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The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby chlywily » Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:53 pm

We all need to take a moment, and realize how much work John &The Black Vault has done as far as disclosure goes. He has single handedly spent 15+ years doing that which we all think about doing, but either dont have the time, or dont have the patience to do. That is HUGE. I just recently joined the forum, and see the need to support him. He isn't asking for much of anything. Just enough to keep the website up and running. We all can afford $10 or $20 bucks once or twice a year. If every member just donated five or ten bucks a year, it would be more than enough to keep it going. If you want him to keep digging, keep calling, and keep bugging NORAD and the likes PLEASE show your support! WE NEED GUYS LIKE JOHN TO UNCOVER THE TRUTH. Aren't you all mad as hell at NASA? This new "project Orion"...Was that a joke? It is like they went back 50 years, and just put something out there so there was something, at least. Give me a break! We all deserve the truth. We CAN handle the truth. It is time for the electromagnetic technology to be revealed, and all the black box projects taken out of the black box. Lockheed stopped researching "manned bottle rockets" in the 50's. That is SIXTY + YEARS of research dedicated to the new anti-gravitational and electromagnetic technology. Look how far computing has come. Think long and hard about that. Now look at the space program. Technology wise, we have advanced MAYBE a decade "publicly". Do they really think we are that stupid? On September 10th 2001, they announced there was 2.3 TRILLION dollars MISSING from the books. Where do you think that money went? I bet I can tell you where most of it went. It is OUR money, they are all supposed to be PUBLIC SERVANTS. It is time to remove the veil and get our money's worth. Most of the UFO's are US, and not from other worlds. It is simply all this research that has come to fruition, but being hidden from us. As I end, think of this... If you recovered something 65 years ago that was in decent shape, (an alien craft for example) and had an unlimited budget, unlimited resources, and unlimited manpower, where would you be now? Project Orion? Didn't think so.... Really think about that. The Black Vault is one of very few resources that give us a chance of getting the truth. LETS GIVE HIM THE HELP HE NEEDS AND DESERVES.

I also want to personally thank you personally John. Thank you for doing all the digging. I have always been interested in what is "really going on" since my Grandmother started teaching me. When I was 8, she had unmarked black "birds" flying over her house, and was constantly harassed by "them" to try to get her to shut up! :) She is 95 now, and still going strong. I used to think she was crazy, but now I know better.
John, if you ever want to speak to someone that has been digging for the truth since 1940, let me know, and I will give you her phone number. She has done everything with simply a telephone, and "feet on the street". I promise that it would be well worth the time. She is full of "hidden truths", but not a "crackpot" like some turn out to be.

Keep up the good work!

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