Unknown Object Captured over North Hollywood, California, February 11, 2015, 6:34PM

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 02/11/2015

Same positioning of capture during the day.

Same positioning of capture during the day.

This object was captured with the UFO Detector software, which is available free at.

Although appearing and disappearing very quickly (less than a second), this object does not match up to the literally hundreds of videos captured of planes and helicopters at night.

Going through frame by frame does reveal it has movement, which rules out a star or planet. The object is also not seen again, and does not exhibit any movement like a conventional aircraft — ruling out a plane or helicopter.

I do keep a tree in the frame of my camera, for reference during daylight captures, and this object is not even close to the tree (which is towards the bottom of the frame). I also included a screen shot of the daylight view – so you can see the camera’s position.

My guess? It’s a small meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and burning up very quickly. However, my question, do meteors move this slow, as it does not appear to be moving at a high rate of speed (but it does exhibit movement)?

Please post your thoughts on this case file.

Please note: It is recommended you view this video FULL SCREEN, since the object is small and very quick.



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