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Postby magonia17 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:53 pm

For over 6 months now many Freedom of Information Act Requests have been filed to USNORTHCOM, pertaining to procedures, and actually reports generated as a result of their operational activities.

Some of the procedures where released, but as yet the actual reports generated have not been forthcoming. TOI or Tracks of Interest as unclassified but maintained on a "Canadian" system. It has been confirmed that these records were generated on this system, so it is more than likely that they are accessible via the Access to Information. As for Unknown Tracks that is yet to be verified, USNORTHCOM too, has confirmed after a FOIA request that they are this system, and thus not subject to the US FOIA. Yet it has not been confirmed that these records were generated on this Canadian system.

Unknown Tracks are indeed a curious thing. I can safely assume that some of these have conventional explanation's if a more detailed investigation was conducted. Yet it is almost certain that some are indeed unknown. Through various FOIA requests across the US, I have determined the following:

1. Due to the lack of records or acknowledgement of records, the subject matter is compartmented
2. The compartmentalization is a result of the quality and nature of the intelligence pertaining to the incidents in question
3. The subject of "unknown" quantities is classified depending on the incidents in question
3. There is a reporting system of some sorts in place involving all the agencies and commands in the US
4. I can assume that all base commanders are informed to some degree on the subject and how to respond accordingly, and public reaction and panic is apart of those instructions given to them.
5. The whole subject be it UFOs, Unidentified Objects, Unknown Tracks is considered to be sensitive by the various US authorities and military commands.
6. Those that are responsible for these agencies and commands know a great deal more about the subject matter, this is of course limited to a "need to know".
7. Various UFO related groups are more of a burden than a benefit continuously on the "alien band wagon" and trying to prove one belief or another.
8. The education, mentality, social behaviour of the public, and their over all reaction are factors taken into consideration when considering the release of records if they are of a sensitive nature or do not conform with the pubic perception of the agency or command in question, wishes you to have.
9. The situation is not political, but the various political leaders, such as the US Senate and Congress, and their response to any released records is a factor or a concern to the various agencies and commands.
10. Self preservation is a common knee jerk consideration in any FOIA request.
11. Some of these UFOs, Unknown Tracks and the like, are more home grown military (defense contractors) projects rather than "unknown" or "unidentified".
12. There is a general culture of secrecy and the over use of the term "national security" is common.
13. There is more of a willingness to withhold documents pertaining to this subject rather than informing the public of these events.
14. The matter of Unknown Tracks would be of such a security interest as to justify high level meetings concerning the subject matter, be it independent or internal.

The whole matter is under tight security regulations, since the very fact that virtual no records have been found as a result of my FOIA.

I will say it is my opinion at this moment that the records of TOI and UTs being on a Canadian system is probably deliberate. Since US Government information may not be released via the Access to Information Act, since it is non-Canadian government information. It may be a similar situation to NORAD, that the information is share thus no single FOIA or ATI act can access the information.
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