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good Charles Hall interview about his work with the Tall Whites.
May 17, 2020
2:07 am
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May 3, 2020
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I just watched a YouTube video of Charles Hall, who gives extensive details about his government work with the Tall Whites (an intelligent alien species) in the Nevada desert, work which spanned years of time. This is the kind of guy and claims that are extremely convincing to me because he gives so much detail and so many stories, the facts are all interconnected, they fit with so many other claims I've heard from other people, and he's so natural and voluble. Here's the video...

Government Whistleblower Details Tall White ETs and Their Superior Advance Technology
Apr 27, 2020
Zohar StarGate TV

For those interested in the technology behind (SPD) UFOs, he also gives an overview of his conclusions of how their craft work: he believes they use coiled fiber optic cables to generate antigravity in the same way we use wrapped copper wire to generate electricity, but that method makes use of some subatomic particle other than electrons. He also talks about their handheld weapons, which explains how and why people hit with those weapons have lapses of memory (especially during abductions). He also mentions what Paul Hellyer mentioned: that the Tall White woman take great pride in their love of their children, and love to brag about their children and their ability as mothers.

I then went to look up the Paul Hellyer interview where he said that. I didn't find it, but I did come across two more great interviews by him...


Paul Hellyer In-Depth interview on Disclosure
Aug 14, 2017


EXTRATERRESTRES EXISTEM ! - who are the Aliens by Paul Hellyer (Ex Ministro da Defesa do Canadá)
Feb 23, 2017
Essencia Ayam EU SOU Espiritualidade

In the first interview he talks about the missing $2.3 trillion on the day before 9/11, and gives an assured answer that it almost certainly went into the space program (whose cumulative budget is said to be in the *quadrillions* of dollars by now). He also talks about the cabal that rules the planet, how the international bankers took control of the most influential newspapers, and so on.

All this is what a large number of insiders have been claiming for years, but it wasn't until the last 2-3 days of my watching all these videos and repeated claims from so many people from so many angles that the agreement has become so convincing that I've become almost 100% sure this "alternative" truth has to be the real truth. Until now I've kept wavering and having doubts, trying to stay grounded in reality, wondering if I could go back to my more naive days of believing government and the news media. Now I know I can't ever go back.

As more reinforcement I came across this great video, too...

Did Expert David Adair Say Too Much When An Interviewer Asked About Our Moon?... SHOCKING!
May 16, 2020
Zohar StarGate TV

I had not heard of David Adair until I saw this video. He reiterates the mysteries of earth's moon, the same anomalies as I mentioned a few days ago. I don't know, but that Zohar StarGate TV channel on YouTube might be a good, trustworthy channel to subscribe to. Then I came across this video today, too...

UFO Sightings 2020, Real Aliens 2020
May 2, 2020

...which also confirms the total disregard for human life that NASA has. It is becoming very convincing, hearing all these people in the know making the same claims, especially about NASA, which by the way also reinforces the believability of this lady's story...

(p. 28)
However, the
answer that mirrors my perception was later eloquently provided by a
Washington, D.C. news correspondent and journalist, Linda Hunt, in her book
"Secret Agenda." The historical basis for this book are the declassified DOD
documents identifying Project Paperclip as being the secret
importation/relocation of Nazi and Fascist scientists into the United States over
a forty year period.
These brilliant criminal scientists were primarily focused on two areas of
research, rockets and the mind. They were placed in positions of authority in,
among others, prestigious universities, colleges, industries, and NASA. Over
the years, these imported criminals have directly influenced our society with
advanced rocket technologies and mind control applications through U.S.
Government sponsored research. According to "Secret Agenda", Nazism, as a
philosophy and form of government, is alive and destroying our country in
part, as a result of Project Paperclip.
I can attest to this statement from personal knowledge gained during my
employment at Capital International Airways [underlined letters C-I-A], which is named as one of the
primary transporters for Project Paperclip.

(p. 28)
Our first destination would be Huntsville, Alabama. This southern U.S.
city is famous for its tourism centerpiece, the NASA owned U.S. Space and
Rocket Center. The town also boasts of being home to more Pentagon black
budget U.S. dollars per capita than anyplace in America. Cathy harbors a very
different opinion of this town, its police force, and the NASA research facility.
For Cathy and Kelly, Huntsville had been a place they were regularly taken by
Alex Houston for hi-tech torture and the production of child and adult
pornography films.

