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Question: Can sickness come from Alien Abduction?
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September 26, 2017
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December 18, 2017 - 5:54 pm
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One of my questions for the unknown, can certain sick symptoms come from an UFO/Alien encounter? Most of the stories I read and interviews I watch, most of them explain they get sick or feeling after claiming  to be abducted. I would like others to share their encounters  that can relate to it. 🙂 thank you


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January 6, 2018
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January 15, 2018 - 6:02 pm
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As an abductee way back in 1964--that would be a few months after the famous Barney and Betty Hill case--I was in state of shock for several days, as I couldn't process or even recall exactly what happened to me.  A couple of days later my supervisor did shock me when he bluntly said to me, Are you in a daze?"  I didn't know it was apparent, but my mind kept going over this vague sensation that was always in the shadows and that kept me from focusing and concentrating on my work.

To the contrary about feeling sick, I've felt that I had a guardian "angel" watching out for me.  Twice, I'm sure that something happened in an instant to save me from a horrible car accident.  I have had lymphoma and a heartattack in the intervening years but am none the worse the wear for them.  At almost 80, I'm in good health and have most of my wits about me.

Having worked with other abductees and contactees over the decades it used to said by some that they have had their bodies repaired in one way or another by the ETIs.  But given our outrageous histories, it is a wonder that we don't all fall apart from emotional and/or physical problems as we deal in living in two worlds.


Good luck,




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John Greenewald
North Hollywood, California
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March 10, 2015
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December 20, 2017 - 6:32 pm
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Although I have never had that kind of experience, from researching it on a few shows I did for History Channel, it seems to not be uncommon when it comes to being sick. I also wouldn't say it's common. That may not help -- but can I ask -- have you had an experience that resulted in a sickness? Or just curious?



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November 14, 2017
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December 26, 2017 - 10:57 am
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I just can't say that about sickness from an abduction: some people say they have headake and are really weak sometimes during one or two days, (they can't do their job sometimes, can't just stand up) and sometimes their dog is sick too! On my own experience, I only remember when they came as a little girl, I was shivering with fear inside my bed, I knew some minutes before that their ship will soon arrive, and I knew I had forgotten that they did come before several times, between every abduction, I did forget ! I knew they will come for me, and that they will take me through the window of my bedroom. I could just remember when they came again, (not sure this is really clear, sorry I am french, it is hard to explain!) but I guess they have come all my life long, and I don't want to search more about it with hypnosis because I don't want to frighten my brain with images kept in my subconscious. 

For the last weeks, they have often come to me at night, they know I want to rebel... I want to "fight" them, for I have discovered recently that we can refuse to be their victims. Last night they did again. They came into my room, I could see them, four or five, I said mentally: "go away, you're loosing time with me, they stayed a little moment watching me, I said again " go out of here, you haven't the right to be here, I am free, go out, etc...and them they decided to go. This is not easy, but if you are an abductee, better do just like that, and refuse the sickness as a fatality.

Then I can tell as a therapist that if you are really scared about that, you can create yourself some psychosomatic symptoms, this doesn't mean you have not these symptoms but that your mind believing very hard something make your body seak, this is totally natural. 

As a medium, yes, I do think they can do something wrong to our bodies, but you know, they want our bodies safe for their work, so they have no advantage to make you sick...

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November 14, 2017
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January 16, 2018 - 8:06 am
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Very interesting. Please, I will just tell this true story.

A american woman who has been an abdutee since she was a little girl, all her life long she suffered, she is about 70. The greys took her so many times, she came to hate them hardly. One day, she decided to kill herself, she was so sad, so tired, she couldn't stand anymore. She said to them, let me, I beg you to let me. They were always there like "an angel"?

they didn't worry about her at all. They answered they couldn't leave her, because they had done to hard and to long work on her, (all her life long). She said, "ok I 'll kill myself.

They had never been kind with her, never, not even once. This only day they did, they said "how can we help you?" she explained she wanted her family to know she wasn't crazy, "please show them you are real". Since that day, she was totally "captured" with a brain...she forgot all the bad things they had done to her during 60 years, one good thing for her and she was "trapped". She thought they were good, and didn't fight against them anymore...she said the greys protect her, she says they love her, etc...

Is it rational? oh no it is not!

Having said that, the conclusion is : they want our bodies safe, not because they are good, they only maintain our health, because they need our bodies, just like a farmer takes care of his cows.

I could tell you the marks on my body, the bruises on my body when I woke in the morning...

They are liers and crual beings, not angel taking care of you, excuse me to say that, what you beleive tells me you have been manipulated.

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