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how elite governments operate...layered, indeed...

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Postby ricardo » Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:17 am

I read and saw the reports on the group rant at the british embassy . the resultant reaction by closing the embassy and recalling staff. in the act of misplaced and wrong headed solidarity.several nations did the same.
was this by design ?

as for their populations / leadership , now w/very limited contact or communication w/ Iran. run the risk of socio political mishap ,perhaps on the scale of the greatest war crimes ever seen and heard but not prevented. because obfuscating dialogue appears to appeal to the elite bourgeois who acting the part of pied piper of truth and open governance , do exactly the opposite. and baby,
when that happens , all bets are off.

in the charade of normalcy these distractions and perversions will ultimately destroy mankind. whilst we watch and learn from via the tele exactly from paid media that convince us they have our best interests at heart. they know ?out of desperation , exasperation , and frustration .perhaps all three,to get any word out of the republic of Iran (Persia) was seen rationally ,as a imperative of national security.such necessity like human interpersonal relation are frought w/the vagaries of the human condition, it's often layered protective persona, takes on a life of its own. many times far from reality, especially acting disparate ,uncertain

calm seas are pleasant. but, the perfect storm can advance a ship across the political landscape , far greater much faster , conventional means... what is the
worth human kind ,when the blood from the 'grapes of wrath', weep to make the intoxicating wine for Demigods ? ...

what was by clear definition ,simple diplomacy, takes nation states to a new level of convoluted multitude of layers and hidden esoteric meaning. I speculate ,after the tactical withdrawal of major embassies staff in solidarity w/ the Brits who's embassy was over run by zealous iranians ,this was the result.the only hand extended to the Iranian leadership; desperate,for social exchange of ideas.

having been weakened by the cruel and tenacious sanctions, designed to weaken the Persian will ,and dignity, to the point of internal stife and instability. the Iranian leadership agreed to open interest(s)section. now media was busy. publically reporting news by day, and by night some,not all, were busy losing their objectivity .as if they had a role in actual diplomacy. or could possibly bring about change according to their idea.or their only has to look at the preferential treatment Israel receives,to understand this bias in media.

" based on agreement reached,Oman,will be Irans interest section in Britain,
and sweden will be britians interest section in Iran." at present ,the united states maintains a interest section in the Swiss embassy in tehran (Iran), while Iran maintains its own interest section in the embassy of Pakistan in washington D.C. (U.S.A.) " ( FUBAR)

because dear friends,I'm really bad at analogies.the only thing approximating the confusion,i see our geopolitical diplomacy heading is this amazing gem from former defence secretary Donald 'rums' Rumsfeld." there are known knowns,there are things we know that we know,there are known unknowns,that is to say,there are things that we know we don't know.but there are also unknown unknowns,there are things we don't know we don't know. " that was beautiful daddy ' o' ...

in summary , front door diplomacy is best , that way , who's in the ' shadows'
leading the donkey by the tail, might be seen in the light of day. what if ?
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:02 am

case in point / for example ;

Internet tv poll, Persia .(Iran)

either resistance or stand down ... perhaps falsely interpreted to mean Iranians prefer not to enrich uranium , demonstrative a peace loving people, rather
military confrontation . lol , why does this not surprise me ?

cyber punked or staged questions ?

I do applaud those that at least understood the steering by question; and brave enough to acknowledge it. the term is called , " PIGEONHOLING"
it's tough if you know people in the home country. Its palpable.
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