SEVERE psychic and demonic attack for 60 days straight

SEVERE psychic and demonic attack for 60 days straight

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Date of Event / Case File: 02/02/2013

The following was submitted to The Black Vault by YouTube User: UFOARMADA

I was under SEVERE psychic and demonic attack for 60 days straight. I locked myself in my apartment and turned on an audio device to record the noises, which were really loud. I laid on a bed and said, “Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ” and finally I felt at peace and went to sleep. When I was dreaming I saw a cloud appear in the sky forming out of seemingly nothing and then a silver round craft became visible.

I was asked if I wanted to go with them. Then I recolected the craft disappeared and the cloud was dragged to one side. I awoke and remembered the dream and uploaded the data from the recorder onto my computer. I noticed large wave patterns that indicated noise and this is what I heard.

Me calling Jesus Christ, a conduit opening, and then a chorus of male voices saying a word(?) and then a loud electromagnetic oscilation, a being arrived… and then I went to sleep and saw the ufo. There was more, but at least this means these beings really do exist. Thanks for listening!



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