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Haunted North America

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When it comes to spine chilling paranormal activity, restless spirits can be found in a wide variety of places far away from morgues and crypts. For example traveling guests experience a brokenhearted bride and phantom bellboy haunting the halls of the Fairmont Algonquin Resort; while a lighthouse keeper who was brutally hacked to death remains on duty at Gibralter Point.  At Kingston Penitentiary inmate Charles Hewell was known for viciously attacking guards and prisoners alike. While he was eventually killed, Hewell has continued his reign of terror from beyond the grave.  Even high-end country clubs can feature lonely specters walking the golf course in search of a lost love and justice. Prepare to visit a host of haunted locations and encounter the terrifying spirits who reside there, while enjoying an array of terrifying paranormal phenomena in the strangest places. Shocking stories that will curl your toes and chill your bones.

“Scary true stories.” – Deadly Indie Drive In.

“Entertaining and chilling.” –  moviesforguyswholikemovies.com


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