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The Alien that Flies the Tic Tac UAP's
May 4, 2020
9:03 pm
Patricia B
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May 4, 2020
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I'm new to the group. I share what I've seen and have learned over the last 7 years. I kept quiet for 4 of those years for fear of being deemed a nut job so to speak.  One day I happened to see a report of a UFO not too far from where I lived and I thought I bet that's my alien and I finally came out of the closet.  Here is what I know and what he's let me see what he's shown me.

In Feb 2013 I moved into a rental home in Osceola County. Big house that backed up to the woods behind the woods is a cove that dumps into a very large lake (miles wide and long).  I had insomnia the 2nd night I was there and so I went outside to just relax and smoke a cigarette. (No I don't do drugs or drink).  It was around 1:00 a.m. in the morning and I heard something in the woods so I flashed my flashlight over there to see what kind of animal might be near me. I didn't see any. But someone flashed back. I thought great there's transients in the woods. I just sat there on alert and they flashed again. Then the entire right side of the woods lit up! I mean a very bright light. I thought helicopter and then I was thinking you can't get a helicopter in the woods it has rotors. I briefly thought UFO and then I thoght that's silly there's no UFO in the backwoods. I got up and went to sleep wondering what it was. That weekend I did go into those woods curiosity got me. I saw nothing to indicate transients. In fact it was very clean in there which I felt was kind of odd. I did not see anyone or signs that anyone had been in there. 

3 weeks later I came home from work it was a Thursday around 5:30. I again went out to relax and I saw this wavy thing looked a lot like how you see in the movies where the heat is rising off the ground in a desert scene in a movie. Except it was about 20 feet off the ground. It was about 10 to 12 feet in length and about 6 feet wide you could see through it but it moved constantly. I thought it was some kind of weird weather phenomenon.  I just had no idea what it was.  It stayed there for at least 10 minutes and then it moved forward and then moved to my left and moved forward again and stopped. Now I'm really wondering what is that? 

Within about 3 minutes an alien appeared in front of a crape myrtle tree. He was transparent (partially cloaked) He looked like a Hologram and I'm thinking oh cool then I realize I'm looking at an alien. The longer he was on the ground the more solid he became like me and you. He was about 6'2 to 6'3, approx 220 lbs. He had a human body, very well built like a soldier,  I saw no difference in his body compared to ours. But his head was like a creatures head. Very strong pronounced jaw bones. He could eat a chicken bones and all. His eyes stuck way out of their sockets (they were technological devices because he could see what I couldn't see) he was a chalky white.  He wore a light tan body fitting outfit, gloves, and ankle high boots all the same color. He had 3 large squares across the front of this chest (most likely his own personal cloaking device that malfunctioned). He took a few steps forward (my left) and grabbed onto a pole and started to climb invisible steps up towards the wavy thing. He took a couple steps up stopped and turned around and looked into the woods behind him where I had seen the lights a few weeks earlier. I was so scared at this point you have no idea. I'm alone and all I could think of is if he sees me I'm a goner. So I sat real still hoping he wouldn't see me. 

He took a couple more steps and stopped and turned to his left again and looked right at me. I thought great someone told on me. My thinking was if he was cloaked and now he's not he might not know he's not cloaked and I'll just pretend I don't see him and he will go away. I knew at this point he's climbing up to a UFO I can't see it or hear it but I know it's there. I knew they saw me and most likely were prepared to shoot me if I did anything but sit there and behave. So I did. After he looked at me he looked back behind him again. I now believe he was ensuring the other ones were loading up safely. I saw no other ones but he saw something. He again began his climb. But every few steps he repeated the process looked at me looked behind him. A couple of times he would stare at something in front of him but the way the house was I couldn't see around the corner plus I was pretending I couldn't see him.  The last time he stared at me if was seemed like it was forever, I counted 23 seconds. He at that point turned to his right and entered the wavy thing. He never looked at me again he was looking straight up head all the way back and climbed like he was climbing a rock wall. Hands cupped out to his sides above his head. 

