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Alien / Extraterrestrial Autopsy
Alien, extraterrestrial, autopsy

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 Alien / Extraterrestrial Autopsy 
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Title:  Alien / Extraterrestrial Autopsy
Keywords:  Alien, extraterrestrial, autopsy
Category:     Aliens 
Date added:  10.08.2011 13:00
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  Comments On Alien / Extraterrestrial Autopsy

  12.04.2013 01:40,  kmgreen17 said: 

wow, because in all autopsies performed, exacto knives are used instead of surgical scalpels. Also, Im sure rubber handled needle nosed pliers are also widely used in the medical profession.... for sanitation purposes.

03.15.2014 17:35, natas replied:

no fat layer, no blood clots. blue handled pliers. no mesentery connections to hold intestines together. who is kidding who here man.

  04.26.2013 17:15,  mark121268 said: 

I have seen a lot of ufo stuff before , but I am a true be leaver now. just some thing about it , all to real , this is the real deal , wish this would make it on tv.

07.31.2013 14:58, sindeesluv replied:

interesting...wonder how long it took to make

07.27.2013 21:36, sylmjk replied:

This looks like footage that was cut out of the first Men-in-Black with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Amazing special effects. What makes us think an alien would resemble humans at all?

06.09.2013 16:32, robinsteele replied:

ok. so i thought this was a serious, fact based web site for those of us who take this u.f.o thing very seriously. cant believe this video made it on this web site. too bad.
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