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Bug Detectors

  • Bug Detector with Strength MeterBug Detector with Strength Meter
    $218.99 $199.99

    Bug Detector with Strength Meter

    Some people, in this day and age, know that we are constantly “being watched” and listened to, and they would like to have more knowledge, if they can, about when and where this is happening.

  • Full Range Camera and Bug DetectorFull Range Camera and Bug Detector
    $39.99 $29.99

    Full Range Camera and Bug Detector

    The light-weight and easy to use Full Range Camera and Bug Detector will find all types of hidden wired and wireless cameras using the latest in laser frequency visual detection methods!
  • Hand-Held Radio Frequency CounterHand-Held Radio Frequency Counter
    $199.99 $189.99

    Hand-Held Radio Frequency Counter

    This is the very latest technology in hand-held radio frequency detection. Since we live in a day and age when “Big Brother” is always, seemingly watching and listening to us, and we have the ability to obtain low-cost gadgets which seem like they came from a James Bond film, we can have a certain peace of mind.

  • Lens Finder Bug DetectorLens Finder Bug Detector
    $71.99 $67.99

    Lens Finder Bug Detector

    The Wired or Wireless Camera Multifunctional Detector combines the latest laser frequency visual detection methods, as well as detecting the wide band radio frequency (RF) of wireless video and/or audio transmitters (bugs), in an easy to use hidden bug detector.