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Nibirian matix of apocalypce
March 23, 2020
2:24 am
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March 23, 2020
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Nibiran matrix of  apocalypse.

(translation may not be accurate)


In this article, I tried to use the scientific approach as much as possible, and give an idea of the planet Nibiru and its connection with the Earth. Perhaps much of this is already known to you, and perhaps some of this is mistaken. I could write a whole book about it, but there is no time for this, as events unfold very quickly. The impending financial crisis, which will create an army of the unemployed, and large stocks of cheap oil, are components that should give an impetus to the third world war into which humanity wants to plunge.

Recently, ideas about secret organizations, shadow governments, control of the consciousness of society, conspiracies and alien creatures that feed on our energy have gained great popularity. In most cases, all these stories do not find confirmation.


The thing is that the evidence is right under our nose, but we are not able to see it, because our perception and ability to realize is limited. And only beyond the boundaries of the ordinary state of consciousness, a person can see that our world is not at all the way we perceive it.

The key point in this article is a very unusual dream, seen in early childhood, in an extremely altered state of consciousness as a result of fever. And then an attempt to compare it with objective reality, and putting concrete facts into a logical picture, will finally be convinced of the existence of what can be called the Nibiran matrix of apocalypse. 

I was 8 years old. That was in the early 90's. That day there was a very severe frost and I had to go far because the transport did not go. I got sick and I started raving.

I began to see nightmares about the flood and the end of the world. I had the feeling that something terrible was threatening our world. Then I ended up in the darkness of space, far from the stars, and I saw a huge planet there. It was reminiscent of how the cities of the earth are visible from outer space and was covered with something cloudy like atmosphere or fog. This planet exuded horror, which I had never experienced in my life. Then, in a long spiral, I hit the solar system and saw a parade of planets there. When I got into the room, I started walking on it and after a while I realized that I was still sleeping.

This dream was forgotten for many years, until it began to become prophetic. At first, images from this dream began to appear in popular culture: the absolute evil from the movie “The 5th Element”, the planet Nibiru and the like. But most of all, the impression was made by a giant prominence near the Sun, of a clear rounded shape, which shown on television news as "filling the UFO in the Sun." I suggested that this is an astral parasite that can be seen in the aura of the Sun.

This was the last straw that led to an attempt to put together the most complicated puzzle of scraps of dreams, Internet fakes and rumors about the secret organizations behind all this related to aliens and occultism.

Having studied information from different fields of knowledge, comparing them with my vision, I came to the conclusion that the Earth is a farm for the production of psychic energy, the most universal energy in the universe - 
power of mind.


The main resource is the power of mind.

Changes in the state of a person during prayer are most accurately recorded by modern devices. Employees of the Psychoneurological Research Institute. V.M. Bekhterev tried to record electroencephalograms (EEGs) of the praying students of the Theological Academy and Seminary. They were shocked by what they discovered. The biorhythms of the brain during prayer changed significantly, the brain began to emit mainly delta rhythms with a frequency of 2-3 Hz.
Delta-rhythm (-rhythm) or delta-wave - the EEG rhythm consists of high-amplitude (hundreds of microvolts) waves with a frequency of 1-4 Hz. It occurs both in deep natural sleep and in narcotic, as well as in coma. The delta rhythm is also observed when EEG is recorded from areas of the cortex bordering the area of ​​the traumatic focus or tumor.

Low-amplitude (20-30 μV) oscillations of this range can be recorded at rest of the EEG with some forms of stress and prolonged mental work.
It is known that there is a connection between the work of the brain and the magnetic field of the Earth, which we feel during magnetic storms. It is also known that the Earth’s field is interconnected with the magnetic fields of other bodies and the galaxy as a whole. The human biofield has a structure similar to the structure of the electromagnetic field of other cosmic bodies, and the relationship between them is two-way - changes in one field will invariably affect the other, even to a very small extent.

If we look at the example of a galaxy, we can see that the substance that forms on its outskirts gradually compacts to the middle and eventually turns into a supermassive black hole in the center, where matter turns into energy and a shot from the poles, forming an electromagnetic field, which, in turn, connecting at the equator, turns into matter.
Thus, we get a continuous process of converting matter into energy and energy into matter. A thought born in consciousness is actually a modulated electromagnetic signal generated by the brain and carrying certain information. Electromagnetic radiation and its information component do not disappear without a trace. This forms the characteristics of the common field of the Earth, the Sun and the galaxy. An electromagnetic field that carries a frequency code of information is converted into a substance, stores it, which determines the characteristics of the substance.