(p. 207)
 I was escorted to Goddard
Space Flight Center, where Byrd was waiting for me in a sterile hallway near
the brass-trimmed, mirrored elevators. He was loaded down with items, which
he deposited on a small table as he greeted me. He picked up a NASA ID
badge and clipped it on my nipple, the metal teeth biting me with their serrated
edges. When I (softly) cried out, he said, "Oh, OK. I'll wear it," removed it,
and clipped it on his white lab coat. He handed me a NASA lab coat like his
(p. 208)
and a white hard hat. His hard hat suggestively and "humorously" said HARD
in bold red letters. My hat said NASA, in a mirror reversal of the standard bold
red lettering.

(p. 212)
I had seen and experienced basement "spy conditioning" torture chambers
before both in the U.S. and Mexico, and Leahy's "torture lab" looked more like
a NASA lab. His access to the latest achievements in electronic/drug mind
control technology was consistent with his ability to use it. I was immediately
(p. 213)
strapped to a cold, chrome and stainless steel table by the two guards. Leahy
began reciting, "Cross your heart and hope to die, Stick a needle in your eye."
A wirey "needle" was pushed slowly into my right eye while Kelly was forced
to watch. This entire ordeal was directed for trauma purposes primarily at
Kelly since Leahy figured I would be dead soon anyway. "If you holler, if you
cry, Kelly will be the first to die. Pray to God and Bush will hear, because his
Eye now has an ear." Leahy interrupted his poem to explain that I was now a
"computer-eyesd" link-up to Bush's Eye in the Sky, with the needle-like
"antenna" transmitting every word Kelly spoke. He continued with me, "Each
word you speak, each breath you sigh, Your eye trance-mits to the Eye in the
Sky." Kelly believed it, which locked her into silence. Leahy's secret was safe
-- for the moment.
While I was literally out of my mind from intense pain, Leahy utilized the
opportunity to program me with what he said was financial information to
deliver to Byrd.

(p. 218)
In December 1987, my 30th birthday launched the final countdown to my
death. Houston was in regular contact with Michael Dante (as telephone
receipts prove), and arrangements were finalized for Kelly and me to be
transferred to California. There, I was supposed to be burned alive in a snuff
pornography film and Kelly would become the property of Dante.

O'Brien, Cathy. 1995. Trance Formation of America. Reality Marketing.

May 31, 2020
10:43 pm
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May 3, 2020
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I'm still going through that Charles Hall video in detail, pulling quotes from it for future reference. I came across the following fascinating excerpt where he talks about a (usually) non-lethal hand-held weapon carried by the Tall Whites that can hypnotize a person instantly, which also causes memory loss while the person is hypnotized. Since lost time is something so many people have experienced, especially in suspected abductions I thought I'd post that excerpt here so people can get some idea of what kind of technology might have done that to them. Also, it should be possible to check into the science of some of Hall's claims about the vibrational frequencies of certain atoms and their biological effects to see if the claimed effects might really happen. It's also interesting in that the movie "Men in Black" shows a similar device--another detail from that movie that was surprisingly accurate--and another video interview I saw on YouTube was of a guy recruited to fight on Mars in the military, who described a similar device that would have been used on him after the interview if he had declined the job.

