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A message for all humanity
chaplin, dictator, speech

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 A message for all humanity 
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Title:  A message for all humanity
Keywords:  chaplin, dictator, speech
Category:     Misc. 
Date added:  09.03.2013 16:10
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  Comments On A message for all humanity

  09.15.2013 04:46,  SecondDrip said: 

This is the most inspirational and inspiring video that I have ever seen. Chaplin speaks the truth, and if we listen to him and people such as himself, this world would be rid of war and we could finally advance into the future of humanity and rid greed, rid poverty, rid war, and most importantly rid the corruption of money! I only hope that the day comes in my lifetime. I thank you for enlightening me and showing me to this :) Take care, Tom.

  09.03.2013 21:09,  guythat said: 

this is one of my all-time favorite speeches by charlie chaplin. one of the better versions available on youtube.
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