It follows from this that - THOUGHTS MATERIAL. And this purely physical mechanism underlies the words - “according to your faith it will be given to you”, “ask and receive”, “you are gods, only your eyes have not opened yet”.
The generation of low frequencies during religious prayers is probably due to the fact that these frequencies are associated with a depressed state of consciousness, fear of God. Fear that destroys the integrity of consciousness leads to the effect of splitting consciousness, similar to splitting an atom with subsequent release of energy.
This explains the significance of sacrifice and the production of the energy of fear, provided that this energy can be accumulated and given direction. By pre-programming a person for a specific train of thought, you can give great strength to your own thoughts, using the energy of others. In other words - forcing people to visualize what you need, you use their psychic energy to translate the desired into reality.
The main resource extracted from the bows of centuries on Earth is the power of thought. 

According to all these metaphysical principles, the last part of the Bible - the apocalypse, massively visualized in the minds of people, gradually leads to its embodiment in reality. In turn, the ancient Sumerian poem “Creation of the World”, on which Zacharia Sitchin built his theory of Nibiru, is essentially an exact copy and prototype of the biblical text “Apocalypse”.

For example, this passage from a Sumerian poem describes characters similar to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and there are many similar analogies with the apocalypse:
He put them, he used the whole four in a team:

Killer, Villain, Topcheun, Quickskok.
In the smile of their mouth their fangs are poisonous.
They know no peace; they know murder.
He set Ferocious and Onslaught to the right,
And on the left he set the Resistance - a reflection of the blows.
Horror, like a cloak, he covered.
He surrounded his head with a terrible radiance.
Vladyka came out, rushed forward,
To Tiamatu * he directed his furious path.
He put his spell in his mouth, He held
poisonous herbs in the hand.
Tiamat and Marduk went to each other, he is the wisest of the gods,
They rushed into battle, converged in battle.
Vladyka spread the network, entangled it in the network.
* Tiamat is where the Earth came from as a result of the actions described below.

Carrying out similar comparisons further, we can conclude that the Sumerian Marduk and the biblical God are one and the same character. Tiamat from the Sumerian poem can be compared to a woman dressed in the sun, described in the apocalypse. And then it turns out that according to the Sumerian version, God and the dragon are one and the same.

We can conclude that the apocalypse is an event that should happen not only in the future, but also what has already happened in the past. It is possible that the purpose of using human resources is to create attraction for the planet Nibiru. All fakes like "Nibiru is already here" also contribute to this. The thought is material, and the thought of Nibiru draws it here.

The church is an ionizer.


Hundreds of years ago, the design of churches and temples took into account physical principles similar to those used today in electrical appliances. Organ music and choral singing together with a bell, resonating with the shape of the building, create powerful vibrations at the infrasound frequency, which can cause a person to have a corresponding state and configure him to play certain brain rhythms, which will be amplified many times due to resonance with the building. Gold, copper or other metal, which domes are often covered with, is an excellent conductor and can serve as a radio screen, and the shape of the bulb resembles a satellite dish or picture tube, which allows you to collect energy from a certain area and condense it at one point, then transferring it to the sky, to God through the antenna - the cross. Naturally, the energy collected in the temple is the biocurrents of praying parishioners, energy-informational charge of prayer, and by analogy with the HAARP psychotronic system, we can assume that it is directed straight into the ionosphere, for the introduction of certain thought forms propagated in the church into the planet’s consciousness.


The current growth rate of zombie technologies has led to the fact that in construction of buildings, psychic technologies of an incredibly high level, hidden from the eyes of the layman, are used very often. Even after the war, the Soviet Union began to create multi-unit residential complexes equipped with centralized water supply, electricity and radio channels.

Centralization of the communication network means that the center has a complete monopoly on the supply of energy resources and the ability to introduce the required chemical and wave characteristics into it. Particular attention can be paid to radio and telephone, which, as you know, can now be used as a means of wiretapping. Even an ordinary power supply network can carry an electromagnetic frequency that affects a person’s body or carries a modulated signal that affects a person’s subconscious. Radio and television were, to a greater extent, an analogue of modern wireless communications, since the received and relayed signal covered a large area and was able to render an effect invisible to humans, unlike light and sound on TV.

