sounds like a more advanced, more recent technology that they're in the process of perfecting, so they need some unsuspecting human guinea pigs outside of the lab. They're very interested in mind control, of course, so your experience suggests they've almost perfected something they've been trying to do for years: implanting thoughts. If they can already do this, then we're all seriously screwed. My guess is that it's a space-based weapon.

It doesn't sound like aliens to me. Aliens tend to abduct people who are alone, outside, and in the wilderness, and in those cases they just take the whole person instead of doing their experiments where there might be witnesses. Also, the experiments aliens do tend to be much different. If you can afford it, it might be wise to get a security camera or wearable 24-hour recording device to document what's happening to you and to cover any lapses in your memory.

Good luck to you and definitely let us know if you have more such experiences. I would even consider filing a police report, just to get some official documentation, even though the police might laugh you off and of course they can't do much, not to mention some of them are certainly bought and might report that you are going public. But if the police or news media get enough corroborated strange reports, whether of UFOs, abduction incidents, strange animal sightings, or anything else, pretty soon someone notices the pattern and starts researching it, and they don't mind publicizing it then since they're more sure that it's not an isolated crackpot or someone playing a joke on them. If no one reports it, though, there's no chance anyone will notice the pattern.

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