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Could Star Trek like voice recognition be near??

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Postby Kybasser » Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:44 am

Wow, I have to say, I really don't like trying to make sure I post stuff in the correct forum. I wonder, John if you read this, can this stuff be posted in the General Topics to kind of centralize discussions? Your board, your rules, and I'll gladly follow what you want done.

Anyway... Apple may be introducing Siri to desktop OS in their next release...

Source: ... 00969.html
Apple job posting points to Siri’s imminent arrival on OS X
By Zach Epstein | BGR News – 4 hrs ago

In line with reports from late last year, a new job posting on Apple’s (AAPL) website suggests the company plans to bring Siri functionality to its desktop operating system. First introduced with the iPhone 4S, Siri combines voice recognition with enhanced search features to create a virtual personal assistant of sorts. Siri is currently available only on iOS devices, but Apple’s “Siri UI Engineer” job listing specifically seeks programmers possessing ”familiarity with Unix, especially Mac OS X,” who have a ”passion for the Macintosh platform and writing simple, elegant software that is easy and fun to use.” Rumors suggest Siri could become available on Macs in the next major OS X release, OS X 10.9, which is expected to launch later this year.</em>
Wow, now if they could just get Majel ... dang brain freeze.. you know, the wife of the late Gene Roddenberry who did the voice for the computers in all the Star Trek shows after the original .. Barret, that's the name isn't it? We could all pretend to be Captain Kirks in our own homes!!!

Seriously though, this is a huge step to help those who have limited, or lack of use of their arms or hands, such as the myriad of soldiers who've lost limbs in our wars. Think how much this will help our productivity! Of course MS is still the most used in business, except advertising and graphic driven productions, as far as I know, so they will likely again "borrow" the technology.

Yes I'm a little cynical, but in reality this could really enhance our business sectors as well as enhancing the personal use for us at home users.

I think it is very cool!!!
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