The Tall Whites always came armed
They always came armed. Now the children weren't armed, and the adults that were very old
typically weren't armed, but the young adults and the older adults that weren't too fragile, they
always came armed.
Their weapons typically appeared to look like white pencils with a certain squarish cross
section. The young adults typically carried weapons that were perhaps six inches long, the older
adults typically carried weapons that were longer, presumably with greater power.
The weapon worked like a microwave laser.
The weapon could be adjusted for frequencies appropriate for different elements. If they
adjusted it for the frequency of sodium, for example, in the human nerves there are sodium atoms
and calcium atoms, and if they adjusted it for sodium and fired it at you, it would make it seem
like you were getting an electric shock, like, you know, depending on the power of the weapon,
it'd feel like you just touched a high voltage wire of 100,000 volts, and was extremely painful.
If they set it high enough they could kill you by just going zappo, and you'd be electrocuted.
If they had it set low, then it would give a tingling affair, and you'd, you know...
They never actually used the sodium setting on me, but I did meet, for example, a CIA guard who
said that one day he had been walking with the teacher, coming down the steps of the Capitol
Building and because their bone structure is slightly different than ours, he wasn't familiar with
the way they look when they're walking down steps. And he said they were part way down and it
looked to him like the teacher was gonna fall, and so without thinking he reached out and
grabbed her by the elbow to steady her, and he said she almost killed him. She jerked the weapon,
set it to the sodium setting, and had him down on his knees, saying "You think we're fools? D'you
think we're idiots? Do you think I'd come here if I couldn't take care of myself?" And she said,
you know-- It was all he could do is to breathe when she used that weapon on him, and he was
absolutely terrified of her, you know. She put him through 5 or 10 minutes of, you know, "Who's
givin' the orders and who's takin' 'em?", you know. And it was nothing but "Yes, ma'am, no,
ma'am." And they never did that to me, although in addition to the guard I met a number of guys
they had done that to.
If they moved it to the calcium setting, then it was like putting you to sleep or calming you
down. So like if you were standing there and they did it to you, you might not be able to move
your feet, but you wouldn't actually feel terrified.
They didn't use the calcium setting very often.
One of the weapons could hypnotize you and cause memory loss
One of the weapons they could set to hypnotize a person. When they used that setting, they
typically liked a clean shot at one of your temples. And what it would do is induce the same as if
you were hypnotized. They could turn it on instantaneously and turn if off instantaneously, and it
was common to have missing time experiences.
One day I was walking from my theodolite stand to the weather shack--it happened a large number
of times, but on this day in particular--and it was like 19 or 20 steps from the theodolite stand
to my weather shack, and I could clearly remember taking step 12, and I could clearly remember
finishing step 14, but in between those two steps almost 20 minutes went by, you know.
It used to annoy me greatly until I'd finally gotten to where I could break through that
hypnotism by relaxing and letting your mind ?one-- And what had happened was: it was one of the
early days in '65, Range 4 Harry had brought some new arrivals around, and he had stepped out from
the alley way between my weather shack and the supply shed and had a clean shot at my right
temple, and hypnotized me as I was taking step 13, and then while I stood there he'd brought out
the new arrivals and said, "This is Charlie. See, he's got teeth. Open your mouth, Charlie," just
like you do when you're hypnotized, and he said, "He eats more times than we do," and you know,
givin' 'em the tour. "This is what a human is." And then when they all went in, then it took him
about 20 minutes to go through introducing them to a human routine, and released it, and then
went on, you know.
Because of a number of episodes like that, I used to have a policy of writing the time down
when I did things. So I used to have a policy of writing down the time before I started walking
back to my weather shack, of writing down on my weather report, you know, when I left the
theodolite stand. And then writing down on my weather report when I got to my weather shack. And
of course it should only be like a minute or two, you see? You know, and just to see if they'd
done that to me and I didn't remember it, because they could do it so quickly.
I'll say one more thing about the weapons. They had another setting that I know about: the
iodine setting, and if they hit you with the iodine setting, especially in the thyroid area, it
would affect the iodine in your blood, and it would alter the chemistry of the blood, so that your
blood would seep through the arteries, and you'd bleed to death in like two minutes.

Charles Hall worked with 'The Tall Whites'
May 3, 2020
Lush Collective
(accessed May 22, 2020)

June 1, 2020
12:27 pm
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May 9, 2020
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Guy said

I just watched a YouTube video of Charles Hall

I don't know what to think of Charles Hall. He tells an incredible story and is somewhat convincing.

On the other hand he is a writer that have written fantasy stories before.


Without some kind of evidence to back up his story, he is not the most credible source IMO.

June 1, 2020
2:58 pm
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May 3, 2020
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Jorgen said
On the other hand he is a writer that have written fantasy stories before.  

Unfortunately, your argument is an ad hominem attack, which is flat-out faulty logic.

Ad hominem (Latin for 'to the person'), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a term that is applied to several different types of arguments, most of which are fallacious. Typically it refers to a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.

Ad hominem

Let's suppose *you* were working on a military base as a weather man and you wanted to "prove" to the world that those Tall Whites were aliens living on this planet. What would *you* do to provide "proof"? Risk bringing a camera onto the base, which might cause you to be court martialed? Smuggle out an alien? Grab one of their weapons and hope to make it off with base with it? Find out when they were taking a field trip and notify someone to kidnap one of them? This mellow guy did what he was allowed to do, legally. He disclosed the location, the details, and the situation using the medium in which he was most successful: books. From that point on, anybody who wants proof is on their own. Someone could try to send in a drone, I suppose, although good luck with that.

June 3, 2020
10:22 am
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May 9, 2020
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Guy said
Unfortunately, your argument is an ad hominem attack, which is flat-out faulty logic.

Yes, I know, it is a weak argument.

