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Postby Cole_Trickle » Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:45 am

It's time to give peace a chance, that will mean telling the truth, the real truth. Many people are rooted into a belief and this belief is most often based on false information, or misleading information. The current topic is Iran and all of the negotiations or peace talks, or arms deals, or agreements are being undermined by that little country in the middle east named Israel.

Why is it that Israel can have Nukes and no other country within the area should? Why? I'm sure many people have an opinion on this matter, hopefully an informed opinion and not a belief or emotion based one. Further: attacking Iran or bombing Iran is ABSOLUTELY BS....No country, NONE will ever attack Iran....1..Iran hasn't done anything to anyone. 2. If so then the only way to ship Oil from the region will be IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY shut down!!!! Do you grasp this? If not just look at the map of the it closely..

You see this is fearmongering psyop's 101.......loud mouthed idiots shilling for attention in a means of fleecing the American tax payers. That's all it really is, a show.

A peaceful solution visa diplomacy.......I'm not sure why that's even necessary.......Simply give peace a chance, but that would mean killing the war machine and all those think tank clowns who need to be jailed anyway. I fear too much money is at stake, but I suppose one can still dream.

Give peace a chance, bring em all home.

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