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What is time?

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Postby at1with0 » Mon May 13, 2013 6:49 pm

greeney2 wrote:confusing me isn't much of a challenge. :lol:

Confusion is often felt while learning is occurring.

What I observed was that only combinations with even numbered allowed for the points to intersect the center line between far left and far right points. All combinations with an odd number of center points left the center as a open space and could not intersect that centerline. Not sure if this constitutes some mathematical truth, rule, or not? Not an expert for sure, but maybe it is more a geometry rule of some sort. I am assuming all points are equally spaced on the plane they are appearing.

Well that goes to classify different logics. You're describing a feature about logics.

In fact, you are connecting a fact about logics and geometry. I'm not sure what it means but here's a related insight. Binary logic is defined to have two truth values, "false" and "true" or "0" and "1" or "F" and "T". This could be visualized as a pair of points. Next is three-valued logic which could be visualized by a triangle. 4 truth values as a square. n truth values as an n-sided polygon. That I find interesting is that fewer than three points cannot form a polygon with positive area and fewer than three truth values result in naive set theory being contradictory.
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Postby Fut004 » Fri May 17, 2013 9:05 am

greeney2 wrote:
Bottom line is only your written description is making me look at it with the conditions, values, and concept of the hands, you suggest. Nothing I see by just viewing the video gives me this impression. Not even sure if and sum of FMT added up, changes to a new letter, that would be the correct answer as it scrolls forward. I'll take your word for it if you programmed the chart.

Not only this, but dude claims that this FTM Clock measures "Truth".
Seems to me like somebody's off their rocker.
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Postby at1with0 » Fri May 17, 2013 10:45 am

Fut004 wrote:Seems to me like somebody's off their rocker.

Yes, I am but that's besides the point. :snooty:

How do you define truth? Let's start with that.

A very simple definition of time is that it is what a clock measures.

The usual clock's hour hand roughly resembles the shadow on a sun dial at or near the equator. Therefore, the clock has something to do with the rotation of the Earth. When 24 hours=1 day pass, the hour hand has circled around (more or less) exactly twice.

Consequently, time would then have to do with the rotation of the Earth. Or the rotation of the Earth is a sign of time's presence.

However, a clock need not measure the rotation of the Earth. I have a clock that measures the truth values in the if-then conditional in 3-valued logic such that when reduced to usual 2-valued logic, the if-then truth values are the usual ones. In the usual 2-valued logic if-then is true unless the antecedent is true and the consequent is false. This corresponds to the following table:

A B "If A then B"
F F T.

In 3-valued logic, one can arrange the overall truth value of if-then in a 3x3 matrix when A is allowed to be any of three truth values and B is also allowed to be any of three truth values. There are 9 entries in such a table but since it must reduce to usual 2-valued logic in the binary case, 4 entries are fixed corresponding to the truth table above. This leaves 5 entries that can change; each of the five entries can assume any value of the three truth values so there are 3^5 = 243 different combinations.

In this table, F corresponds to the truth value "false", T corresponds with "true" and M corresponds to the truth value that isn't true nor false (there are several interpretations).

The table is being read is IF (row) then (column) and the entry then says what the defined truth values are in that case. Notice how the corners never change which is how the thought "it reduces to the binary case with binary truth values" is expressed.

So I am viewing this as a clock that is not measuring the rotation of the Earth but is, instead, measuring truth values.

So "what a clock measures" can be at least two different things.
"it is easy to grow crazy"
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