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First class for Ron Paul

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Postby greeney2 » Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:02 pm

The are all so full of boloney its not funny. Ron Paul talks a good story, than climbs aboard flights to fly first class. Just another hipocrite!

PostsWebsiteBy Paul Roy | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 2 hrs 37 mins agoEmailShare0Print
COMMENTARY | It certainly is a good thing there are people out there who are watching our tax dollars, making sure we aren't spending any more than we have to. The latest? The Associated Press has found Republican congressman and presidential hopeful Ron Paul has spent $25,000 more than he should have on airfare. Yup, seems he is booking first-class tickets between Houston and Washington instead of flying in economy class.

Since Paul is running on eliminating waste in the federal government, it would seem that he should be "walking the walk and talking the talk," according to Steve Ellis, head of a budget watchdog group, as quoted in an AP report. The report also mentions looking at Rep. Michele Bachmann's expenses as well and found she also flew first class.

When do you think the AP or the Taxpayers for Common Sense will release a report on how much of our tax dollars are spent by another candidate on his trips? Of course, I refer to Barack Obama, who has his own taxpayer-funded private jet that brings flying first class to a whole new level.

Should Paul follow his lead when it comes to flying? Is he being hypocritical when he talks about spending cuts yet doesn't watch his own spending? With the amount of the deficit in the trillions, would $27,621 make a difference? It would if each representative were to do the same; then we might be talking some real money.

Paul has said he will eliminate $1 trillion from the budget, mostly by eliminating three government departments and a lot of foreign aid, perhaps his travel budget would be a good place to start? He claims to be the tea party candidate and has made claims he founded the tea party movement, and one of its core principles is fiscal responsibility. Setting an example by getting your own house in order would be a good start.
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