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A Hypothesis of the Collective Hive Mind of Extra-Terrestrials........
August 1, 2019
2:07 pm
Richard Daystrom PhD
Livermore, CA.
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December 19, 2018
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A Hypothesis of the Collective Hive Mind of Extra-Terrestrials

By W.O. Belfield, Jr.

WARNING! The human predilection for irrelevance is a cause for great concern if there is to be in the future any interaction with a “Hive Collective”. The Hive will view this inclination towards irrelevance as a major weakness to be exploited for their own benefit.

The “Hive Collective” is where division of labor is highly specialized. Individuals are not able to survive by themselves for extended periods. The “Collective” is the complete antithesis of human individuality.


    What is “Technological adolescence”? Technological adolescence or TA occurs when a species discovers the potential powers of scientific knowledge. When this happens, a precarious situation arises. Such as, how wisely will they use this knowledge? Several things can occur;

    The first being that a species could fall victim to a natural disaster because their technology has not advanced quickly enough. The next is when a species self-destructs because their technology has advanced more rapidly than their wisdom. Lastly, the desired goal is for a species to mature and have a fair chance of reaching “old age.”

    In accordance with the laws of Darwinian evolution many species do not survive their Technological adolescence. Surviving one’s TA is considered a monumental evolutionary achievement. It is like they have been given permission or a go ahead to move forward with their evolution.

    It is unfortunate, there is no commonly agreed upon definition for “Metaphysics”. The “Free Dictionary’s” definition is as basic as it gets. “The branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, possibility and actuality.” To simplify even further “Metaphysics” is the realization that in the cosmos sentient beings are a small part of something big.

    When a species survives their “Technological adolescence” they experience a re-awakening of their free will. They can now freely choose to explore without any impediments their inner lives more than the outer universe.    

    The next significant evolutionary hurtle for the surviving species is “old age”. As a species is advancing towards this desired result. They increasingly accept the idea of striving towards a more complete Metaphysical or Universal consciousness.

    Metaphysical or Universal consciousness is a state of awareness in which a species consciousness becomes one with the “Universe”, or the “Ultimate reality”. The attainment of the “Ultimate reality” is the gradual process of being unshackled from the confines of a corporeal existence. When the process is completed. The Metaphysical conscious has been achieved.

    There is one barrier which is a determining factor in achieving a Universal consciousness. The obstacle that confronts the survivors is their stewardship of their home planet. The barrier in question is their TA. This is based on the severity of damage to their home planets environment. They have two choices to repair the damage. The choices are Metaphysical or Technological endeavors.

    Those EBE’s (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities) whose planets sustained minimal damage are more inclined to choose a Metaphysical endeavor for repairs and in achieving their Ultimate reality. For example, it has been speculated that the “Ancient Builder Race” (ABR) or the “Progenitors” survived their Technological adolescence with minimum to moderate environmental damage to their planet. Fortunately, they had enough planetary resources to repair their environment.

    In some circles it has been discussed that the discovery of the Oumuamua spacecraft (Hawaiian for “scout or messenger from distant past reaching out to us”) on October 19, 2017 may have been the spaceship of the “Ancient Builder Race”. Reconnaissance photos seem to indicate that this spacecraft is very old. Some have speculated that the spacecraft could be as much as a billion years old!

    Why was the Oumuamua space craft left abandoned? Why wasn’t it scuttled? The scuttling (to intentionally sink a ship, especially your own, in order to prevent it from being taken by an enemy.) of an abandoned vessel is an established maritime procedure. These are common questions that arise in discussions concerning this strange topic.

 Among the many possibilities of why the spacecraft was abandoned. The one that seems to attract considerable amount of attention is when the ABR reached “old age”.  What little evidence there is about the ABR it appears they completed their “old age” while in space.

    Best guess is that they took up space travelling fulltime because their Sun went Super nova. Destroying their entire solar system while they were at the cusp of “old age.” At this point, as a species, they evolved a Metaphysical consciousness.

