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Legend of the Goatman: Horrifying Monsters, Cryptids and Ghosts

2013 / Color / Full Screen / 70 mins plus Special Features

Residents of Maryland claim a half man, half goat creature haunts the forest in Prince George County causing the disappearance of family pets and some unlucky humans.

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Hikers and hunters have long reported encounters with a massive hairy creature in the Canadian Rockies. Scientists now admit it’s possible that unknown species are still lurking undiscovered in the rural parts of North America. In one amazing encounter, a prospector was kidnapped and held prisoner in a cave for six days by a family of these mysterious creatures.

In Virginia, a giant swamp covering two states is reportedly filled with these mysterious beings as well as ghosts and spirits of the dead. Experts reveal that the earth is littered with vortexes, places where magnetic lay lines converge and the accepted rules governing time and space no longer apply as spirits move freely from one dimension to another and strange creatures mysteriously appear and disappear at will.



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