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Not good enough for American citizenship....

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Postby Capo » Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:22 pm

Not good enough for American citizenship, not bad enough to be deported!
Boston bomber has become US citizen last year! How did it come I wonder? His elder brother Tamerlan had been suspected of al Qaeda relations since 2011. Last year Department of Homeland Security blocked Tamerlan's application for citizenship. And now he occurs to be initiator of marathon explosions. Is America as free country as giving citizenship to terrorists' relatives?
I guess, that is official politics concerned all Muslim migrants in America. Dangerous Islamites connected with international terrorists, committing antisocial actions have been living under very FBI nose. And its valiant agents just states facts of their presence and report conclusions that those people 'don't present a threat'. Am I the only one who thinks that is wrong?
Even Boston marathon bombing hasn't taught authorities anything. Everyone continues fussing around that survived terrorist. And nothing's done for prevention of Islamite bombing menace at large. At least can't see any motions in this direction. Still FBI is 'probing suspect's alleged links to militants'... Hey, this kid is 19 year old. God only knows what we do as 19 year olds. He know just what his elder brother told him.
Stop crushing flies up the wheel! First of all put away ALL Muslim migrants and stop letting new ones into the country. For they are the major terror threat for America. I can't feel save seeing those deeply-tanned bearded dopeys every day. I think I can physically feel their hatred to all non-Muslim.
Secure us against Islamite outbreak. Less Muslims, less troubles.
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