    It is likely the ABR achieved their state of Universal consciousness while in space. Along with achieving a non-corporeal existence they entered the realm of Ultimate reality. They no longer required a mortal body or a spaceship to further explore the cosmos. 

    While the ABR’s were aging they were also evolving metaphysically. They roamed the cosmos building megalithic structures in the hope that these structures would help to mitigate the inherent environmental damage which occurs during a species Technological adolescence. They did this out of a spiritual inclination, expecting nothing in return.

     What is crucial in this evolutionary process is the following. Since it is impossible to go through a “Technological adolescence” without causing damage to the web of life on their planet. The evolutionary rate of progression that a species goes through, is determined by the degree of environmental wreckage that has occurred on their home planet.

     The great concern during this period of post adolescence is how severe was the environmental destruction. Minimal damage will greatly increase the chances that the species will reach their “old age” and attain a Universal consciousness and enter the Ultimate realm of reality... The Biological (evolutionary) endeavor is the only expeditious way to achieve a Universal consciousness or a Metaphysical consciousness when compared to the plodding Technological endeavor.

   When there is little left of a planet’s web of life. This happens when a planet has sustained severe environmental damage during its TA. The survivors of this catastrophe will use to the best of their ability their technological skills to repair their planet. It is intended that a prudent use of technology for this repair will position them in the direction of attaining a Metaphysical consciousness.

    Of the two approaches to repair their severely damaged planet. They can choose the Biological endeavor like those species who have incurred moderate environmental damage. The problem with this approach is that their planet will likely die before they can reach a Metaphysical consciousness. The death of a planet is the result of a lack of natural resources for the repair.

    The next approach taken by species on a severely damaged planet is the Technological endeavor. Technology will be used to solve environmental problems while at the same time trying to attain a Universal consciousness. This is a balancing act especially when the planet doesn’t possess enough of the natural resources for a repair.

    When a species is faced with such insurmountable odds. They must go beyond the boundaries of their planet for the necessary resources. In order to achieve any kind of success the “Hive Mind Collective” must evolve and evolve quickly because time is not on their side.

     In its simplest form the Hive Mind Collective is the quintessential military operation that approaches each situation with strategic precision. They don’t care about collateral damage only that their objectives are accomplished. Due to its dire condition the planet may perish before the collective is fully organized.

    The Technology endeavor is strewed with so many obstacles. Each venture into space is just another foraging expedition in search of material to repair their home planet. The Collective must reach a philosophical critical period before the purpose of such missions change whereby, they are asking a simple but all-important question, 'Is this ...all I am? Is there nothing more?' This is with regards to fourth dimensional existence. Until this fundamental philosophical question is asked and dealt with, they will never achieve a “Universal consciousness”

    Until they come to this all-important convergence. This total dependence on the usage of technology will be instrumental in repairing a severely damaged planet. The only purpose being to ensure their continued survival. The use of technology appears to be contributing to a never-ending problem that on many occasions hinders a species from seriously contemplating a Metaphysical solution to their predicament.

   The big drawback to this Technological endeavor is that it can be antagonistic to the forces of Biological evolution. Technology in this case is predominantly used to control these evolutionary forces. This in turn creates conflict and conflict slows down Metaphysical progression.

   To minimize conflict between Biological and Technological endeavors the Hive mentality creates a compromise between technology and spirituality. This is referred to as a “Code of Belief.” This code is based on a spiritual apprehension. For the first time in their existence there is a fear of something they do not fully understand. The symbiosis between the Biological and Technological evolution is not perfect. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. In any event this is an effort to try to co-exist with the natural forces of evolution.

    It is in this desperate effort for survival that many of the EBE’s (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) resort to a “Hive mentality.” This is after the realization that the indiscrete use of technology was the cause of their TA and this is the same technology that will be relied upon to be the solution to correct the predicament they are now facing.

    To rectify the damage done to their home planet the use of technology will be used prudently.  The prudent usage of technology will eventually give rise to the “Hive mentality”.

