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The Zeta Ambassador

The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby Taeko » Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:03 am

Recently my ET channels Weiss and Y'kao have given me a message to remote view the Zeta Reticuli ambassador to the USA. The ambassador would be expecting me and would be very helpful. There have been rumors that the US government has had ET guests from the ZR system since 1947. I had not thought of them as ambassadors. They are said to be at Dulce or Area 51. I have used both of those places as remote viewing targets for ET and found none. So I decided to just use "Zeta Reticuli ambassador" as the target. So far I have done a series of Zeta remote viewing sessions, and they have gone very well. This post is about what I have seen as well as channeled information that came through from the ambassador.

I began the session using my crystal drinking glass a focus point. However, once I have made contact I no longer need it. I found myself looking down from above Washington, DC. The view zooms down toward a large building and goes inside. I am viewing rooms like an apartment, but completely windowless. It is well lighted, and has conventional looking furniture. There are cameras mounted at ceiling level. As I look around, I see someone standing. This must be the ambassador. The being is less than five feet tall, has pale skin and is wearing human clothing. The eyes look human, but the nose is too small, and there is ho hair on the head. The head is not oversize for the body. The hands are small and have only four fingers total.

I then begin to receive channeled communication. The ambassador introduces herself as JROD QUY. The ambassador is female. JROD is a title or formal name and QUY (kui) is her personal name. Or JROD may be their name for the Zeta Race. I say, "Pleased to meet you. Hajimemashite." QUY continues. There are military guards beyond the walls of her apartment; she is locked in and never leaves. When deliveries or cleaners enter she is locked in a separate room. They bring her human foods which she likes. She thinks the Americans treat her very well.

QUY arrived on a starship in 1978 which also returned a number of US astronauts to Earth. They had traveled to the Zeta Reticuli system years earlier. Jimmy Carter was president, and he was fully informed of her arrival. QUY said that after Carter no other president was told of her existence in Washington. The secrecy is that intense. However, due to impending ET activity, President Obama has been informed, and the military now relay messages to him from the ambassador. She has not met Obama and does not think that he knows what she looks like. Her only visitors are military officers who come to receive communication from the Zetas. QUY showed me something a device that she uses to speak with her people. She tells the military officers about expected ET over flights so that they will not shoot at them. She also gives strategic intelligence to help keep humans from destroying themselves.

The Zetas have given the US military much ET technology. This includes a working antigravity craft, nonpolluting power supplies, electronic devices, cures for diseases including cancer etc. Much of this technology has not been passed on to civilians, but has been used to create more weapons of mass destruction. QUY and the Zetas are not happy about this. Information about the other ET races have also been supplied to the US military. These other ET the Grays, Nordics, Reptilians and the Mantis have closer bases and settlements to earth, but they do not communicate directly with earth governments. They do contact some ordinary individuals.

QUY has been on earth now over 35 years away from her people and almost in solitary confinement. There is no relief ambassador coming, but Zetas live long lives. She tells me the great human migration is about to begin. Great starships built by our ancestors are returning, and they will gather up most of humanity and take them to better places. However, QUY is ambassador for life to the USA. She will never leave, but expects to have more freedom in the future.
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Postby Taeko » Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:40 am

This post is related to the Zeta ambassador so I decided to put it here. After reading the case file on the Kingman UFO, I used it as a remote viewing target. What I saw was unexpected. There are several stories about this that involve a crashed UFO and alien bodies. However, what I view is a disc shaped craft about 35 feet in diameter that just lands gently in a remote desert area. There is one crew member, a Zeta ET. His arrival appears to have been expected since US Army vehicles soon arrive as well. The pilot comes out of the craft through a hatch opening of some sort and is surrounded by armed military personnel who are considerably taller than he is.

I summon my channels to see if they will explain what is happening. They arrive at once and say that this is an advanced space craft that the Zetas are giving the USA. It carries additional useful technology. The craft that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico was also mostly intact, and the one survivor had shown the Americans how to use the communications equipment and talk with the Zetas. The arrival of this new craft had thus been arranged. The conditions for receiving these things was to agree on a peace treaty between the USA and the Zetas. The Roswell Zeta had passed on so this new arrival would stay and show the Americans how it all worked.

The craft and pilot were taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and were under their control. The Americans called the pilot Ebe2, but he called himself JROD which I now know means "ambassador" in Zeta language. JROD taught the Americans how to fly the Zeta craft. Some of the UFO reports in Ohio in the 1950s were actually of this craft flown by humans. They actually flew it into space above the earth's atmosphere before they launched men in rockets.

