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Postby greeney2 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:16 am

We are finally are at the end of campaigning, and nothing left to do, but for all of us to cast your votes on election day. We enjoy certain rights everyday, but this one only comes along once or twice in a year. Usually the primaries are in June, November is the main election day.

No matter who you want, or what party you are in, we all should remember to cast you votes proudly as Americans on election day. Mrs G2 and I have already voted by absentee ballots last week. Your votes defiantly counts, and if it didn't, you would not see 2 men flying to 5 states a day, and making countless stops and speeches. They both want your vote, and they both need each and every vote they can get. It is still neck and neck.

This is our right, to engage in free elections, nominate and elect new leaders, as our Constitution defines at regular intervals.

We have all debated, all argued, and are all passionate about our choice of who is the best person for the job of President. We have listened to them for over a year, and in the last few days, our phone has had a dozen or more election calls. I don't even want to answer anymore. We are all tired of it.

Now its is our turn, and all these candidates can do now is sit and wait for the counting of the ballots. It is in our hands now. By this time Tuesday night we will know who the President will be for the next 4 years. Who ever that may be, we all need to unite behind who it is, and hope we can emerge out of this economic mess we are in.

Make time to go to your polling place and vote tomorrow. Read the measures that affect you and vote according to what you think should be spent, or how things should be regulated. Our ballot as several measures that would affect taxes, regulate certain industries, and one concerning the death penalty. These are all things you can at least have your vote counted in. It is your right as an American. Use is wisely!
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Postby blackvault » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:42 am

Election Day. I know many of you know how I feel, and how I am probably going to vote, but I think we all need to remember something today. We all are passionate about our candidate and our beliefs, and even moreso, we are passionate about this great country we live in.

Today, I am here to tell you that for the past 4 years, despite my criticism for President Obama, he is still my President, an
d I have stood behind the Office of the Presidency, no matter who was in it.

I hope we all remember that after today (or tomorrow, if the polls run late) when either "our guy" or the "other guy" wins, we remember this is what makes our country great. I have seen many of you claim you are moving out of this country, if Romney wins. I have seen some people claim our country will burn like Rome if Obama is re-elected. I have seen many of you claim that WWIII will soon approach, if Romney wins. And I have seen we will lay down our stars and stripes and the United States of Islam will rise if Obama is re-elected. (Yes, I saw that) I have seen you claiming our votes "don't count." I have seen a lot of things. Today, we get beyond that. Since we founded our country in 1776, no Republican, Democrat, or any part for that matter, has aimed to destroy our country - not then - and not after today.

Happy election, everyone. And may the best man for our future, win the 2012 U.S. Presidential election.

(Plus, why did we even care, the world is ending in about 6 weeks anyway ;) )
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