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Monster canamaran set to star at Beer-can Regatta

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Postby rath » Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:17 pm

Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta 2012

What the F*ck is Beer Can Regatta?

Making ships from beer cans and racing them (the regatta part). Well why not? ... e-of-cans/


In its’ 39th year, the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta has made a commitment to providing $30,000 toward the NT Community in 2012.



THERE were cheers of elation and relief when 2.5 tonne colossus Extravacanz proved her seaworthiness ahead of her racing debut.

The 30,000 Beer can double-hull catamaran will be sure to make an impression when it appears at today's 2012 Beer Can Regatta at Mindil Beach in Darwin Australia.



In front of eager onlookers, Extravacanz was launched at Dinah Beach and did what it was supposed to - it floated.

Relieved skipper Mick Keely said he was never concerned about her ability to float.

But Mr Keely was glad the hard work was over.

"It's like a big relief," he said. "It's like now I can sit down and have a rest after six months (of work)."

Mr Keely said he hoped his impressive vessel would serve as an inspiration to those looking toward next year's Regatta, to aim higher and bring back the big boats.

"I think they'll just look and be in awe of what we've created," he said.

"I want them to look at it and say: 'That's what we're gonna do next year'."

The monster has a built-in cooler for 1080 cans of beer.

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History of Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta

The Beer Can Regatta has run for 35 years since 1974 and the Combined Lions Clubs of Darwin have been promoting the event for most of this time. Funds generated during the day are donated to various charities in the Darwin region each year.

The main boat races are between boats built out of beer or soft drink cans. The Beer Can Regatta is very much family day out for locals and is rapidly becoming a spectacular for the tourists to Darwin who line Mindil Beach cheering as the home made boats of cans wallow, flounder and sink. The fleet includes all kinds of boats; sometimes fitted with fire hoses and top secret "weaponry".

The Darwin Beer Can Regatta is commonly believed to have started as an unusual by-product of the devastation caused to Darwin by Cyclone Tracy in December 1974.
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Postby rath » Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:33 pm

In other sporting news

Alice Springs crowd watch camels race face off

Jennifer Ennion AAP July 15, 2012 12:26AM

THEY spit, groan, buck and have plenty of attitude, yet tourists flocked to Alice Springs to see them face off in the 42nd annual Camel Cup.

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Riding Chrissie, Phoebe Waters claimed the cup for the second year in a row on Saturday as a crowd of mainly out-of-towners cheered on at Blatherskite Park.

The 24-year-old from Darwin has been riding camels for as long as she can remember and also won the cup in 2007.

She says there's nothing to racing camels.

"There's no skill to it at all," Waters told AAP after the race.

"It's feet in the stirrups, hands on the bar, and hold on."

Although Waters has never fallen off a camel, she does get nervous.

"When we're at the start line especially, sitting on the camel ... there's always that thing in the back of your mind where you think 'if he gets up before me my knees gonna smash his saddle'."

Spectators can take part in rickshaw rallies, hobby camel challenges and the "honeymoon handicap", where "brides" are picked up halfway along the dirt track by their "grooms".

There are also fashions on the field, which this year led to men and women dressing up as vikings, Arabs and sailors, in between scoffing down camel steak burgers and pluto pups.

Official punting is off the agenda and there is no prize money; the locals are only interested in having a good time and fund raising.

Cup spokesperson Ian Rowan said $62,000 went back into the community from 2011 proceeds.

"What we like about it (is) the money stays in town to help local Alice Springs people," he said.

The first cup was started by Noel Fullerton, now 78, and was held in the Todd River, which runs through town and is generally dry.
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Postby rath » Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:42 pm

& for all you sporting fans.

The world most famous boat race ( Henley on Todd ) will be held on Saturday August 18, 2012

10:30am Henley-On-Todd Regatta Parade - Todd Mall
11:45am Henley-On-Todd Regatta Starts
(Northern end of the Todd Riverbed)

Watch on

Watch on
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