But when there is no way to corroborate his story, the whole subject sort of breaks down to faith. Either you believe him or you don't.

And science is of no use here, unfortunately.

June 3, 2020
12:07 pm
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May 3, 2020
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Sorry I was getting so critical.

You could use such "ad hominem" arguments to be *for* Charles Hall, too, since he has a master's degree in physics. I looked up his Hall Photon Theory online and couldn't find anything substantial. I will probably buy his book one day to read about that. I found that online folks just made shallow, unresearched remarks about his hypothesis, like his use of the word "theory" instead of "hypothesis," and his attempt to "fix" Einstein's theory which they said wasn't necessary (remember that post I made from Wikipedia about a "fifth force" that was hypothesized numerous times exactly because there *are* holes in existing physics, like dark matter and universe expansion, so it *is* necessary). Nothing is here nor there because there is no proof. That period of his life was in 1965, which was a very different age of our society, an age before the age of drones, Google aerial maps, a large segment of enlightened public, Pentagon admission that UFOs are real, antigravity craft patents, declassified memos regarding Rosswell and FBI discoveries of interdimensional beings, and more. Every day now I'm hearing about upcoming disclosure, so I expect one day my beliefs will be vindicated and I'll be able to say "I told you so," including to some of my friends who are mystified by all my recent interests in this parascientific and parapolitical stuff. Here's one video I saw yesterday that was needlessly long and annoying, but I'll document it since it was talking about more reasons to believe disclosure is coming, and why the interviewee believes disclosure is already in progress ("soft disclosure")...

Corey Goode on Rod Rosenstein Resignation, AG Reports, FISA, Aliens, & More - Edge of Wonder Live #7
Streamed live on Apr 29, 2019
Edge of Wonder

June 3, 2020
7:26 pm
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May 3, 2020
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Some more excerpts I finished transcribing today, regarding their craft technology...

I discovered that out on the ranges there is a base that the Air Force maintains for aliens,
and the Air Force maintains the outer perimeter, there is an inner perimeter, which the aliens
maintain, and then everything inside the inner perimeter is treated like an alien embassy.

