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Rath Banned

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Postby blackvault » Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:08 pm

It is with much frustration that I have to post this. After MULTIPLE warnings on a multitude of issues, I have made the decision to ban rath from the boards.

Although I never like airing dirty laundry, I know we all have our points of view, and are all entitled to them. However, I feel the need to ensure to everyone that rath was given MULTIPLE warnings for his constant abuse of the rules and regulations here, and although out of the THOUSANDS of posters that have come around here over the years there have only been a few actual bans from the boards - I have now reached that line with rath.

The following led to the ban:

1) There were 4 official warnings tagged to rath's account by ME. Not a single warning was replied to for his disregard to the rules.
2) There were public warnings by ME to rath for a blatant disregard of the rules and regulations.
3) There were at least 5 warnings about citing third party material and posting copyrighted material as his own (this differs from properly posted articles - which is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE here). Although I understand not everyone will follow the exact rules and "format" to post an article, MANY of rath's posts were copy and pasted from other sources, and making it seem like it was his own words - not third party. This is a blatant copyright offense, of which *I* am responsible. He then, in other posts, would start to cite the sources, but only do so in the smallest font available. Another attempt to chastise my rules here of citing sources and just trying to go against everything I politely asked him to do.
4) In the past 12 hours, Rath decided to mass delete his posts in the Corporate Trade & Finance forum. Although everyone here has the right to delete their posts, this was a blatant attempt to destroy the archived resource in that forum - that HE helped build. 23 PAGES of posts were edited, and now read only "deleted". I will not restore from backup, as he has a right to delete - but this was also done to simply chastise me for the very few rules I do have here. I am confident this was done only to spite me.
5) Chastising "new" members here on the board, was the final straw... in addition to the above. I don't care if people are here for 5 seconds, or 15 years. We are all (including me) equal when it comes to our opinion, and I will not have people chased off for no reason.

I love this site more than ALMOST everything in my life. I pay literally HUNDREDS of dollars every month to keep it online, and it is not my intent to ban people and keep them away. On the contrary I welcome everyone here and hope that new members will continue to join. We all have our differing points of view and our differing national pride... and all of that is welcome here. But it is not at the expense of others or the reason this site was built. With the numbered reasons above, and others, this has led me to this decision for the better of this board and all of our experience here.

I am closing this thread to keep the issue closed, but if you do have anything to share with me, either agreement, disagreement, etc., you can do so at my personal email at john@GREENEWALD.COM. So everyone knows, I have also welcomed rath to write to me directly if he wants the account reinstated... but I will ask for reasons on why.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
John Greenewald, Jr.
The Black Vault Website Owner / Operator
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