Once he climbed through the wavy thing he disappeared and so did the wavy thing (he closed the hatch to the UFO is what I've been told).  I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I waited about 2 mins then I got up and I walked to the edge of the back porch and looked for the UFO and saw nothing. Cloaking capabilities are amazing. What we believe though is he was still there watching me and at that point knew I saw him. It is believed he was not happy that he was ignored and that I was being rude. Which I now know I should have acknowledged him but at the time I just didn't know what to do. 

2 nights later Sunday morning around 2:00 a.m. someone tried to get into my house through the sliding glass doors that I use. They jerked on that door really hard it woke me and a roommate up. Fortunately there was a metal safety bar in place or he would have gotten in. I'm assuming he had returned from his mission and was going to have a little talk with me about my manners. He definitely is an alpha male.

After that I just kept quiet because I thought this is just so far out there that no one would ever believe me. Then I finally started to talk. And I was surprised at how many people did believe me. It felt good to be able to talk about him. I was told to put up hunting trackers this was in July of 2017. So I bought one and put it out on the Crape Myrtle Tree. I would get up to 2,000 photos of nothing in them on the days before the Space launches at Kennedy Space Center. A lot of activity. On normal days maybe 30 to 35 photos of birds, deer, etc...  Then one day it caught his UFO in a Cloud over my neighbors house.  This was September 2017 and was sent for analysis. In November 2017 is when the release of the video by the NY Times about the Tic Tac UFO over the Pacific Ocean in 2004 and they matched. My sister emailed me the link to the video and said you need watch this. I had to work that day so I didn't watch it. When I got home she texted me and said did you see the video? I said no I'll watch it in a few minutes. She said you need to.  As soon as I watched that video I knew it was my alien's species that flies it.

Over the last few years he has made a couple more appearances and has let me see his spacecrafts. He has 2 that I know of. One is the tic tac it is in fact a dull black, it's the about the size of one our jets but it has a prehistoric type appearance with some type of coating on the outside. No wings, no tail, no rotors, anti-gravity capabilities, and amazing cloaking capabilities. He was in a cloud on my way to work which is close to the space center.  On my way home he was in a smaller really fast craft. He was about 40 miles away when I saw him kind of. Cloaked but this craft emitted something that turned the air around it a darker shade of blue and upon thrust would emit a small white hollow cloud.  He caught up to me within about 8 seconds. He flew on the other side of the expressway for about a mile. Then had no choice but to take off as we were approaching an overpass. I took 3 separate videos and not one of them turned out.  I wanted really upset about that. This occured in October 2018 again on a Thursday. So to me he was letting me know that he knows our calender. That was the last time I saw the spacecrafts.  I have moved since then but I still work at the same place so I know he knows where I am. I do hope he shows up again. I have a dashcam now so maybe I can get a video if there's a next time. I tried to attach the UFO photo I have but I can't figure out how to do that here.  

May 15, 2020
10:37 am
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August 6, 2019
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Hi Patricia,

Thank you for sharing, I found your story very interesting and exciting. It made me want to learn more!

When you said:

“His eyes stuck way out of their sockets (they were technological devices because he could see what I couldn't see”

How did you know what he could see?

You said he showed you his crafts after that? What made you think it was him again?

Was it a feeling you got? In the beginning you also said you were scared. Do you think he was dangerous or the benign type?

May 10, 2020
1:48 am
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May 3, 2020
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Tonight I tried a free file sharing site that is new to me:

It didn't say how long it keeps the uploaded files online, but my guess is the files are permanent unless the user doesn't access the site for 6 months. I'm interested in your story and I always like to see photos, so that's one option that will work right away, though I don't know how long.

By the way, in case anybody's interested in 9/11, I uploaded three PDF files on that topic at the following album on that site... you can see how it displays PDF files, at least, and how viewers can download them.

May 15, 2020
1:13 am
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January 11, 2018
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Patricia, if you have listened/watched Corey Goode and David Wilcock, in one of their episodes there is a picture of a Royal Drac which sound like the guy you are describing. White, stocky, tall bipedal human shape with drac head.

Sounds like you have been in contact with their race.

Moving onwards and upwards

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