Starting from communal apartments, ways of influencing the psyche through close concentration of people were tested. After all, when people are nearby, they exert influence on each other and as a result of the resonance achieved by ideological unanimity, the strength of the vibrational frequency increases. In this case, the house begins to resonate with the “general idea” and the frequency reproduced by it spreads over the entire district. At a minimum, this may be an infrasonic oscillation at a frequency of 2 hertz, causing a depressed state in people and making them susceptible to suggestion.

Modern building

The construction of reinforced concrete buildings, begun later, made it possible to put into practice the principle of creating huge psi-generators inhabited by people. A significant concentration of people in a relatively small space allows you to focus on them a powerful radio signal without scattering, and the resonance effect tunes the entire building to a specific frequency.

The use of high density materials in the design, such as metal and concrete, provided high conductivity of vibrations, and the inertness of heavy materials allowed the use of energy storage technology when the specified frequency is stored for a long time. At the same time, concrete and metal create the effect of a radio screen, limiting the human biofield from external factors such as solar radiation and the rhythms of the biosphere, thereby forcing him to enter into resonance with the internal electromagnetic background.

“Cubism” in the architecture of apartment buildings is justified not only by the simplicity of manufacture, but also by the principles of reflection of electromagnetic waves, similar to those that are built into the radar mirror or into the great pyramids and which must be given the direction of the wave. Buildings have a rounded shape, have a more complex and efficient design, and are also designed to direct the wave.
 As a result of the building’s electromagnetic waves, static electricity is generated.

The static charge accumulated on the spire of the building ionizes the air and, thus, goes into the ionosphere together with warm air, forming something like an invisible lightning falling from a lightning rod into the sky, thus working similarly to the HAARP antenna complex.

Shielding the planet.

Scientists at Imperial College London have calculated that traces of inversion from airplanes in the air simultaneously create a tangible curtain that can affect the climate of the planet. However, no one ever thought about this side of the existence of traces of inversion.

Among the patents for inventions issued in the United States and held in the public domain, there is a patent 5.003.186 issued to employees of the airline "Hughes Aircraft Company" (Los Angeles, California) David Chang and I-Fu Shingu on March 26. , 1991, entitled "Welsbach's Stratospheric Crop for Reducing Global Warming." The invention provides for the creation in the atmosphere of our planet at heights of 7-13 km of a protective layer of microparticles sprayed with airplanes using certain chemicals.

The patent proposes the use of metal oxides and refractory materials with a particle size of 10 to 100 microns and indicates that the smaller the size, the longer the particles settle on the ground. The authors argue that such particles can be in the air for up to one year. The authors suggest an original way to disperse these chemicals in the atmosphere - to add them to aviation fuel so that these microparticles are dispersed in the jet stream of burnt fuel.
In combination with space debris in orbit, which consists mainly of metal conductors, an artificial metal dome is formed around the planet - a radio screen, which further enhances the psychic energy generated by cities through resonance.

Mind control


One of the most modern ways of controlling the mind is to influence a person using a radio signal. Discoveries in the field “The property of higher organisms for distant interactions”, practically the discovery of telepathy sleeping in the human brain, the so-called sixth sense, made it possible to create methods of controlling consciousness that work on the principles of radio transmission, thereby expanding the possibilities of psychocorrection to an incredible scale.

A modern information network of mobile, satellite communications and the Internet, which has repeaters covering almost the entire globe, is an ideal tool for psi-influence, surpasses any other types of modern weapons in efficiency and turns our world into an ideal psychotronic prison from zombie slaves, fully controlled, self-reproducing robots, independently striving for this state of things.

Automation and cyberization.

The work on the creation of artificial intelligence, begun by cybernetics during the Cold War, has achieved certain results, which we can judge by the example of characters in computer games.

The most suitable example of a real-time military strategy allows you to see the capabilities of artificial intelligence based on conventional PC software for instant monitoring, responding to changing conditions of a complex virtual environment that exceeds human capabilities, and using advanced technologies. Computer technologies, for high-power orders with constant software updates and the introduction of self-learning computer technologies, allow us to synthesize automatic responses of artificial intelligence to a huge number of different factors.
Thus, the capabilities of artificial intelligence today have a huge advantage over human mental activity in the field of logical decisions and reaction speed.