    The Hive collective is comprised of the following. The Dominion which is a united collective of genetically enhanced hive minds (UCOGEHM) or Enhanced Hive Minds (EHM). One must consider the possibility that the Collective could be an advanced form of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The Dominion could also be a merging of organic and AI intelligences or it can also be considered as a collective neurolink of enhanced hive minds.

    Second in command is the Myrmidon’s [ˈmərməˌdän, -mədən]. They can be thought of as the “middleman” between the Enhanced Hive Minds and the PBE’s. They have a direct neurolink access to the Dominion collective. This access allows for an efficient execution of the Dominion’s directives.  The Myrmidon’s are commanders of their space vessels.

    Lastly is the Progbioents, Programmable Biological Entities (PBE’s). PBE’s are drones or workers. With the many different types of PBE’s that can be genetically engineered it would be an inefficient use of the Dominion’s time and energy to keep in direct communication with each PBE. The PBE’s are only controlled by the Myrmidon’s, this minimizes any potential miscommunication of the Dominion’s directives.

    Since, survival is dependent upon the mastering of technology. Having survived their TA. The Hive collective hold themselves in high regard for their technological ingenuity. This sense of satisfaction will create a new impetus for attaining perfection.

   The Hive mind sacrifices individuality for the overall good of the collective. If all thoughts are shared, then it is extremely unlikely for any individual to be judged or criticized. That would minimize the problem of embarrassing secrets but leads right into another notable constraint — if all thoughts and experiences are shared between individuals, then there would be no more individual identities. Anyone would have access to memories previously considered personal, and no one would have a unique memory or experience.

    To those species who barely survived their “Technological adolescence” the embodiment of perfection is the adoption of a Hive mentality. The assumption being that if things were perfect to begin with, they would have averted their TA. Also, calamities are usually caused by misunderstandings, which is usually caused by miscommunication. The way to avoid any future catastrophes is to maximize communication — by way of the Hive mind.

    The first order in achieving perfection is to improve themselves genetically. It has been estimated that it would take between 500 to 1000 years to perfect their DNA. This means an error free genome. This kind of genome would prove to be very difficult to achieve as well as maintain. An artificially controlled environment would be required to neutralize the effects of biological evolution...

    The driving force behind evolution is Natural selection. This is the reproductive success of individuals or groups best adjusted to their environment and that leads to the perpetuation of genetic qualities best suited to that environment. A stable genome that is exposed to a variety of environmental conditions or stresses. Cannot avoid being affected by Han Selye’s MD., PhD, General Adaptive Syndrome (GAS) stress model. This stress model is the number-one stimulus of evolutionary mutagenesis (is a process by which the genetic information of an organism is changed in a stable manner, resulting in a mutation).  

    Overtime a cyclic environment will introduce evolutionary pressures of change in three ways on a stable genome. 1) Alarm Reaction (AR). This refers to the organism’s immediate action to the stressor. 2) Stage of Resistance or Stage of Adaptation. Does the organism adapt to the stressor? In this case the stressor can be starvation. 3) Stage of Exhaustion or Extinction.  This is the ability of the organism’s immune system to resist disease.

    In order to put a halt to evolution the Dominion or the United Collective of Enhanced Hive Minds (EHM) are situated in artificially controlled environments. This would include megalithic structures above ground and underground as well as structures under the oceans.

    To digress for a moment. This could be one of several explanations as to why extraterrestrials seem to construct megalithic structures above ground or underground. Of the multiple functions these structures would provide an important one would be the protection from hostile forces.

    The EHM are at the apex of “Hive” consciousness. The Dominion is probably composed of no more than seven entities. An odd number would ensure that there is never an impasse in decision making.

    Strategically each Hive mind of the Dominion should not be located together.  Occupying together the same chamber or planet.  Greatly increases the chances that a catastrophic event could wipe out most or all the collective brain trust. If such a situation happens the Hive collective will cease to exist.

    The Myrmidon’s and Progbioents will no longer have access to strategic information. To minimize the odds of such an unfortunate event happening each Mind should have their own chamber in random locations throughout the cosmos.

