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Postby magonia17 » Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:03 am

Our world is developing at a rapid rate technologically. This technology is used for communication with each other, searching for answers for unsolved problems. It is also used in developing new medicines and new machinery, creating new bio-technology to deal with natural pests which attack our food supply. For all its marvels, there is a downside; our personal development may be suffering as a result, like an unused skill, which is slowly being forgotten.

Many of the above can found using our spiritual side of our existence here, yet few are able to access this side of ourselves.

Communication over vast distances is possible, since the concept of time is an illusion, and distance is irreverent. If you are able to tap into the spiritual plane, many answer if not all can be found, for all the answers are within us, if we search for them. But we are using technology to breach the gap been spiritual and physical aspects of our existence here.

We need technology yes to help in the physical world, and to sustain our world and ourselves while we are here. Yet it is engulfing us, and many are forgetting the other side of ourselves, and not learning how to use our natural abilities which lay dormant in many, and this lack of use is making some forget how to use them.
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