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theft of culture is ' right ' of invaders... ?

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Postby ricardo » Sat May 12, 2012 11:54 am

from antiquity to present , foreign invaders have assimilated and conquered a given people. through nihilistic practices. a subjucated people are under total control , integration or dispersion . when it's history is obfuscated by its destruction of culture. by definition: it's written accounts history (books) (media)
(culture) oral traditions,artifacts through archeological excavations, ( digs)
and music... (not unusual to see a supplicants culture superimpose or displace
present conditions , for complete domination.

this technique , perfected by the Germans in ww2 against Jewish existence .
involves the destruction, confiscation , of their history and culture. is undisputed in classic warfare. nihilism is best when generations are not able to transmit the
given cultures history , religion , practices, and methods of governance.
ultimately , for reasons not understood, popular and widespread resistance to the German military was not powerful enough to avoid , hitlers final solution.
death and dispossession of millions of Jews during ww2

confiscation by israelian invaders in Palestinian territories during the 1948 nakba,
of books and property of native Palestinians , is a classical example.
similarly , historical books , and artifacts of Palestinians are held by the israelian government. other contemporary examples of denial of culture exists when,
countries compete for dwindling resource and their control. control of these resources are reason for many conflicts in the world today.

unique in modern times is the undeclared ongoing "war on terrorism"
Persia or today's Iran has seen attempts to manipulate political aims
orientation via implementation of laws that allow confiscation of properties,
and legal recourse that used to be the Civil domain transfer to a war footing.
nebulous by definition , anything that stands in the way of progress , defined by
the victors during conflict makes right any actions. and, allows for rather wide
definitions and loose associations easily actionable by legal judgement.

such was the goal of the terrorism risk insurance act. to offer reinsurance
for risk adverse elements whom were victims of so called acts terrorism.
reguardless of legal status of opposition groups in international opinion.
defined by issuing governments.

in attack by Hamas in against israelians in 1997 illustrates the legal precedent
of dilution of culture by legal means. plaintiffs/ claimants sued under the foreign sovereign immunities act ( indemnification ) and won. seeking to collect
a financial judgement against The Islamic republic of Iran. for a loose association
of support , for unproven causative results !

this court judgement has opened the door for the destruction of culture. now Iranian historical artifacts anywhere in the world may be sold ( ruling on appeal) to satisfy the court financial award/ruling.

it is as if... the people whom write the laws, then implement enforcement retroactively after construing a definition of a crime that fits/compliments the behavior. ( desired outcome)

new Iran sanctions targeting persian/ Iranian artifacts (priceless archaeological
finds) in museums , will allow lawyers to seize and sell to the highest bidder.
a countries cultural heritage and thus , a civilization. arguably, is not a country
or civilization a product of its history. a foundation from which to build ?

like the nakba of the Palestinian homeland in 1948 by israelian invasion forces,
the confiscation and historal cultural delegitimization of Iran by confiscation
and selling to the highest bidder, of cultural artifacts , or Palestine ,by stealing land and historical books...allowed by law will diminish their culture and thus political authority and allow invaders control and or further colonization of palestinian land or precious resources as well.
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Postby ricardo » Thu May 24, 2012 11:01 pm

center for stategic counterterrorism communications...

notable goals . but, I feel the new division unnecessary and misguided. even a duplication of cyber warrior out of intel.) it blurs our distinction on our greatest asset and that is a extension of our hard faught -American values.

what does it say about America when we have to lie, cheat , steal , seduce, bribe and f### our way out of difficult situations / to get our message across ?

what does the tactic of counterpropaganda against religion say about our message? in spite of violent rhetoric . or graphic postings. (the truth will set you free.) we should battle ideas w/ superior argument and debate . not, falsity
deceit and deception. (outside of war.)

is this a example of how to build trust ? because , it's counterproductive.
on its 'face value' it has the potential to adversely negatively effect the ability of
nongovernmental orgainizations in host countries , especially medical delivery
systems and providers.

w/ such false information it's probable to surmise ,
that real information will become confused w/ false propaganda and the people who suffer most ,will be civillians seeking medical care, who are least able to
distinguish truth/reality , from deception.

and , this in itself will cost America lives and much needed trust in areas of the world where the initials USA on a 40lb bag of rice used to mean something good .
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