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Who doesn’t want to be a spy? This section contains the special tools to gain an edge on keeping tabs on those around you. All items here are sold brand new, and factory sealed/boxed, unless noted.

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    $119.99 $109.99

    IP Wireless Camera w/ Pan & Tilt

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    $249.99 $219.99

    QuickVent Safe with RFID Locking System

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    $209.99 $169.99

    Hidden Camera Brown Satchel With 1080p HD Video

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    $49.99 $29.99

    Heavy Hitter Aluminum Bat Flashlight

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    $17.99 $15.99

    Police Force Mini Tactical Cree Flashlight w/ Slide Zoom

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    $349.99 $199.99

    Digital Wireless Camera DVR – PERFECT for Investigations!

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    $229.99 $149.99

    PIR DVR w/ Remote

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    $21.99 $16.99

    Can Safe – Dog Food

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    $29.99 $17.99

    Diversion Safe – Surge Protector

    Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim’s home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. This unique “safe” allows you to hide your valuables discreetly inside what looks just like a surge protector- the last place a thief would think to look.

    Please note that this is not a real surge protector.

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    $19.99 $14.99

    Book Safe

    Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim’s home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. With this product you can hide your valuables in the last place a thief would think to look – in an ordinary book.

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    $74.99 $62.99

    World’s Smallest Thumbsized Spy DVR with voice activation (4GB)

    At only 2 and one-quarter inches by three-quarters of an inch, the thumb-size DVR is a portable and convenient way to record video (with audio). It also has a voice-activated feature. The DVR will start to record whenever the decibel level is greater than 60 dB (normal conversation) in 2 minute cycles until the decibel level falls below 60 dB. The DVRTS uses a standard 4GB micro SD card (which is included) and will support up to a 8 GB micro SD card (not included) to record 720 x 480 and 30 FPS AVI video. It has several unique clip brackets that allow you to attach the camera practically anywhere: a magnetic bracket, a wall-mountable bracket and an alligator clip bracket. It comes with a built in lithium rechargeable battery that will record for 2 hours.

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    $218.99 $199.99

    Bug Detector with Strength Meter

    Some people, in this day and age, know that we are constantly “being watched” and listened to, and they would like to have more knowledge, if they can, about when and where this is happening.

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    $199.99 $189.99

    Hand-Held Radio Frequency Counter

    This is the very latest technology in hand-held radio frequency detection. Since we live in a day and age when “Big Brother” is always, seemingly watching and listening to us, and we have the ability to obtain low-cost gadgets which seem like they came from a James Bond film, we can have a certain peace of mind.

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    $79.95 $69.95

    USB Fash Drive Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with 4GB

    The USB-DVR is disguised as an ordinary flash drive. It functions not only as the DVR, but a 4 GB flash drive as well.

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    $109.99 $79.99

    World’s Smallest HD Spy DVR with TFT Screen

    With the worlds smallest HD Spy DVR with a color TFT Screen, you can record just about anything!

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    $138.99 $74.99

    Digital Alarm Clock DVR with motion detector 4GB

    This digital alarm clock will easily blend in anywhere; only you will know that it is actually a DVR, recording sight and sound. It is perfect for covert surveillance, such as keeping an eye on the babysitter, watching what employees are doing, etc. There are many inferior units on the market that look similar to ours on the outside, but are much different on the inside. Our high-quality DVR has several different recording options: regular recordings of sight and sound with the push of a button, sound only recording, still picture camera, or motion-detection recording. The motion detection feature allows you to record only when something is happening, saving battery life and memory. The Spy Digital Alarm Clock DVR can also be used as a web camera using the included driver. A remote control is also included, which will allow you to start the camera from up to 60 feet away. The recordings are saved to a removable SD card ( 4 GB microSD card included). The DVR can support up to a 32 GB microSD card. The unit allows you to have total video memory storage of 240 minutes. Video is recorded using the Samsung color camera at a resolution of 640×480 in AVI format at 30 FPS. Photos are taken in JPG format with the resolution of 1600×1200. Just connect the clock to the USB port on your computer and you are ready to see the video with Windows Media Player (may require a codec) or pictures using your favorite JPG viewer. The built-in 2200mA lithium battery will provide up to 2 hours of straight recording time.

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    $73.36 $71.99

    Azimporter Tiny Wireless Security Spy Surveillance Protection 2.4Ghz Camera

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    $39.99 $27.99

    Police Force T6 Cree Flashlight w/ Slide Zoom

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    $94.99 $59.99

    Hidden Camera Mini Spy

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    $18.99 $13.99

    Can Safe – Ajax