The space craft was reassigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence in1963 and transferred to Area 51 where it is still operational. Most everything extraterrestrial has been taken from the Air Force and put under the control of ONI. JROD stayed with the Air Force at Wright Patterson until 1978 when a relief ambassador arrived and he return to the Zeta Reticuli system. The new ambassador was under the authority of ONI and taken to Washington, DC. The Zetas liked the Air Force, but they hate ONI, and relations between USA and ET have deteriorated.
When you can go out and see the universe, who wants to go look at a Russian submarine? (Melvin C. Riley, US Army Remote Viewer)
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Postby Taeko » Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:15 pm

There are reports that a live extraterrestrial being was recovered from the Roswell crash. Circulating documents usually say that this ET died in 1952, but there are reasons to think that this is not true. I have done a number of remote viewing sessions on the Roswell crash and ship and the fate of the crew. Since I usually do not know the exact locations, I target events, things, or persons. There is a procedure and simple sketches are used as part of this. In addition, once I began remote viewing extraterrestrials, some of them began communicating with me. So what I write about these matters are not just what I see but also what they channel to me. They do not tell me stuff just to satisfy my idle curiosity, but insist that I pass it on to other people. So that is why I post it here at The Black Vault.

In the accounts of the Roswell crash, they usually say that one ET was recovered alive, and there were others who were dead. And often the destination of the ET and craft is said to be Los Alamos National Laboratory. But some say that it was taken to Wright Field and hangar 18. With my remote viewing I see that everything was actually taken to Wright Field. My channels all insist that this is the case. All the other stories are just misinformation.

A number of these Zeta space craft had been seen flying around in June 1947. They kept together and were reported by numerous witnesses including Kenneth Arnold and Harold Dahl. There were five craft in the flight although Arnold reported seeing nine. On or close to July 4, two of these craft collided over New Mexico. One of them came down on the Foster ranch near Corona. The other one was able to return to the mother ship with the other three. Each ship had five crew members. The Zetas seem to like the number five.

There is another story that the second ship also crashed on the San Agustin Plains where it was found by Barney Barnett. However, I cannot find this second crash with remote viewing and JROD tells me that it never happened. This second crash appears to be misinformation. The Americans already had another craft that they shot down 22 February 1942 in Los Angeles.

Now this part may be hard to take. The Zetas can leave their bodies behind if they choose. Thus no emergency escape system is required in these Zeta ships. None of the Zetas were actually injured by the initial collision, but they were ordered not to fall into the hands of the humans so four of the Zetas abandoned their bodies. The Zetas grow clones, and the mother ship carries some of them. If there is an accident they can leave their bodies and possess one of these clones which are prepared for emergencies. However, the pilot remained with the craft and brought I down mostly intact. JROD informs me that this was intentional. They wanted to make direct contact with the humans, and the pilot volunteered to do this.

The pilot could not speak English but like all the ET, he was very good at telepathy. He soon developed communication with the humans and showed them the function of the equipment in the recovered craft. The Americans at first did not understand how the craft worked. The ET craft have few moving parts and no wires. But there is what we now call fiber optics and transistor chips. The Americans could not find the engine until the pilot show them the power crystal. The Zetas activate and control their equipment directly with their minds. He also showed them the communication device, and with it they began to talk with the other Zetas on the mother ship. The Americans were able to learn to use the Zeta equipment with practice.

The pilot stayed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base until 1952, but the Zetas wanted him back. They offered the Americans more of their technology in exchange. In addition, a little later they would send an ambassador who could speak English. The exchange would take place at Wright-Patterson in the summer of 1952. There was a wave of UFO sightings at that time. One book calls it the summer of the saucers. They were seen visually and on radar in Washington, DC. ET was putting on a real show. I did a remote viewing session targeting the exchange.

I see a disc craft already landed. It is on a runway surrounded by trucks and other military vehicles. It is at night but there is lighting. There are military personnel on foot. One of them I recognize. It is captain Edward J. Ruppelt. The Zeta pilot is with them. There is and opening in the side of the craft. Panels have lifted and lowered and four Zetas carrying box shaped objects walk out onto the pavement. A group of military officers approach the craft with the Zeta pilot. At least one of the Zetas from the ship speaks English and greets them. The officers take the boxes and the pilot joins his comrades. The Zeta spokesman then promises to send more technology including an operational disc craft. All the Zetas then enter the craft which closes up. The military men retreat quickly to their vehicles, and the craft rises up and flies away.

JROD gives the date of the landing as 25 July. The wave of UFO sightings quickly subsided after the date. The technology consisted of more energy crystals that could do various things besides powering electrical equipment. (Levitation, healing, communication crystals) Some of the military people had learned how to use them from the Zeta pilot. The crystals have a psychic interaction with the mind, and they increase the psychic abilities of those who work with them. The military did not tell its remote viewers about the crystals, but some found them on their own. Distance does not mean much. If you want to increase your psychic ability for remote viewing or whatever, target Area 51 in southern Nevada. It is not necessary to know the exact location.
When you can go out and see the universe, who wants to go look at a Russian submarine? (Melvin C. Riley, US Army Remote Viewer)
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