They also had a technology exchange program with the U.S. Air Force, in which those
technologies which they were willing to share with the Air Force, they would work on joint
projects with the U.S. Air Force.
They were only willing to share technology to the extent that it benefited them. For example,
when the spacecraft was in port they might need spare parts. Those spare parts might include radio
equipment. Well, it was easier for them if they could just call up the U.S. Air Force and say,
"Could we buy a new radio?" You see? So it was very c-- So it was ob-- And on the other hand, the
Air Force and the Army can always use better radios, you see? So it was common for them-- So one
area where they were obviously doing technology transfer was in the area of radio communications,
so that we could build radios that they could use, and in return we knew how to build better
Some technologies, like the secret to how they traveled faster than light, they were not
willing to share. The idea of us having our own spacecraft, traveling faster than the speed of
light, with nuclear weapons on board heading for their home planet, they didn't see where that was
in their interest. And so when I say they were doing technology transfer with the Air Force,
that was a negotiation where both sides mutually agreed that it was in their interest to do so.
The Tall Whites live probably ten times longer than we do. They live almost 700 years, and
their spacecraft clearly traveled faster than the speed of light. And--
My theory on how the Tall Whites propulsion system operates
I have a master's degree in nuclear physics, and I believe that I figured out how their deep
space craft worked, at least in general detail. And I copyrighted that in a scientific paper I
call "Hall Photon Theory." It's included in the appendix of Book 3, "Millennial Hospitality 3: The
Road Home."
I believe that their scout craft and their deep space craft had a double hall construction,
and for example, in the case of the scout craft, in between those two hulls they had what
appeared to be a thousand miles of fiberoptic windings. They built the scout craft using
materials supplied them by the US Air Force.
Their scout craft were built here on Earth by our own aerospace companies
The scout craft were clearly built here on this earth. When you went on board, many of the
parts like the seats still had the mold markings of American manufacturers like Lockheed, Boeing,
the overhead compartments by Air Stream, and so on, and so therefore it had to be perfectly
possible to build a scout craft with its antigravity drive, using ordinary American parts.
The scout craft had-- The fiberoptics windings came in several sets, and the way it worked is,
it worked in a manner philosophically the same as an electromagnet. It's just that they did not--
In an electromagnet you use electrons going down copper wires and coils. Instead of electrons they
used some other subatomic particle. I'm not sure which one. It's my understanding that there are
three different ones, or maybe five different ones, perhaps mesons or bosons or those subatomic
particles that put out antigravity.
The particle generators look like batteries, where there was one that would create the
particles and accelerate them into the fiberoptics, and then the fiberoptics amplified the
antigravity field, the same way that an electromagnet amplifies the electric field or the
magnetic field, and then there was another one that picked up the particles. Of course they had to
be recharged just the way a battery has to be recharged.
The same technology was used on their suits, the ones that allowed them to levitate, and if
they were running the suit at full power and they came out from their rest area at 11:30 at night,
then by 5:30 in the morning the suit was almost out of power, so that the batteries they had in
their suits would only last six hours or so. The batteries on the deep space craft obviously also
had a limit to how long, you know, had to be recharged periodically, although I'm not sure how
long that limit was, but perhaps dependent on the craft.
The deep space craft would arrive and leave on schedule, and the shortest schedule was two and
a half months. The longest schedule that I saw was five years, so they had to be able to carry
fuel to recharge the batteries for that long, or their technology had to allow the batteries to be
recharged for that long. But they did have to be recharged. You did have to periodically stop and
put in a new power source.
The outer set of coils served to streamline the craft for travel within space itself. And when
the outer set of coils were powered up, it also protected them from the forces of acceleration and
deceleration. As I describe in book 2, it was common to see the scout craft, if it were sitting
out in the desert some distance, perhaps say three miles, when it was sitting there unpowered it
would just look like a white ellipsoid with windows and the way you'd expect. When they powered up
the outer set of coils, it would take on a fuzzy appearance. The outer field obviously protected
them from radiation in space, as well. Then when they lifted up off the desert, if they had the
outer coils energized, they were capable of tremendous performance. It was common to see the scout
craft accelerate from 0 to 8,000 miles an hour, travel just a short distance like 7 miles or 10
miles, stop, and set down again, and then turn off the coils.
The people on board didn't belt themselves in, they just sat in chairs the way we do, because
they didn't feel the force of acceleration. If they did not have the coils powered up, however, if
they were bringing the scout craft in real close, like if they were gonna park it beside the Range
Tree Lounge, they would turn off the outer set of coils while they were still some distance away,
because the field coming off that outer set of coils extended a great distance from the craft. Of
course, before they turned off the coils they would first slow to maybe 3 or 5 miles an hour, and
then once they turned off the coils, then they drove it like a baby buggy, OK? Then they just came
in real slow and landed like at 2 or 3 miles an hour. And when they took off, if they hadn't
charged up the coils, then they would be travelling just 2 or 3 miles per hour. They'd be
travelling like a baby buggy, but it wasn't until they powered up that outer set of coils that
they would start doing high speed performance.
Powering up the coils took a little while, just like turning on an electromagnet. It was common
for it take as long as ten seconds for the coils to power up. Because the particles that are
running through the fiberoptics are subatomic particles that do decay, the coils would heat up if
you ran it full power for too long, and the Tall Whites were always very conscious of the
temperature of the coils, and therefore it was very common to see them when they sat down on the
desert, on occasion, especially on hot days, to get out and open up the panels on the outside of
the scout craft, obviously just letting the coils cool off. It doesn't mean the coils were
necessarily too hot, but they liked the coils running cold, and they were always very conscious
of the coil temperature.
