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Inside the Hollow Earth
hollow Earth theory

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 Inside the Hollow Earth 
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Title:  Inside the Hollow Earth
Keywords:  hollow Earth theory
Category:     Full-Length Documentary 
Date added:  08.20.2013 10:33
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  Comments On Inside the Hollow Earth

  08.29.2013 13:59,  researcheroftruth said: 

I have family within the Earth who come up periodically to say "Hi." In altered states they've shown me things related to their lives. Yes, some of them are very tall (my head rests all the way back on shoulders) to look at them. What I understand is that they are multi-dimensional. Those who are INVITED to go in (only way I intuit to get in), can go via "North Pole." On one trip, we went via a small ship into a mountain cliff entrance (I intuited the entrance was remote, dimensionally disguised with a simple house sitting next to it); we then went into the earth so fast that each layer of strata looked like it was about 1" wide only. They have a lightening speed monorail system. Some entrances, once inside, are made of grey granite-looking rock and have symbols on the lintels (to designate where you are?). People gather on beach to honor the rising of the Sun. They have wonderful gardens and homes. The light is brighter, clean and crisp. I was taken on a watership of some kind that took us across the ocean in a second. "Hollow Earth" is not a theory, but truth. Just ask the Tibetan Lamas. Lama Tuesday Lobsang Rampa talked about it too. And it doesn't surprise me that the original members of the TRUE "lost tribes of 'Israel'" are inside. I once ended up in a chamber that I intuited was inside of the Earth, where the Ark of the Covenant is kept. It is being held within a large (approximately 12x12') grey granite-looking rock vault that sits about 4' high. It is continuously guarded by 1 representative of each tribe who stand around it here and there. These guards wear the robes, headpieces and breastplates with gems that they used to wear back in the day. I personally don't adhere to the "God of the Israelites" (Jehovah) because I consider him to be a lesser god and associated with the Archons, etc. And as the Christ said, "Jerusalem is full of Archons," who have always been, so-to-speak, a thorn in the side of Light workers there (and everywhere else). I have Mayan, Nabataean, and Ashkenazi roots; hence probably why I've been shown what I've posted (and so much more). Hope it helps trigger some of your memories! :)

  08.24.2013 03:15,  BOWFAST said: 

Why would they want to let in a nuclear powered ice breaker loaded with people of the spirit of Columbus? Check your history, it's obvious. Will they also be bringing their slaughter houses with them, to feed their greed and lust for flesh? Some paradise it would be.

08.28.2013 14:05, dboyko replied:

I guess Atlantida is located inside of the Earth.
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