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Greeney on TV -- "Unsealed"

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Postby cormac » Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:36 pm

hi everybody (hi dr. nick)

Not sure if this is the right place but i thought since everyone probably stumbles thru here most times they visit this would be a high-profile and not wholly incorrect place to post this since it concerns our fearless leader, John Greenewald

just stumbled onto a 'new' show called "Unsealed Alien Files" and Greeney has a BIG part in the discussion of the topic, at least in the first episode i have seen which was the 'Alien Plagues' episode (which is actually episode 6 of season 1) ... it's a 'little' half hour shot (twenty minutes plus or so without commercials) and actually will probably leave you wanting more ... i know the subject of plagues coming from space either deliberately or purposefully is a good topic to toss around and i was disappointed when i realized the episode was only going to be a half hour ... but it was still plenty good and packed with info (and it is better to have a packed half hour than a 'padded' hour so perhaps that is the thinking) ...

but Greeney was on a lot ... on this episode there were three (maybe four? now i can't remember precisely) 'experts' talking on the subject and Greeney got the most screen time for sure and had the best contributions as well imho (and a bit biased opinion too since it is 'our guy' lol :clap: ) ... but really liked it and loved the touching on of the black death period where the guys in black robes with scythes were spotted outside of towns in the fields, scythes often emitting a 'fog' or 'smoke' of some sort just before the plague hit the town ... and liked it being upped a level with Greeney's suggestion that this might be the first 'men in black' ... i'd never made that step myself (or read or heard it), just loved the image of what was obviously an influence on the classic 'grim reaper' persona in the field 'sowing' as the black death 'comes to town' ... but the men in black extension was great and really thought-provoking as well ... very interesting to consider ...

so everyone, look in your local cable directory or online ... here's the website ... Unsealed Home Page ... there is also a companion series called Unsealed Conspiracy Files ... i haven't seen one of these yet so not sure how much Greeney is in them :D

just wanted to report in and let everyone know ... great job as always Greeney in representing the UFO and 'alternate thinking' community (or free thinkers perhaps would be a better term) :dance:
take care :)

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Postby bionic » Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:25 pm

cool 8-)
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