    Jonathan Brandenburg’s PhD discovery of Xenon 129 on Mars. This gas isotope is characteristic of a nuclear reaction. According to Dr. Brandenburg about 250 million years ago there was a Bronze age culture on Mars. For reasons unknown there was a series of above ground nuclear detonations which destroyed the civilization and biosphere of Mars.

    The enigma is what kind of threat could a Bronze age society be to a space faring civilization. The obvious answer would be none! What if Mars was the site of an enhanced hive mind (EHM). If this happens to be the case this would provide an incentive to cause considerable damage to an alien Hive Mind Collective. Unfortunately, the destruction of the Mars environment was probably collateral damage.

   Technologically advanced Hives scatter their 7 Dominion minds throughout the cosmos. These minds communicate with each other by way of subspace communication or by a hyper channel neurolink. The neurolink provides not only instantaneous communication with each mind but allows for rapid access to their “Ingdion Memory Genes” (IMG).

   The Ingdion Memory Genes comprises about 70 percent of “Non-coding DNA” more commonly known as “Junk DNA”, in each Enhanced Hive Mind (EHM). The “Ingdion Memory Genes” are the primary location for the storage of a vast accumulation of past experiences which can be accessed and processed in 2 to 20 milliseconds or the speed of thought (SOT).


    The end game in this cosmic drama is the privilege to continue to evolve. Living in harmony with evolution a species will be given the ultimate honor. The honor being the induction into the realm of Ultimate reality.

    What is the future for those humans currently in the Holocene epoch of the quaternary period of the Cenozoic era? For certain there is a “Dualistic Antagonistic” event occurring between the Technology Endeavor of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and Biological (Darwinian) Evolution.

    The “Technological Adolescence” stage of humanity is teetering on the brink of being a total disaster. The “web of life” on Earth is dying at an exponential rate. Whether or not they are aware of this fact, the MIC has laid down the foundation for the future formation of a “Hive Mind Collective.” The big question. Is there enough time for the Collective to form before the entire web of life on Earth is destroyed?

   In the past.  During Darwinian evolution when a species would reach an evolutionary crossroad.  Evolution would either turn off or on the L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase enzyme which is crucial for the internal biosynthesis of ascorbic acid (C6H8O6) for carbon-based lifeforms on Earth. To the chagrin of contemporary science they do not know at all if this occurs or if they do know they don’t have any understanding of why this happens.

    The following prophetic quote is from the late Irwin Stone PhD a pioneer of Orthomolecular medicine: “the evidence we unearth will show that the lack of this molecule (L-gulonolactone oxidase) in humans has contributed to more deaths, sickness, and just plain misery than any other single factor in man’s long history. When the molecule is finally discovered and assigned its rightful place in the scheme of things, and its potentialities for good are fully realized, undreamed-of vistas of exuberant health, freedom of disease, and long life will be opened up.”  

    It is believed that such a change would occur during Stage #2 Stage of Resistance or Stage of Adaptation of Hans Selye’s General Adaptive Stress model. If the L-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase enzyme is not turned on at Stage #2 the species in all practical purposes enters Stage #3 Stage of Exhaustion or Extinction. 

     Does Biological Evolution work in concert with the Metaphysical consciousness, especially during a critical point in evolution in determining whether a species continues on its evolutionary path? What is known for certain is that the “Collective Hive Mind” is antagonistic toward Biological Evolution.

    The Hive collective is the quintessential military organization.  For the Hive Collective to continue to exist it must eventually integrate with the natural course of evolution. In the meantime, they will always be navigating through “troubled waters” before they come to the realization of integrating into the flow of evolution.

    What side will “Father Time” align itself with? The “Hive Collective” or with “Biological Evolution.” Mankind’s apathetic attitude with regards to their place in the flow of evolution has allowed “Father Time” to be the major arbiter in determining whether they continue to evolve or not. Given these circumstances the future appears to be very ominous for all of mankind.


Copyright © 2019 W.O. Belfield, Jr.

W. O. Belfield, Jr.

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