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Stalking Shadows: The Most Chilling Experiences of a Paranormal Investigator by Debi Chestnut

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If the world of the paranormal were a house, Stalking Shadows would be its wicked basement. And like a basement full of sinister energy, this collection of true stories is powerful enough to snuff out your flashlight, leaving you trembling in the darkness.

Join psychic medium and paranormal investigator Debi Chestnut as she explores twelve terrifying true encounters with ghosts, dark beings, and negative entities. Discover an abandoned house of horrors that becomes more evil with every victim it claims. Follow a tortured spirit trapped in a forsaken mirror. Feel the savage pain of a distraught ghost that screams out in agony. Once you descend into the paranormal basement, you’ll uncover the true lives of the dead—in thrilling ways you never expected.


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