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Something visited me 16 yrs ago
June 16, 2020
1:46 am
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May 3, 2020
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TheBlackCat said

It's only a matter of time people succeed in levitation but at the same time-I don't believe the alien races will want us to get too far like you have mentioned. I wonder if there is a correlation in the spike of children with disabilities, forced vaccination, addiction to drugs, poor dieting and the whole capped human intelligence theory. Perhaps they all relate to one another.   

I believe there are two different agendas going on. In the past few days I saw a video where the person interviewed confirmed that humans aren't bright enough for the taste of the EBENs, which is why EBENs are still trying to improve us. I don't have that reference on hand. I believe intelligence is the handicap mentioned, although only one abductee mention that claim, so I don't know how much the claim can be trusted. There is a new phenomenon coming out of China called "star children" or "indigo children" where an unusually large number of children are being born there with psychic gifts, which suggests this is what the EBENs have been aiming at. Wikipedia says that's just another New Age belief, but that's the level of insight I would expect from Wikipedia. There was a book that was recommended that mildly interested me on that topic, with a title something like "Star Children: China's New Gifted Children" but that's not the correct title and I can't find which book it was. One book I found on Amazon that looks similar is:

The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived Paperback – May 1, 1999
by Lee Carroll (Author), Jan Tober (Author)

So far I haven't gotten interested enough on this topic to start getting books on it, but it's likely I eventually will.

The other thing going on is that the Elites are trying to dumb down the human population. This is particularly noticeably through the exponential explosion of autistic children (some say it's the vaccines, others say it's the mercury in the vaccines, others say a certain percentage of the vaccines are spiked) and also fluoridation of drinking water, which is known to destroy brain cells and the Nazis secretly laced the drinking water of the Jews in concentration camps with fluorine to dumb them down and keep them docile so they would be less likely to rebel or escape. That is very believable to me, though I haven't written up a summary of references and findings on that topic yet.

TheBlackCat said

I thought it was going to puncture and bleed out like a blunt knife would but it didn't. So it makes me think at the end of the tool must be a very thin needle. I don't recall any marks but I also tried to put it out of my mind at the time.   

Thanks for the details. Here is what I was thinking...

There is another video I saw recently on Zohar Star Gate that featured Linda Moulton Howe talking about cattle mutilations. She's a reporter famous for researching cattle mutilations. In one case she called in a local doctor to do an autopsy on a mutilated cow in the field, and when he cut all the way to the heart of the cow he quit, disgustedly, and told her never to call him out there again to investigate cattle mutilations. When she asked him why he said something like "Because I don't want to have to stand in front of a committee and have to explain to them that this is medically impossible." To explain, he showed her the peritoneum, the very thin, almost transparent membrane that was covering the cow's heart area, and showed her that it was completely intact and yet the heart inside was simply gone, no blood anywhere. In other words, the aliens who took the cow's heart seemed to have an instrument that could be inserted into a body to remove (or implant) something, yet not touch anything or damage anything around it. It's probably the same technology they use to go through the walls of a house without leaving any damage, and with your story I'm even more convinced that is the situation.

Howe investigated another case when the cow's heart was still inside the intact peritoneum, yet the heart had been pulverized. In another case she investigated a deer mutilation where the heart was cleanly missing. That incident had an extra creepy touch to it, in that there was a small pit beneath the deer's antlers where the deer was lying on the ground. Her belief is that the deer was in such agony while its heart was being removed while it was still alive that it thrashed its head around so much that the antlers dug a hole into the ground. The implication seems to be that although humans put into pain by EBENs doing experimentation are supposed to have their memories of the incident erased, per galactic rules, the EBENS have no such rules regarding animals. This kind of thing creeps me out, and is starting to make me question if supposedly benevolent EBENs are are nice as claimed, and are as intelligent as claimed.

By the way, the following is another video where the lady speaker (Kathleen Marden) mentions (at 1:12:50) the advice never to tell anyone that you've been abducted. She also mentions a list of several weaknesses that EBENs site in humans. One of those is very underdeveloped spiritual nature.

The Strangest Alien Abduction ever reported previous unknown information released
Apr 24, 2020
Zohar StarGate TV

August 9, 2020
9:09 pm
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August 6, 2019
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Hello, thank you for replying. I’ve been a little off the grid lately-having strange experiences and lucid dreaming. I was doing some browsing and found this site.

It made me think perhaps hybrids are behind most of the sperm/egg harvesting. 
I have been suspicious about the autism boom and it’s curious how doctors & scientists  cannot come up with an answer as to where it comes from. I do believe the mercury has something to do with it-coupled with poor/processed diet, pollution, & stress. It doesn’t help that vaccines are being forced so there is little wiggle room to opt your children out. 

The link you posted seems not to work, or perhaps it was taken down.

I believe it was the Native Americans (don’t remember which tribes in particular) believed that alcohol consumption blocked spirituality, and that connection with spirit, to the point where it’s regarded as poison. It reminded me of what you wrote because we are constantly given opportunities to block our fullest potential at all times. That’s our culture. Things that are harmful to us find a way of reaching our ears and eyes in one form or another. 

June 27, 2020
5:51 am
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April 9, 2009
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Where does one start here.

There are alien races ,then there are the human timeline ,no one here reading this are from a human timeline .
The human timeline was altered many thousands of years ago by dozens of races of cousin beings .Cant call them alien in this timeline as they are more like family now.
If you consider us as helf bred,then you must unknowingly accept them mostly as the same .What it is ,is really bred with the purist intentions .The purist of many many many races of the most distant past have ascended with genetic changes and dimensional shifts that they are not distinguished as that race anymore but am evolved race. 

There are are far more enlightened races ,benevolent beings with us than against us ,for even the bible with its corruption ultimately distinguishes good vs evil.
The beautiful races of beings with us want us to know ascension is happening ,the low frequencies of the past will not be brought forward ,unless you dwell with it .Mostly those beings and the war are a dying race in our timeline and planet ascension .Think positive ,you create your reality

August 9, 2020
9:23 pm
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August 6, 2019
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Thanks for replying, I do believe there are the nicer/enlightened alien races. Humans are descendants of Neanderthals and perhaps at one point there were several human species. Species evolve according to their environment  , but there is a widely held belief that aliens have altered human DNA over time. Perhaps it is for survival purposes -we do not know. 
Ascension to me is growth in a spiritual aspect-not physical. So I think and hope we will see positive changes to the spiritual aspect of ourselves. I believe this is how humans can communicate a little bit better with species not of this world that exist in multi-dimensions. 

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