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2012: An Awakening

2012: An Awakening, 60 plus minutes

Explore the mystery of the 2012 prophecy in a whole new light. This film goes deeper than the vague predictions made by ancient prophets and seers; it explores how the earth is in the middle of a transformation that will change the way we live our lives forever.

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Understand how the changes we see around us are unfolding right now. Learn the true nature of the Mayan Calendar, understand the workings and meanings of its cycles and end-date, and see that not only did the Maya track and measure time, cycles and nature, but they charted a galactic alignment that occurs once every 26,000 years.

Featuring the leading authors in the 2012 genre, including David Icke, Patrick Geryl, Adrian Gilbert, Geoff Stray, Gregg Braden, Annabel Burton, Peter Taylor and John Major Jenkins.

Produced by Winterhill Productions over a period of 18 months while travelling around the globe interviewing the experts. Made in association with Conscious Media Network and Reality Films.


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