It is likely that the existence or creation of remote tomography technology in the near future will allow you to scan a person’s mental processes at a distance and determine them on the basis of an existing database, as well as simulate the necessary type of thinking and automatically enter it into a person’s head, which allows you to simultaneously control a significant number of individuals without involving a large number of operators of psychotronic systems.

Thus, we get a global automated system for controlling consciousness, which tracks and corrects the mental activity of each individual person and humanity as a whole. Unconscious telepathy of people, their constant impact on each other, greatly enhances this effect.

The technologies for introducing electromechanical devices into the human body have been known for a long time, but the most widespread area of ​​this area is the mass production of man-machine complexes man-phone, man-computer, man-television. These electronic devices are not massively introduced into the human body, but closely interact with it at the wireless level, being a remote control and programming device.

Future chipization of the population with the subsequent introduction of technologies for delivering Internet data directly to the brain may be the next step after using electronic gadgets. This will lead to even tighter control of mental activity. It will be impossible for a person to independently disconnect from the information network. This will finally turn him into a radio-controlled biorobot.

Wars are a sacrifice.

The ideal option for fully and efficiently shielding the planet from the Sun and extracting psychic energy from people is the so-called nuclear winter, when as a result of a large number of nuclear explosions the clouds cover the sky for a long time. It is for the purely physical principles of planetary control, as well as for receiving magical energy FEAR that the slave-owning civilization of the Earth follows the path of artificially created financial crises, constantly unleashing conflicts, which ultimately should lead to the 3rd World War, in which robots are controlled by one center. This will establish ultimate control over the human consciousness, and will enclose it in a supertechnological matrix of consciousness, from which death is the only way out.

The ideal option is that all people gather in the evening near the TV screens in the houses of psi-generators, under an artificial dome of the sky. They will watch the news of the devastating war and in fear, generate a powerful charge of mental energy.

Control over the planet in space.

From ancient times, it was believed that the whole of world space is filled with ether - a subatomic gas-like substance from which all types of matter are formed and the entire surrounding world consists of. Theories of scientists, including the theory of gravity, were based on this statement. And even Newton initially agreed that the transfer of energy from one body to another, for example, the attraction of planets, can occur only through the medium. But later he changed his mind, and this became generally accepted thanks to his authority in the scientific community.

The first theory to explain gravity, the so-called screen theory, put forward in 1748 by Lomonosov. He suggested that the two bodies next to them were bombarded from all sides by ether particles, and due to the fact that these bodies cover each other, the pressure of the ether between them becomes less and they approach. T
Further, in 1856, the physicist Björknes put forward a pulsating theory, referring to a simple experiment in which two freely oscillating balls on water approached each other or repelled from the waves they created, depending on how they oscillated - in phase or half phase. The Englishman Cook conducted a similar experiment with cylinders simulating electrical, magnetic, and diamagnetic phenomena. The Guthrie experimenter (1870) showed experiments on the attraction and repulsion of oscillating tuning forks. In 1958, Stanyukovich conducted an experiment on the theory of the flow of Schott. The air blew into two hollow balls with many small holes. The outflow of air from the holes in the balls caused the balls to attract. All these experiments perfectly illustrated the mechanism of gravity, provided that the ether is the medium through which interactions between bodies are transmitted. 

To prove the existence of ether, a series of experiments was also conducted. In the very first experiments in 1881, Michelson, using an interferometer, tried to measure the speed of the ether relative to the moving Earth and received an ethereal wind from 3 to 3.5 km / s, which did not correspond to the orbital speed of the planet at a speed of 30 km / s. This result can be explained by the fact that a large amount of ether is carried away by the Earth in the same way as the atmosphere. This experiment was criticized and its result was rejected. Another fact that indicates the existence of a subatomic medium is a potential lag, as a result of which the interaction force decreases as a result of the speed discovered by Gauss in 1835. Gauss died before he could publish his discovery, and this was done by his friend years later, when the theory of relativity was already created in science. As you know, the theory of relativity assumes that energy is transferred from atom to atom instantly. Therefore, in order for the theory to work, the curvature of the space of time — the measuring system — was invented. More recently, modern scientists have made a number of discoveries that do not fit into the theory of relativity. For example, superluminal photon propagation, discovered by a group of American scientists led by Alain Aspect. There are also many other experiments confirming the existence of ether. But they are not widely publicized, or denied by official science.
For example, Tesla's officially undocumented shear wave experience.

