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why wasn't bin laden captured alive ???

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Postby ricardo » Tue May 01, 2012 12:30 am

I'm curious. our operations people know dead men tell no tales. but ,
conversely, capturing BL alive- along w/ a couple of his wives , could have
provided much needed military intelligence not otherwise obtained.

in addition,OBN - capture and not death. will have allowed an
unprecedented teaching moment, to study the mind, philosophy,
and motivations behind his movement, separate from the often
convoluted (basement-armchair )security analysts .
those who seek to define, like an difficult metaphor , an authors true intent ,or meaning, context, more often than not, steering political debate that can result in tragic unpredictable actions/results.

I think our military leadership had a failure to communicate ,on the tactical side- for not explaining the benefits( strategic) wisdom , of capturing high value targets alive.

even if an released tape shows he fought , operations involving extractions
of hostiles , techniques , are effective and worth the risk . he could have
shed light on the location of where some of his command structure is residing.
the resistance was minimal . no heavy weapons , and easily dispatched.

furthermore this; 'discussion' on torture , seems moot. it's not whether it works,
because it does, but it's hideously inhumane , barbaric , and against the law. we can expect nothing less from our enemies. mild techniques/ stress conditions no distinction. it's torture. these methods should fall under the same restrictions.
whom was leading on this breakdown ? political sources? I doubt any military
commanders ,whom had seen war , up close and personal ,will endorse such behavior, nor tolerate it.

his location was w/ out a doubt , in my opinion , an collaborative effort from many agencies and persons. some , not in the chain of command or structure.
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