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Although some attribute UFOs to being an ALIEN technology, it really isn't. Inside this forum, you are welcome to talk about UFOs, sightings, case files, and new events. Feel free to post videos, photographs, and whatever other evidence you want to share!

Postby MadMartian » Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:47 pm

Detailed show consisting of looking at Richard Hoagland's words over the years to SEE evidence of a CODE being spoken about by him. Hinting and cluing us all in to SEE and follow his breadcrumbs of trying to allude to for many years, in leading us all to SEE what I SEE & believe is UFO DIARIES & to SEE those New yet Old image data showing us all 'other' FACES OF MARS.

This show will detail , facts, connections & most of all, a CODE which Hoagland has been for many years speaking about in nearly everything he does or done over the years, that even imply, that at some point in the future, this ARTIFACT would be discovered. This CODE & The Alien Artifacts unseen before by public eyes!

In fact CONTACT was predicted as to what would occur. CONTACT NOT with the actual beings that created this code, or it's MODEL OF INTELLIGENCE (you'll learn of in this), but this contact would take place by discovering THEIR TECHNOLOGY! From a time in the past, of being who they once were, what THEY were doing there, as well as helping us all to SEEING who THEY, & HE, REALLY IS! By a model which is a mathematical problem to be seen & figured out in the future, by a code in the script that helps lead us all to SEE that ALIEN ARTIFACT! (New Face of Mars image) Where at that point (pun intended) we are all then asked a question. SURELY NO INTELLIGENT LIFE CAN SURVIVE THERE?

The fact of the matter is that this CODE DOWN THROUGH TIME is what Richard Hoagland has been spewing for all these many years from even the days of his UN appearances. In code alluding to something that was to be made of the OBJECTS AT CYDONIA. That in the future we may discover evidence from the past showing images of features on Mars which we all would see and discover as alien artifacts. Based upon a model of intelligence being a technology for contact, utilizing as Hoagland describes as Sir Arthur's SENTINEL MODEL! Utilizing this code creation also based upon Brookings policy. That in CODE, we can see and follow basics enough to see a picture of INTELLIGENCE emerge there detailing SECRET THINGS! SECRET HISTORY EVEN! Plus.... predictions for the future! Or a possible future! In seeing this code details one must TELL THE STORY 'SLANT'! Utilizing pieces of things spoken over the years by Hoagland, & others, that all connect to each other because of the very things stated. A Script if you will?! Hoagland admits to such as well over the years as we all shall hear in this show.

What ever it is I am doing here, I am trying to piece together the case I am investigating. It led me to SEE this CODE from the twilight zone. Or from another DIMENSION! Because communication is taking place, & has took place! Leading me to SEE other things inside this code. yet Hoagland admits to that much as well.

This is bizzarre & really weird yet Real. so VERY REAL, as I have & am still experiencing it's effects as it were. Changing my life forever. We shall SEE how much more so. But what I am doing here was meant to occur. Hoagland spells out that as being obvious also. IN CODE!

What you will see & hear of in this show is like being taught another language as it were, as is how I am interpreting that also as being the case. I am putting this out there in the way of how I came to SEE and still am utilizing to get the picture of the BIG PICTURE this all wants me & us all to SEE. It is still a work in progress.

However I SEE enough now to utilize many pieces to help YOU all SEE this ARTIFACT also. Seems we were all supposed to SEE this all in THIS manner as I am providing. Hoagland says that as well, as you will hear later. Confirming in fact what I am trying to do here and now.

This all was NOT meant to be painted as a pretty picture that was or is easy to paint. This is a test of OUR INTELLIGENCE! Remember the question in code from UFO Diaries was 'SURELY NO INTELLIGENT LIFE CAN SURVIVE THERE'?

The answer is YES! IT CAN & DOES! lol!

It is this question that this CODE of Cydonia Hoagland alluded to and still alludes to in recent days in all he says that in code, he is wanting if not trying to direct us all to SEE what he is referring to. This UFO DIARIES CYDONIA SOLAR SYSTEM SCALE MODEL OF INTELLIGENCE! We can SEE (especially now once pieced together) the ALIEN ARTIFACT, We SEE That Mathematical Problem, we SEE INTELLIGENT LIFE THERE!

Once seen & followed, Hoagland himself is in admittance to what is really going on UNDER THE COVER! He is being DIS-COVERED! Because we have a way INSIDE that helps us all to see & follow what is seen UNDERNEATH the surface. That allows us to SEE the SECRET HISTORY OF NASA! A statement that will take on a whole new meaning as was supposed to be seen in the future in what that means! Plus as to the WHO it is connected to.

Whatever this is, I believe and as Hoagland himself states, that what I am doing and in trying to show, is an acclamation type scenario unfolding.






PT 6 Being made....
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Postby MadMartian » Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:37 pm

Part 6 Now up for Richard Hoagland's Code Of The UFO's Down Through Time... Tying things together.
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Postby jkbailey » Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:02 pm

I did could not make any sense out of all that except that someone put forth great effort to make Hoagland look like some elses bitch......what am I missing
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