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Martial Law in Canada: G20 Summit in Toronto 2010 and more!

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Postby Fut004 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:09 am

Although this topic/event is a few years old now, I've recently discovered an amazing documentary and I'd like to draw people's attention to it.

I'm sure we all know what the G20 is and what they're supposed to be meeting for, so I won't be getting into any of that. What I do want to focus on, however, is specifically the events of the G20 Summit in Toronto 2010.

I'm a resident of Toronto, so when word came that the summit was being held in downtown Toronto I was instantly interested. Seeing how I visits sites such as this one, my mindset was quite different than the average citizens' in this city.

On the Friday before the summit, my girlfriend and I went downtown to check things out. Although nothing had really started at this point, it was quite clear to me that things were going to turn out badly for the city. Those in charge of the summit had called in massive amounts of law enforcement and had erected large concrete & chain-link barricades throughout the entire downtown core - all of this at the cost of close to $1 Billion dollars!

Again, nothing had started when I was down there. It was fairly early in the morning, so there were barely any people down town and no protesters that I could tell. Thousands of police officers had taken up positions in the city though. Every street corner had barricades, and 5+ officers hanging around. Not just normal officers, these police were in armor and had riot helmets on their belts. We saw police every where, on foot, on bicycles, motorcycles, mounted divisions on horseback, countless cruisers and vans. I have never felt so intimidated in my entire life - and all I was doing was taking a walk.

To this day, I haven't forgotten the feeling I got from being down there at that time. The entire thing just felt wrong.

Enough rambling though. Onto the point of the thread!
Recently I stumbled across a small group of independent reporters/activists located here in Toronto - PRESS FOR TRUTH. They have made a documentary about the G20 Summit that took place in Toronto - and it's absolutely shocking. What I personally saw on that Friday is a joke compared to the events that took place over that weekend.

Everybody reading this should take the time to watch this documentary.
Full Length Documentary: Into The Fire - Dan Dicks, Press for Truth.

"World leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 summit. With over 19,000 police officers and security personal on hand the results lead to over 1100 arrests, martial law in downtown Toronto and the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history."

It not only shows the brutality that took place, the blatant infringement of peoples Civil Rights and Freedoms - it also illustrates the agenda of TPTB.

In Toronto 2010, Martial Law took over and turned the city into a Police State. Random people on the streets were forced to show identification, forced into illegal searches, and illegally detained for hours.

In Boston 2013, Martial Law took over and turned the city into a Police State. Peoples' homes were illegally entered and searched by police and military.

It's not hard to see the pattern of events, and the escalation of police enforcement. It's frightening to imagine how things will be during the next event - I'm sure we can all agree that another event is coming.

So, please. I urge you all to watch the video linked/embedded above, share it with your friends and anybody else who you think will watch it. This isn't a problem for one country, or one group of people, this is a problem for everybody across the globe.

I look forward to your comments!!
Martial Law is real, TPTB have been practicing.
Must watch video, especially for Canadians: Into the Fire - See what actually happened at the G20 Summit in Toronto.
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Postby Fut004 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:11 am

Looks like this thread has had quite a few views already, I really hope that at least of couple of you took the time to watch the video I had posted. It's really an eye-opener if you ask me. Once I started watching, I was glued to the screen - just couldn't believe what I was seeing. This sort of behavour isn't supposed to be happening in Canada!

This recent realization of mine; specifically that the "Police State" isn't just happening in the US, but also in Canada, has had me researching this more and more over the last little while. It's led me to some other videos of interest.

Back in 2007 there was a meeting held in a small village in Quebec. The leaders of the USA, Mexico and Canada met to discuss the SPP - Security and Prosperity Partnership. As per usual, activists from all over showed up in order to practice their right to assembly and to voice their opinions. They were met with a massive police presence, and although there were no major riots during the event some interesting things did happen.

By "interesting things" I'm of course referring to the police instigating trouble in order to stop the protests, as well as make it seem like large protests always erupt into violence. Some of you may be wondering why the police would ever want to do such things. The truth is, nobody knows for sure, but clearly it is happening. Some people, myself included, believe that they do this In order to gain more control/power over the people. If they can convince enough people that large protests always end in riots, people will demand for more police presence at large events, or just in general.

So here it is, the video evidence of the Police Provocateurs in Montebello Quebec 2007:

In case there are still people in disbelief, the local police later admitted that the men were "officers performing their duties".

There is also a documentary regarding the protests to the SPP Meeting in Montebello Quebec in 2007, that I really think everybody should watch.
Full length documentary: The Nation's Deathbed - Dan Dicks, Press for Truth.
Martial Law is real, TPTB have been practicing.
Must watch video, especially for Canadians: Into the Fire - See what actually happened at the G20 Summit in Toronto.
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Postby Fut004 » Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:59 am

Almost 300 views of the topic, but still not a single reply.
I sincerely hope that a few of you have taken the time to watch the videos posted... Even if it's just 1 or 2 people, I'd be happy.

Anyhow, here's a nice video that was sent to me the other day. It doesn't take place in Canada, but it's definitely worth watching! Besides, it's only about a minute long. This is a positive video, for once, that shows hope is not lost.

Italian Police remove their Riot Helmets and march in solidarity with protesters!

If nothing else, it shows that some officers are waking up to the bullshit that our societies have become. Such an uplifting thought! With any luck, or with the help of fellow Black Vaulters, this video will spread, and will convince other officers of the law that they don't have to be the enforces of tyrants any longer!

When I was younger, I'd watch videos of protests and I'd think to myself that their chants and songs were lame - they were just rehashing the same old things that protesters used back in the 60s and 70s. But now, with more knowledge in my head, and more wisdom in my soul, I see that the old slogans are perfect. Absolutely perfect!

The people united will never be defeated

We, as people, need to unite. No more of this "us against them" in any respect: country vs country, religion vs religion, gender vs gender, race vs race - all of it is complete bullshit. We're all people, and we all have a common enemy these days; oppressive government that has overstepped it's boundaries 100 times over now. We must unite against the tyrants at the top of the pyramid scheme we call society.

The final nail in the coffin for "the elite" is within our grasp. All it takes is for the people in charge of suppressing us - the police, the military - to open their eyes and see what's really happening. Once they join the side of freedom, the side of actually caring for human rights - there's nothing that The Powers That Be can do to us.

Think about it, and spread the word.
Martial Law is real, TPTB have been practicing.
Must watch video, especially for Canadians: Into the Fire - See what actually happened at the G20 Summit in Toronto.
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