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Human, Waning?
September 25, 2010
4:29 pm
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July 28, 2010
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A century ago they were flying around all the time, but today they know we have cameras and a worldwide communication network. Today, people can talk to each other without government approved opinions. The one thing they depend on is that if they slip back into the shadows, then all they will have to do is wait. Over time, without constant sightings and stories to re-enforce belief, people will begin to lose interest.

But you say, “Oh, so you think you know something about UFOs.” It’s not what I know about UFOs that matters but what I know that does matter is that people don’t want to know the truth. They can’t handle the truth. I know things that would scare the hell out of you. People don’t want to know that. Oh, if I wrapped it in some fairy tale with a happy ending then they might enjoy the trip. I could sell a book. As long as you leave room for disbelief, they’re ok with that. When I was a kid, Chariots of the Gods caused quite an uproar, and all Von Daniken did was ask the questions that were demanded by the evidence. Matters not. The truth finds its way to those who are willing to receive it.

“He then, the father, wishing to reveal his wealth and his glory, brought about this great contest, in this world, to make the contestants appear, and make all those who contend leave behind the things that had come into being, and despise them with a lofty, incomprehensible knowledge, and flee to the one who exists.”

This is not religion. The past, the present, and the future, all wrapped into one little paragraph. Well, I am a contender, and I will continue to contend as long as I draw breath.

The government knows, but when you know the whole story you know why they cannot speak about it. They know the invasion is here, and it has a big head start. They seem to be content with creating new technology, weapons of war, thinking that we will catch up with them and then we will be able to defend ourselves. But THEY are hundreds, maybe thousands of years more advanced than us. By the time we catch up it will be too late. They contend their way. I contend my way.

The X-Files was a hodge podge collection of myths, legends and stories told around camp fires. Most of it was nonsense, but in the end, they finally told the truth. Their motto, “I want to believe”, the first episode and the last episode, alpha and omega. Strangely, my favorite was Soft Light, the man with the deadly shadow.

In the future someone may dig up your bones and say, “What kind of creature was this?” In the future people will say, “Look at 20th century humans. They believed in things like God and UFOs. How could any intelligent being believe in such things?”

So, what evidence?

Well for starters. Let’s look at one of the biggest stories of the 20th century. You are only allowed to think one thing about Hitler, that he was an evil, murdering maniac. Well, I agree, he was a murderer. If you believe his actions were without just cause then you would have to agree that he was evil. I do not, however, believe that he was a maniac. Brutal, yes, extreme in his beliefs, yes, but he was not insane. He did have reasons for the things he did. He started a war with the whole world which was his big mistake (it defeated his cause). That was just dumb. He targeted for annihilation a number of people, not the least of which were Jews, the sick, the insane, homosexuals, prior enemies, personal enemies, anyone whom he believed was holding him or the human race back. So why would he think that way? What was it that made him think the human race was being held back and why did he think the solution to it was mass murder? To answer this question I think you have to start with the realization that he was suffering from a not completely developed idea. He recognized that something was going terribly wrong with his country. He recognized an invasion, the nature of which he did not fully comprehend. He simply acted according to his nature, developed from his upbringing, military experience and personality. I would never attempt to justify his actions. They proved themselves to be wrong on every level. But an important thing to learn here is that he saw something or knew something that led him to believe that he was fighting for his, and the human race’s survival. Flawed was his response. It is also important to know that in the beginning large numbers of people believed what he believed. Why? One thing he did to get people to support his cause was to re-define “human” as the mythical Aryan race. These are hints. I believe that Hitler thought the earth was being invaded, not by aliens directly, but by humans that had been modified by aliens. That’s why it was so vitally important to define the human race. He believed that he needed to identify who the modified humans were and the closest evidence he had was based on religious stories. We know he started out by dividing Christianity from Judaism, later abandoning Christianity as well. I guess you could say the biggest mistake the Jews made was in documenting the super-natural aspects of their religion, which Hitler took as evidence of alien intervention. We know Hitler and the Nazis were into the occult. Why? Because it is a counter to the religion that they identified as the foreign invader. If you reject Judaism and Christianity then you move to paganism and your own brand of mysticism, the occult. If you reject, “love your enemy”, taught by Christianity, then you accept, “kill your enemy”.

If you believe that Hitler thought the earth was under an alien invasion and he was able to convince enough other people of that, then you can begin to see how the actions that followed make sense, from a deductive logic standpoint. And you can see why he kept this secret amongst only those he could trust, the inner circle of Nazis, the SS, friends, etc. His speeches hint at this belief but never actually spell it out because if he told people flat out, they would think him mad. So he cleverly hid his belief from the people but used it as inspiration for his speeches and for his genocide. Learning about Hitler and the Nazis in school I was always troubled because I knew there was something we were not being told. The official story is incomplete. We have stories of foo fighters attacking the Germans. Why would they do that?

As a German-American I am appalled at the actions of the Nazis. They destroyed the German people. They sent them in the wrong direction and turned them into mind-numbed robots bent on death and destruction, wiping out millions. No punishment would be sufficient. But it goes to show that even smart people can be tricked and smart people can turn to evil. We have to be smarter than that now.

However, this does not mean that the invasion that Hitler identified isn’t real. The question is, how do we deal with it? We know that Hitler’s approach is wrong, but what is the correct approach? Do we know if this invasion will destroy man or save man? Are we smart enough to know the correct course of action? Are there humans that have been modified by aliens? Seems far-fetched but it sure would explain many things. If there are modified humans we certainly should not target them but try to understand them and we would ultimately have to share this planet with them. We should recognize that they, too, have their own plight. We cannot travel back in time and undo what has been done, assuming that would be the correct action. More importantly, if we believe that our exploration of space will inevitably result in our encountering alien species then how should we act? What truth must we endure? We must first deal with the alien already here. I’m sure they are watching.

One thing is for sure, there are more efficient ways of wiping out a species, so it seems likely that that is not the goal. It is also likely that they don’t need our planet or its resources or they would have already come and taken them. The best answer I can come up with is that they need us. It could be that they “develop” species for work. They could simply be mitigating the threat we pose. There is some evidence that they create hybrids for transplant to other planets. They could be trying to create a perfect species which could live on any planet anywhere in the universe, knowing that no place is safe forever. Stars die. It could simply be that they are spreading their DNA as far and wide as possible in the hope that someday a species will rise which can survive even the end of this universe, only a few trillion short years away. So I leave you with this…

Exodus 33:20-23

Lets interpret it correctly this time.

For now, they hide in the shadows. They will not show their face. Ah, but they do reveal themselves and they cannot hide from me, and they know that. Perhaps we are all just schizophrenics, seeing things that are not there. Yes, must leave room for disbelief. Remember the critic’s motto, “I do not want to believe. This is not happening.”

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