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UFO video filming on the moon in 2013
UFO, Moon, Sighting

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 UFO video filming on the moon in 2013  
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Title:  UFO video filming on the moon in 2013
Keywords:  UFO, Moon, Sighting
Category:     UFOs 
Date added:  01.17.2013 14:39
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  Comments On UFO video filming on the moon in 2013

  07.20.2013 08:24,  wovereene said: 

This is pretty amazing! i would like to know what camera this was and from what orbiting satellite this was taken from.......

08.26.2013 08:08, dboyko replied:

Those kind of goofy movements looks like the behavior of the some space animals.

08.13.2013 17:14, conradlamb replied:

two objects. with the second one changing positions often.

07.20.2013 08:28, wovereene replied:

I also noticed a vapor trail behind these objects. This makes u wonder of the atmosphere on the moon....
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