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Alien Abductions and Extraterrestrial Entities

Victor's Alien Interview: conclusion

The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby BOBZILLAaliens125 » Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:14 pm

The Victor Alien interview is probably nothing new to most of you here, but I'll just post it here for the newcomers, and to finally debunk this thing once and for all. Out of nowhere, a guy, going by the name of "Victor" (but is rumored by some to be Bob Dean), stated that he had an Alien Interview tape that he stole from the S4 section of Area 51! Naturally, the media began to frenzy over the idea and tape. The tape was released to the media after they payed for it. Yes, he asked for payment. He has been interviewed dozens of times and has had a few documentaries released of him and his Alien friend. He has also stated that the reason there is no sound to the tape is to help protect the identities of the people in the video. Funny how later he says that the alien was communicating through telekinesis. Many have claimed since that the alien is just a puppet, but Victor asked people to try to prove the video was a fake. He was supposedly that convinced it was the real thing. Well, you'll never believe the truth behind this video. Heck, I was a bit shocked myself when I found out! Before I go any further though, here is the infamous video:

Of course, no youtube video with aliens is complete without the comments-

Furthermore, he also gave us a photo of the supposed "Alien Being".
This was his big mistake. Notice anything strange about the photo? Besides the alien of course! I'm pretty sure that guy's hand would not look like that! I mean, LOOK AT IT!! That is some fine photoshop if you ask me. But what would he be photoshopping out? Notice the position of the other hand and how it is facing the alien. The guy was holding a paint brush.

But here's the really shocking part. So we know that this video is a fake already, but who designed and made the alien? I mean, it is pretty damn detailed and realistic to just be from some random hoaxer right? Well guess what? You may have seen this alien before way long before this tape was ever "released". A tv show called "Dark Skies" has a strikingly similar, if not, the exact same Alien model/suit in it!!!!

What an amazing back story to an extremely controversial video. But now the questions no one is thinking of is How and Why? How did "Victor" get this prop? Did he really have the money to buy it? Also, what ever happened to the other people in the video? Wouldn't they have stepped out by now and have said "Hey we were in this!!"? I have a crazy theory that maybe this video was made by the company that made Dark Skies, or at least some of the people that helped make it, to either promote the TV show while making money or to dis-inform the gullible public while making money. But this is all just speculation, what do you guys think?

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