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UFOs in Bosnia - Hoax?
UFOs in Bosnia - Hoax?

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 UFOs in Bosnia - Hoax? 
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Title:  UFOs in Bosnia - Hoax?
Keywords:  UFOs in Bosnia - Hoax?
Category:     UFOs 
Date added:  09.05.2011 13:03
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  Comments On UFOs in Bosnia - Hoax?

  11.21.2012 22:56,  watchtower said: 

What an insult to our intelligence. IF anyone remembers the old Flash Gordon shows from 1954 you will get my point. What a joke.

07.20.2013 18:22, Paladin replied:

Fake, or not it took some doing to get all those people to react at the same time in the same direction. The shadow of the ship on the roof top at the end looked cool too. All of this in a war torn country. I've only watched it once so far so, I'll look at it a few more times before I can decide what it is I'm actually seeing.
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