On that day that scout craft suffered a meltdown of the fiberoptics. Now that as I remember was
a Wednesday, and they worked on that craft from Wednesday, 24 hours a day, till the following
Monday morning, just getting enough coils repaired so that they could lift off and take it back to
the base. And in order to take it back to the base they had to bring out two extra scout craft. In
the mean time they'd brought out several others with mechanics and stuff, and they had to nurse it
back to base by running two extra scout craft on each side, just to get it back to base where they
could fiddle with the coils. Recovering from a coil meltdown was obviously a big problem for them.
I never saw any humans working on the coils. The Tall Whites were very c- I never saw any Air
Force personnel or anybody out there with them. The Tall Whites always reserved to the option, or
anything to do with the coils was--they always wanted only Tall Whites on there.
As far as I know, I'm the only human that got anywhere close to the coils. I got to within a
few hundred feet before their guard blocked my way and made it clear that he didn't want me to go
any closer. It might've been because since they're running subatomic particles, maybe he was just
concerned about the radioactive fields coming off it, but he didn't want me up there touching 'em
or anything.
I have been on board their scout craft
I've been on board the scout craft but not on board the deep space craft. The deep space craft,
which are the same design and the same technology but much larger, are titanium black, right? The
one that came in damaged, with meteor damage. I got closer to that one than any of the other deep
space craft. That one I got within a few hundred feet of, as it came by me in the snow storm. And
so I did see a great deal about the deep space craft, but the only creatures I ever saw in the
deep space craft were the Tall Whites themselves.
On the scout craft, however, it was common to see American U.S. Air Force Generals on the scout
craft along with their Tall White counterparts. That was very common. And I myself was on the
scout craft. However, they never came to just take me for a joy ride, you know, they never came to
say, "Oh, let me show you the sun and the moon and the stars." I dunno, maybe they would've if
I'd asked them, but they knew that we had rank, and that I was an enlisted man, the lowest of the
low, you know--if there's a latrine to be cleaned I'll be the one doin' the work, and they were
well aware that generals with four stars were givin' the orders and I was pretty much takin' 'em,
you know, so it's not like they ever came purely to entertain me with their scout craft.
On another occasion when I was on board their scout craft--remember they had several new
arrivals who were part of the technology transfer, and their motivation for taking me on board the
scout craft on that particular day appeared to be that the new arrivals, who were afraid of me,
had to practice coming up to Charlie and saying, "Hello, Charlie" and then once having gotten
within ten feet of the gorilla then they would back away, and stay out there like 20 feet. They'd
so bravely faced me down in the sage brush, I guess.
But I believe what they were thinking of on that day is that they were going to suggest to the
American generals additional technology exchange projects, and I think they were using me as the
test guinea pig, to take me on board the scout craft, and show me their living quarters, show me
what was on board the scout craft, and then they could test my reaction to what I thought was good
and what I thought was, you know--what I was impressed with, and what I wasn't with. And then I
think they were saying therefore then when they went and talked to the American generals they
could say, "We'll make this better for you, and that not so good for you." Or, you know, "We'll
make this better for you, we can help you here."
Their scout craft were made completely out of our American aerospace materials
The scout craft was made completely out of American parts, and looked like an RV trailer. When
you went on board, it was ellipsoidal, and the scout craft was white with windows on both sides.
When you were standing, looking at the front of the scout craft, the door on that craft was on the
right. Since they were all made here there was a number of different variations in the design, and
the windows on that side extended further back than on the left side. There were no windows on
the back, none on the top, none on the bottom, and only one door, the one on the right, which
opened from the top, and much like a Lear jet, or some Lear jets.
When you went on board there was a bulkhead about a third of the way back. In front of the
bulkhead on all the scout craft, the design was the same. There were five seats without seat belts
that you just sat in. Those Tall Whites are not built strong like we are, and so the idea of
belting themselves in would damage their bodies. There was two seats for the pilot and copilot,
and three other seats in the front. And they weren't very interested in showing me the cockpit
area. They said there wasn't much about it that I would understand, anyway. And on the bulkhead
there was a set of number of panels, nowadays we'd consider old hat but in the '60s that was
considered pretty avant-garde, even though I realized that the first motionless switch was
actually copyrighted in more or less about 1929, but still they weren't in common use.
On each switch there were a set of icons. Now we consider that old hat, too, because you get
by your car and there's icons, but in the '60s that was considered pretty avant-garde.
The icons were pretty ordinary. One controlled the outside lights, and it looked like the sun.
One controlled the inside lights, and so in terms of the icons, or the hieroglyphs on the switches
they weren't very different than say heiroglyphs on the Egyptian pyramids, or the icons that you
see on a modern day automobile. Behind the bulkhead, there were at least three or four different
designs, just depending on which model of the scout craft you were looking at.
In the RV model, the one that day I was on, what was behind the bulkhead was an ordinary RV.
When you went in there and you were looking towards the back, on the right there was a microwave
oven, only where the aliens had taken off the mechanical door, and put on a different cover, with
coils around it, and then when they turned on the oven they first turned on the coils, and the
coils put out the standard field, and prevented the microwaves from going through that field
into the room beyond, so it looked like a little cave where you'd turn it on and then turn it off
and you didn't have to fiddle with the door, you see?
In the back was the latrine, just like in an RV. On the left they had the seats where you would
eat, but also they had hammocks where the children would sleep, and then they had the overhead
compartments and a few storage things in the back, although not a great many of 'em. And then on
the bulkhead in the front they had a mirror and a makeup table. where the teacher would put on her
stuff. And it was all pretty ordinary. That was the RV model.


Charles Hall worked with 'The Tall Whites'
May 3, 2020
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