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Postby WarAngel » Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:28 am

Warning MAJOR SPOLIERS ahead if you have not seen the latest film

The film changes so much with just a few events. The most important being the destruction of Vulcan and loss of most of the population. The new colony's location has not been revealed so it could be almost anywhere.

This means no Mount Seleya. So what happens if alternate Spock dies? They could probably still revive him, but this happens shortly before the Whale Probe shows up. What happens then? Considering that the colony would be further away from Earth than Vulcan was how much more damage will be done?

Somehow the Federation already knows about the Vulcan/Romulan connection so it won't be a revelation in this reality's version of "Balance of Terror." Maybe in this version the Commanders words will come true with he and Kirk being friends.

This Enterprise is apparently more advanced than the prime reality version. So they may not be undergoing a refit at the time of V'Ger's arrival. Should make things interesting.

As for characters, what about David Marcus and Saavik? Will either exist.

So many possibilities. I hope they are explored in future material. The next movie should help.
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