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Masonic “Paratrooper Style” Knife

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This uniquely styled Masonic knife is patterned after a World War II Era paratrooper knife, with its manual “out the front” opening style blade.This knife ingeniously incorporates the Masonic compass and and square symbols. All metal construction, with a stainless steel blade. Measures 5.5″ closed, 9″ when fully opened.

The opening mechanism of this knife is illustrated in the series of photos. To start, pull the two halves of the handle apart. This will reveal the masonic square which holds the blade. As the handle spreads apart, the blade will begin to open through a slot in the end of the handle. When the handle is pulled apart as far as it will go, you then push on the center of the “square” under the end of the blade to continue opening the knife. When fully opened, the 2 halves of the handle will then be back together.

Knife comes in a blue Masonic cardboard box with a vacuum formed insert.

PLEASE NOTE: The white paint that covers the “FREE MASON” on the clip that holds it together, is unique with each knife. Sometimes, the white does not always cover the words. This is NOT a defect, or signs the knife is used, rather, it is how they come 🙂


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