By: Raymond Samuels, The Examiner

A NASA photograph now shows what looks remarkably like an angel apparently flying towards the sun. The video [HERE] was posted on UFOSightings Daily, a site and blog dedicated to giving the public a forum in which to view and share details of strange experiences.

The owner and manager of the site is Scott C. Waring, one of the world’s most avid supporters of UFOlogy, who claims to have personally had two encounters with UFOs. Scott is also a writer and an ESL School owner in Taiwan. He started his blog to provide a platform for other UFO witnesses who need a way to express their accounts and show video footage of their encounter.

The video comes from an impeccable source: NASA. According to Waring, there are only two possible explanations for this object. In his words “the first explanation is that this could be a UFO in the shape of an angel headed directly into the sun…probably harvesting its energy. Alternatively it is an actual angel, albeit on that is twice the size of the earth.”

As a recent CBS poll showed, 8 out of 10 Americans believe in angels, and consider them spiritual beings created by God in order to serve him, then sent by God to watch over us, the human race, to help deliver his message, and to guard and protect us from danger. Angels will also do battle on our behalf with other spiritual beings. There is no indication in the scriptures as to the size of these celestial beings, so perhaps the latter is the more acceptable explanation.

Waring modified his description of the object being an angel slightly by saying, “It may be what they call a light being, an entity which may or may not live in or be part of the sun itself. Also note that it leaves a trail behind it which tells us the direction it was traveling at the time of the photo.” In the video, the angel is definitely headed towards the sun.

Both explanations require a leap of faith that many people are not prepared to make. Checking out the video on UFO Sightings Daily may help you make up your mind either way. In it the strange angel-like object can be clearly seen with a trail of light flowing behind, clearly indicating the direction of travel. Whatever NASA thinks of this amazing site, they have yet to comment.



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