Carrying out my own research, I came to the conclusion that the shape of the flying saucer is ideal for movement in a vibrational wave manner. About this I wrote an article "Antigravity, engine, experiments with a flying saucer."


At the current rate of growth in the construction of large cities and the controlled extraction of people from the power of thought, in the probable future it is possible to organize such a power of a controlled electromagnetic flux that weather and earthquake management seemed like a child’s game.

The global impact on the electromagnetic field of the Earth will give it such a powerful charge that it will affect the interaction of the magnetic fields of the Earth and other celestial bodies, which, in turn, can literally change the orbit of the planet.
Together with a grid of artificially created clouds and space technology - communication satellites transmitting a certain frequency and metal debris in orbit, forming a resonator, we get a technogenic civilization, all of which are aimed at achieving goals of a cosmic scale.

In other words, entering the resonance with an average Earth frequency of 7.83 Hz will simply allow you to take control of a planetary body and gain the ability to influence other planets of the solar system.

A picture of the world in the representation of special services.

The last argument in favor of the concept of sacrificial wars and their connection with the movement of the planets can serve as a telepathic contact with some of the higher forces published in the book "The picture of the world in the representation of the special services." Authors Ratnikov and Rogozin. Here is an excerpt from this contact:

“QUESTION: The development of events on this planet is predetermined or does it all depend on the will of the people representing our civilization?
ANSWER: The mechanism consists in the interaction of planets and constellations, and you, losing memory and turning into a herd of wild rams, and without this memory you need to know that there are light planets, there are dark planets and when the dark planets Uranus, Pluto and Saturn line up in one line, strengthening its influence on the Earth's magnetic force field, powerful negative disasters begin to occur on Earth. They intensify grief, intensify the negative impact, people become cruel, they turn into animals, consciousness is lost, what accumulates over the millennia from one life to another, the restraining principle is lost, and a person more and more turns into an animal. If it is an egregor, then the nation as a whole loses the level of information fields,
QUESTION: How can we reconstruct the consciousness of all the people of the planet in a positive direction?
ANSWER: You intrude on the laws of the almighty Lord God, speaking your own language, believing that you can provide him with significant assistance in solving very urgent tasks in order to change the life path of many of you living in the most diverse outskirts of the Universe.
QUESTION: And how can this be done without violating the general laws of the development of Mankind?
ANSWER: The most effective way has already been indicated to humanity, and this is a huge system of reacting celestial bodies.
For this, it is necessary to be able to transmit information to those satellite systems that Mankind has already put into orbits around the Earth, and from there, using ultra-low frequencies, envelop them around the globe to transmit the necessary information to the subconscious level of every person on planet Earth and even animals.
But you are well aware that this system can be used both for the introduction of good and for evil. In this regard, you should know that people who use these mechanisms while living on planet Earth will try to find a moral beginning to satisfy their current needs, so they clog the air with promotional drinks, vouchers, promotions and various tours.
You want to do good to people, and therefore you can use the already existing system of perceiving information from space by people in the right hemisphere of the brain and unconscious mechanisms to correct the behavior of specific people as a result of receiving information from the depths of space. To do this, you just need to have mechanisms to tune from here from the Earth to a specific generator, which are the stars of the universe surrounding you.
To do this, you must fall into the frequency of a similar generator of a powerful star, which today captures the visible spectrum of the Universe and, using these frequencies, receives feedback about the effects and effects on earthly creatures moving across your Earth - people who go to schools, go to temples, theaters that are in prison, etc. ”

As we can see, in fact, our world is zealously following these tips, trying to send as much as possible the cry of innocent children into space. And the dark planets - Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, due to their mass, can play an important role in the gravitational interaction of planet X with the solar system. Only ways that go beyond the ordinary — the collective consciousness of the Earth — can influence this situation.

