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DNC Ad: Romney Wasn't Nice Enough To Our Guy!

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Postby blackvault » Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:27 pm

Does anyone feel the new DNC ad really does play like a RNC ad? Romney showed strength... resolve... determination... and didn't take the BS he felt Obama was slinging, and didn't take the moderators aim to switch topics and give Obama the last word when he felt it wasn't appropriate. I mean, how dare he, huh? ;)

Boy... if only the President of the United States would show such resolve... determination... oh, and I haven't mentioned PASSION about their ideals and drive for OUR country towards other world leaders and FIGHT for the U.S. rather than apologize for it. ... Aggressive
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Postby orangetom1999 » Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:40 am

This whole thing is a Dog and Pony Show.

I don't like whiners. And the Dems are whiners when they win or lose. This is not leadership. It is poor in all accounts. They are also cheap bullies along with their MSM shills.

However ..the Republicans are no better.

I did not watch the debates but caught brief glimpses and sound bites of the re runs because that is about all that is on the news and radio. I did not watch it because I knew it was a Dog and Pony show. IF I want a Dog and Pony Show I go to work. I can at least get it on the clock.

A debate is not where it counts. Where it counts is what one does when the going gets rough and tough. Not in showmanship at a debate...but out here in the real world...not in front of cameras..but where real life happens and often with no cameras around...for the split second decisions and responsibilities that are daily life.

I watch some of these people out here speaking of this nonsense as if it was their football team. It sickens me.

The Republicans do not teach this even to their people because they need them ignorant when the proper time comes for this to me..Republicans are no more than Democrat Lite.

I don't think Romney won or was as outstanding as claimed ...verses the other guy bumbled based on what little I saw or heard.

But nonetheless..I am not interested in such an Dog and Pony Show...I can get that at work on the clock.

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