Planet Nibiru

The alleged reasons for this situation are:
the most likely explanation for the existence of a highly developed civilization on a planet plowing interstellar space is the explosion of its own star. In the case of the completion of the life cycle of the luminary, the salvation of the inhabitants of its inhabited planets is a global problem and requires huge expenditures of energy and resources. With a high level of technology, it would be a very reasonable decision to turn the planet itself into a spaceship, leave the dying star system, and put it into the orbit of another star. It is possible even at the modern earthly level of technological development.

Probably, knowing the inevitable death of their star, the Nibiruans prepared themselves thoroughly, digging as deep as possible into the planet, creating a survival network of underground cities, the likeness of which is on Earth in the form of military bases. Using the technology of wave action on the electromagnetic field of the planet, they changed the frequency of its oscillations, moving the planet away from the star in advance.

To maintain and condense the artificial electromagnetic background, they surrounded the planet with a resonator made of metal conductors in space, mirrors and metal dust in orbit, and also created an artificial cloud cover, similar to our chemical traces. Such a “dome" around the planet allowed not only to reduce the frequency of oscillations of its magnetic field, but also played the role of electromagnetic protection against intense radiation from a star explosion. This shield took over the main blow, and also worked like a solar sail.
Naturally, away from the stars, life and the atmosphere on the surface of the planet are impossible, and cosmic cold contributes to the disappearance of internal heat, which requires significant resources to maintain. And so the introduction of such a planet into the orbit of any star for such a civilization is a matter of priority.

It is also likely that this planet has visited the solar system many times, and this is due to the elliptical orbit that rotates around the solar system, and the remnants of an extinct star. With acceleration, planet X will fly past the Sun each time and return. It is impossible to bring this into the orbit of the Sun at the same time, and therefore a gradual approach takes place with each turn. This is a common practice in astronautics, as when putting a spaceship into orbit of the moon.
With the addition of all the elements of the puzzle, it becomes obvious that the war of the gods described in ancient legends, the destroyed remains of megalithic structures, are the consequences of the war, as a result of which the inhabitants of Nibiru seized power on Earth. As a result of this, Atlantis sank to the bottom, many fertile territories, such as the Sahara, turned into deserts.

After this, Nibiru civilization proclaimed itself the supreme god, and people worship this God to this day, not assuming that their Lord, Sovereign and God are in fact the red horned devil Nibiru, his retinue is snakes, and the forbidden fruit, an apple that has become a prerequisite for the expulsion of people from paradise, today is replaced by the brain - psychotronic, in the production of which the APPLE corporation - a bitten apple - is the leader. Then the basic principles of masterful deception will become apparent - the trickiest lie is half-truth, and you can hide the secret by exposing it in full view.
And yet, Zakharia Sitchin claims that the frequency of the appearance of this planet with us is about once every 3600 years, and he took this information from the texts of the ancient Sumerians, who knew mathematics and astronomy very well.

An indisputable fact is that the Creation according to the Bible, the Hebrew calendar and the Sumerian texts was in 3761 BC. It is possible that year 0 is the birth of Christ, this is a new starting point after the second appearance of Nibiru. Based on this, it can be assumed that the next coming of God and the subsequent apocalypse, expected by the Christian religion, is nothing but the next arrival of the planet Nibiru. By calculating the arrival period in accordance with the reference cycles, we get that the second coming should occur around 3600 from the birth of Christ. Therefore, if such a planet exists, then now it should be at a considerable distance from the solar system, in interstelar darkness.

If you read it to the end, then remember that fear is the opposite of love, and the point of view changes reality.

March 27, 2020
11:37 am
Rob M
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March 4, 2020
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Interesting read.  It supports a lot of my own theories.  I believe earth is a farm for a rare energy.  Humans create the energy by filtering drama.  I don't know how the energy is collected.  I absolutely believe humans are the result of a genetic experiment by the Annunaki.

March 28, 2020
2:35 am
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March 23, 2020
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Rob M said
Interesting read.  It supports a lot of my own theories.  I believe earth is a farm for a rare energy.  Humans create the energy by filtering drama.  I don't know how the energy is collected.  I absolutely believe humans are the result of a genetic experiment by the Annunaki.


I think they get energy as people do when one spoils the other's mood and feels good about it. We just underestimate this type of energy, because we do not know how to use it. This is transmitted through telepathy.

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